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Omgosh! cauliflower roast is what’s for dinner. no added oil. so yummy. #plantstrong #plants #nomnom #eatingplants #wholefoods #t2 #diabetes #diabetesreversed #masteringdiabetes #getinmytummy
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Last night’s cheesecake platter πŸ˜‹ choc cheesecake + mango & passionfruit sorbet πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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Tomorrow is cheat day. i’m thinking some challah french toast sounds amaze-balls πŸ₯–πŸžπŸ₯–β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
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I just drove halfway across the city to get these last 4 vegan plain jane cupcakes. i’m not vegan, but a vegan friend gave me one and now i’m hooked! these are hands down my favorite cupcake from muddy’s. #getinmytummy #yum #vegan
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If it has greens in it, i’ll probably eat it! i ventured out of my food bubble and tried something new and absolutely loved it! when’s the last time you tried something new?!
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Roasted chickpeas are a delightful handful and are the perfect crispy snack for on the go. thanks danielle brooks for another stellar recipe!
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πŸ“a-frame; los angeles
🍳loco moco & spam and kimchi ramen
i first found out about this spot from a buzzfeed video. the building was transformed from a ihop (or is it ihob now?) and it scream classic ihop a-frame house structure as you get closer to the building. arrived around 12:30 pm on a saturday, it was busy - all the workers were focused on their own tasks. although busy, there were still some tables open - the host was able to seat us down right away.
had some errands to run that day, or else i totally would have gotten bottomless mimosa. also would be a great weekend brunch spot with friends! the loco moco is fantastic. the burger steak patty is thick and juice with good flavor, the gravy heavily drizzles over, and the egg oozing to perfection. the presentation was catchy, just a bit pricey for the portion. i was drawn to the ramen on paper - thought it would have been a dry dish. but i was kinda disappointing when it was brought out. the taste is very underwhelming, wish there is more kimchi flavor. of course it can't compare to a ramen shop, but it is just ok. these two dishes were washed down with hell or high watermelon wheat and windy hill ne ipa!
the service was decent, the waiter was very la. the food came out really fast. i would recommend getting a breakfasty dish for sure! everyone else's food that came out looked so much better haha!
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Happy 🍟day! being a mom + an entrepreneur means every day is equally friday + monday and i love this. it all comes down to our mindset and making the little things the big things. every day, we can celebrate, we can have fun, we can do something for comfort, for tradition, or both. these are daily things that will tell you you’re living, if your jam is a “save it all for the weekend” kinda life, time to stop existing
if you’re in business, or you’re a blogger, or some sort of badass hobbyist and you have a social media presence - i want you to take stock of you and where your heads at. what is your message? what does your presence say? and are the two in line? i’m taking new clients this fall to work one on one helping you to create and maintain an authentic presence. email me directly at info@studioninety9 .ca or send me a dm to chat ~jessπŸ’•
🍟 @cactusclubcafe
πŸ“Έ @studioninety9
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this is absolutely deliciousπŸ‘
so easy to make italian sausage arugula
himalayan salt pepper
chicken broth and heavy creamπŸ”₯
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Dr gilleon can't stop finding new things to love in the neighborhood. check out that cheese! @pastoralchicago
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This skinny funfetti cake is made with a cake mix and greek yogurt, then topped with a light and fluffy whipped frosting! each serving is less than 200 calories! #belleofthekitchen #cake #funfetti #skinny #dessert #sugarfix #recipe #food #hungry #igfood ##getinmytummy #foodlove #eatgood #tastespotting #huffposttaste #todayfood #eeeeeats #eatingfortheinsta #buzzfeedfood #foodie #foodwinewomen #forkyeah http://ow.ly/ngib50if1uk
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The look you give when mommy says the house is out of your favorite food. πŸ½β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜„
thank you @natashas_ for sharing this πŸ“Έ with us. aavir's expression is priceless!
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Happy friday! maki today a great one! πŸ£πŸ˜ https://bit.ly/2o8thre
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I’m constantly craving fresh things (and the occasional cookie and order of dq french fries) but man!! i am currently craving super fresh and delicious dishes just like this one from @therisingbun
next time you can you need to stop by this place, believe me it’s amazing!
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Bolognese on the go for dinner....a busy weekend ahead so having a nice chilled evening with some delicious comfort food ❀️
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