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Genius is defined as a natural capacity of intellect, especially when shown as a creative and original work in science, art and music. @jamballaz are genius! long ago, they began the trend of combining hip hop and dancehall. some people call it trap, we call them original! get ready for lots of jamballaz music, news and visuals! 🇯🇲🇺🇸 #dancehalltrap #trap #audioloveofficial #rap #reggae #gangstarap #popmusic #summerjam
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Snoop and daz smoking blunt in the 90s!
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follow me for more: @oldyhiphop
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Happy birthday to the legendary 2pac
he would have been 48th years old today
rest in peace 2pac🙏
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Happy 50th birthday to the legendary, the amazing, the incredible, don mega, westcoast warlord o'shea jackson ice cube👑👑👑
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