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Some of my fav 🔥 upper + lower body movements to build curves and shape; there are so many variations of all these lifts, be sure to try them all out:
upper body -
1️⃣ lateral raises
2️⃣ lat pull-down
3️⃣ seated cable row
4️⃣ face pulls
lower body (go as heavy as safely possible) -
5️⃣ squats (i really like sumo & narrow stance)
6️⃣ hip abduction
7️⃣ leg press (toes pointed out for emphasis on glutes)
8️⃣ deadlifts
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2000 steps and 125 push-ups ... now i can relax ... my motivation is simple be the best i can be , never give up and never let someone else tell me i can’t ... because i will prove them wrong each time #fitnessmotivation #fit #noexcuses #getupandworkout #girlswholift #girlswithmuscles #futurecompetitor #bikinicompetitor #strongwomen #healthylifestyle #mytime #singleandfree #yeg #wolfwillowstairs
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Sort of a random breakfast, but whatever works. roasted broccoli, 1/2 sweet potato with peanut butter, and turkey sausage.
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Leg to (my fav) to start off the week! really working for what i want and thought i might share it for those who might want it too! get after it 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🍑
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“believe in yourself! have faith in your abilities! without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” norman vincent peale❤️🔥💯
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Shoutout to the very beautiful athlete @tillyzflippingtumblerztigertill who looks fantastic in a very cute outfit that shows she has an awesome stomach and abs. she is very pretty and has awesome style. she's very self confident and has an awesome positive attitude and spirit. she is truly beautiful. #croptop #bellyshirt #halfshirt #croptops #belly #bauchfrei #stomach #ombligo #bauchnabel #gymnastics #tummy #girlswholift #bellybutton #navel #mięśnie #fitness
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Just the usual obligatory leg day selfies.
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I am loved always by god himself. no one may agree with my choices or what i have to say and that’s okay. i know i’m doing the best i can do with what i have been given. i will not give up on this path. nothing good comes easy.
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Sound on 🔊 to hear alisa explain the runner’s lunge 🔥 let us know if you have any questions below 👇
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Dinners this time of the year have to be quick and tasty. way more veggies and fats with a touch of protein no #meatlessmonday for this girl
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@carolina.dmz wearing black onyx leggings in small // b***y builder white crop in small ▪️
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👱‍♀️ tag someone who love this 👈

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La, i love you. thank you for the good company, life lessons and opportunities to continuously better myself.
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I can’t believe i forgot how happy swimming makes me. not the sport but just being under the water - feeling it wash all around me. i’m gonna do more of it.
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Nothing sets the mood like sunsets and shoulder pumps, ya feel?
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