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It's a new day. #gobotlhokwa #becha
1 12 June 2018


When i date someone it doesn't mean am saying she's perfect, i never said am looking for someone who is perfect, for am not a saint either. i will date someone who is herself, her mistakes as good/bad as mine but what will keep us together will be the fact that we are not fake. we are not afraid of a past. we are not even in a race of comparism or "batho ba tla reng". what you will see about us will be exactly who we are. if we disagree it means something needs to be fixed nothing to go like,"ke eng le sa kgaogane", and when we are happy it means we can accept our differences and fix them to a compromise. look for perfection in a single world and look for love in a selfless position. love leads by example. the biggest mistake people make is the level of expectation without giving. let's learn to give love before we expect to be given. #gobotlhokwa #becha
1 10 April 2018


The length of these dreads is symbolic to my unending patience. not a giving up type. put me in the fire i will come out heads up. real fibre. #gobotlhokwa #becha
0 4 April 2018


0 16 April 2018


Destined for greater things. no limitation with god. #gobotlhokwa #becha
0 20 April 2018


0 6 April 2018


Show me a musician who has never been asked,"so what do you do apart from music?" #gobotlhokwa #becha
0 19 April 2018


Success doesn't care how many times you fell, when its god's time it will come. with my faith am holding on. #gobotlhokwa #becha
1 12 April 2018


Young adventure in the kalahari 🙌🙌🙌 #gobotlhokwa
0 24 March 2018


#gobotlhokwa get ready for my new track single
#gosebakeboloi 2018.. the year of action !!
0 21 January 2018


Before ke ya go imentioner #gobotlhokwa
#short_niko_africa 💪
0 8 December 2017


0 11 December 2017


Gatwe moloi o bone go le botoka gore a imentione a le nosi. nna ke tlisitse koloi sepateleng. #gobotlhokwa
0 12 December 2017


No one has the power to bring you down unless you let them

#gobotlhokwa 😍😍😍😍
1 10 November 2017


@pilane traditional resort
10 november
see yew there.....oyeee!!!!
0 1 November 2017


Weekend le mma kgosi
0 21 October 2017


4 10 September 2017


Govotegc , we are on the #orangesocialventure and your vote is needed. transforming gaborone to a #creativecity is our responsibility the gabscity dwellers...a re netleng betsho #gobotlhokwa #iheartgc #diamondsquare #popuppark #socialspaces #socialcurrency #creativecurrency #diamondoffice #diamondsquare #iambotswanaful
0 15 June 2017


Ehhh...e chaile

0 15 April 2017


Hahahaha... this kids though, i just love this young girls waitse. ba tla tla teng akere mme.?
0 7 March 2017