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I’m nicer when i like my outfit πŸ˜›
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Once again, i woke up awesome as fuck!
may the #pink be with you! get with the program sis!
#getpinked @pnkattitude
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Unconditional love is my friends still talking to me after a night out!
i gin too much, i pink too much, and i love it!
#getpinked @pnkattitude
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The weekend is upon us! going to spend mine sippin on pink.. how about you? πŸ“
full outfit @ikojnlive
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You were my cup of tea but i drink pink gin now.
#pinkyourgin #getpinked
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Own your throne sis!πŸ‘‘
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Had the most epic time at the beefeater pink gin launch party this past weekend!
also, your girl made brand ambassador whoop whoop! from now on, we drink pink!
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