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In our third "chip tips" blog series, we discuss recall - a potentially life saving command that is very important for your dog to know!
i'm so proud of how these puppies at just 6 weeks old are already listening so well!

more on the blog: http://livingprairiekennels.com/2018/08/14/chiptipsrecall/
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There are so many new product launches this fall! i can’t even keep up with them all. we have a new fragrance that is available now. with all my heart, me... a comforting cocoon of intoxicating sandalwood and tender florals. i’m running low on perfume. can’t wait to try this! #newscents #sandalwood #florals #lookgoodsmellgood #iloveperfume #youniqueperfume #hotnewproduct #productjunkie #treatmyselfbetter #imworthit #loveyounique #favoritebrand #sidegig #funjob #notreallyajob #girltime #girlythings #femininebeauty #selfcareisessential #selflove
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That time i was hired by a wife to dance for her husbands birthday party at their mansion! 🎈 #funjob #poledance #mansion #beverlyhills #birthdayparty #dancer #poledancer
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Quiet evening spent in the kitchen baking, listening to @amyd_essentials talk. she could have been sitting with me in the kitchen that's how close it felt as she spoke straight to my heart .
young living is not just a amazing company with oils and supplements and diffusers. it is a life styles a family an adventure. it my journey to a goal of healthy living. i can take this biz anywhere. .
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Let me be real with you...when i started my origami owl business 6 years ago, i had no idea what i was doing. i had no direct sales experience, i didn’t have a lot of money to invest, and i was scared to death of failing. i had a feeling my instincts were right about this little jewelry company, though, so i signed up! back then, we had no training, no incentives, and no hostess or designer exclusives. we shared, partied and were successful despite the shortcomings of this new little company. would i do it all again? absolutely! this business has been a constant blessing through the years. can you really make money with it? my origami owl paychecks have paid for groceries, medical bills, vacations, christmas gifts, eloise’s insane hair bow collection, etc. πŸ˜† just being real with ya! can you sell without a big inventory? yes! when i started out, i didn’t have a lot so i cut the pictures of charms out of the catalog and put them in the trays to show what was available. as i earned money, i put a percentage back into my business and bought more when i could, however...i made money easily with a small inventory. i used photoshop and put digital lockets together for people to see. don’t think you could do that?! well you won’t have to! coming for holiday 2018, each designer will have a virtual locket builder on their website! yay!!! we have come so far! we have partnerships with swarovski and universal, we have an insanely generous hostess rewards program now, exciting career plan, first class designer trainings, programs and incentives, inspiring leaders, and, of course, our jewelry...it’s stunning, it’s so special...it sells itself!
if any of this sounds like something you need in your life...you can join for as little as $19 until tomorrow at midnight ct! yes!! that’s virtually no risk to start your own origami owl business!!! message me with questions, or join at the link in my bio. i would love to help you reach your wildest dreams!!! β­οΈπŸŒ™
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Yeah, i can workout at home and get a good sweat, but i will never get this smile and the zumba high ❣️🀩πŸ’₯. #zumbahigh #beatfomo #letitmoveyou #wemovetheworld #funjob #zin #zumbainstructor #smiletotheworld #feliz #thumbsup
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If you’re thinking you’d love to add some extra room in your budget- make some fun money, vacay money, diaper money, grocery money or anything in between then i want to chat with you❀️!! $34.95..that’s the investment that’s going to give you wholesale pricing on products, contest incentives that are pretty incredible if you ask meπŸ˜‰ (bahamas here we come🏝), the ability to get your products paid for, or i can show you how to go full time like me.
i thought i just wanted to make $500 a month but after making that in my first few months i started setting some bigger goals. so, a year and a half later i’m able to stay home with my family, my team is starting to grow more every weekπŸ™β€οΈ, i’m able to help people everyday and encourage them in their journey to meet their personal goals (health and/or finances), and this truly makes my heart so happy!!! if you have been silently scrolling and think that too many people know about plexus already, that is totally not the caseπŸ˜πŸ™Œ. last month i (and my growing team) had our biggest month to date ... there’s plenty of people wanting what we have! and the environment of positive, life-giving people is sooo inspiring!!! come join the fun, and grow with us!!! πŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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#wevoted #rockthevote #vote -
-behind every successful event is a fun and energetic event producer with a crazy sense of humor! that didn’t forget to vote today!!! !!meet tomeka, the creative force behind exquisite events by meeka. not only does she have a goal to sell celebrations, but her main goal is for you to be a guest at your event! call 860.897.1572 to schedule a consultation and ask for tomeka. remember, great events don't just happen! website link in the bio. #businesswoman #womanceo #workhardplayhard #funjob #myownboss #godgetstheglory #girlsrock #couple #guest #engaged #2018wedding #timetoplan #interactive #weddingdetails #weddings #marriage #weddingplanner ##exquisiteeventsbymeeka
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Such fun bracelets!! how are you feeling? what inspires you??? silver, gold or rose gold??? $12 each or 3/$30.
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Hope you’re feeling better soon @baxter_wheaten 🐢
#funfactsforbax since my humans always watch me do #one #two i like to show my support and sit on their feet while they are on the white throne 🚽🀦🏻‍♀️ #noprivacy
the humans also have the pleasure of wiping my fuzzy b**t after each πŸ’© #funjob #normansgang
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