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Gay marriage is the trendy idol which has subtly replaced god ordained in the first place in this spiritually darkening world. he originally created marriage between one man and one woman within this significant context. marriage is supposed to be a truly beautiful and intimate relationship that should be taken seriously before the man and woman decide to pursue it together. god’s plan is simple and straightforward and it has yet to fail in any way. satan, on the other hand, decided to take matters into his own hands and attempt to destroy what god created in the form of g*y marriage. it essentially appears to be the same thing on the surface level but please don’t be fooled. it suddenly replaced the necessary parts of it being between a man and woman and now it’s a man and a man or a woman and a woman. this particular idol is rampant with alarming speed and confusion as christians frantically scramble to fix what satan has broken with peaceful protests and blatant defiance and strict adherence to god’s ultimate plan for marriage and family. satan is blissfully ignorant of the fact that god is still very much in control of this spiritually darkening world and jesus is coming back again in all of his magnificent glory. it is never too late to continue to defend what god has ordained originally when it comes to marriage. please don’t let popular media and angry protesters permanently silence your voice for the lord in these last days. πŸ‘° (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wxou6hwt4jk) and (https://www.amazon.com/same-sex-marriage-thoughtful-approach-response/dp/080101834x). #godlyrelationships #godlymarriage #godlywoman #godlydating #godlyman #godlycouples #godlydating101 #christianposts #christianfamily #biblicalmarriage #biblicalworldview #gaymarriage #gaymarriages #gaymarried #gaymarriageiswrong
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Why.....smh! and he's currently laughing...
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(listen) in this accelerated season of making room i have had to elevate my faith. faith is the action you take in response to being grateful for what you envision for your life knowing its already done. you have to be grateful for your now and affirm the abundance that is on the way with your words and actions. it begins we being intentional with the love you have for yourself that sets the standard and boundaries for how you do life.
whatever it is that you desire to elevate it begins within and being grateful!
listen to @blackwivesmatter in my latest episode speak about the power of knowing abundance is your birthright and how gratitude and self-love manifest it!
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3 ways we can honor god
1. praising god to begin our prayer
2. loving our neighbor as ourselves
3. listening to music that glorifies god

these are 3 ways that we can honor god. let us know if you have any ways you honor god.
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This could be super controversial but that’s never stopped me before.. 😁 i’m reading mere christianity by c.s. lewis which has been overall great but nothing has really stood out to me like crazy. and then today i was reading some of it and 1 single line literally seemed to be bolder and jump off the page to speak to my very spirit. it said, “you are as much alone with him as if you were the only being he has ever created.” that spoke to my craving for intimacy. we all crave intimacy because it’s how we were designed. my spirit craves to be in intimate communion with jesus and i get to have this incredible personal communion with him where he satisfies the hunger + cravings of my spirit. i crave to be so alone with him. to just be with him. embedded deeply we all have this hunger, + it’s really beautiful to see in each person i get to come in contact with. we cry out for intimacy in casual ways. our casual attempts to satisfy a deep need will fail. we gotta go to the big man himself
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Marriage communication tip - create a safe environment!
1. don’t criticize your spouse when they are sharing their thoughts and feelings with you. this is mean. just don’t do it.
2. no sarcasm, jokes or teasing. your spouse will feel you are making light of what they are saying and not taking their hurt or concern seriously.
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The subject of marriage was pressed on my heart the other night... not just being married but the crazy reasons why people leave their marriages and go through divorce. years ago the only reason why people were getting divorced was because of abuse or extra marital relationships... that's not so any more!! the statistics are staggering and the reasons are mind boggling to me.
from 2000 - 2016 the divorce rate has stayed at about the same rate. about 50% of all marriages end in divorce, even with the decline of people getting married! in 2000 there was 8.2 per 1000 people getting married. by 2016 there was 6.9 per 1000 people getting married. and there is still about 50% getting divorced. this is per the cdc on their website.


this tells me that there's not an issue with couples, but with individuals. there's not enough self responsibility, it's the others fault for the way i feel... and when i looked up reasons why people are divorcing, that thought is solidified.

from a writer at the huffpost.com here are the top 10 reason why people are getting divorced


and according to life coach shellie warren on the website marriage.com

https://www.marriage.com/advice/divorce/10-most-common-reasons-for-divorce - infidelity
- money
- lack of communication
- constant arguing
- weight gain
- unrealistic expectations
- lack of intimacy
- lack of equality
- not being prepared for marriage
- abuse

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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯our good friend kim is back!!!! ...and she's pulling no punches in her quest to help women...and men understand that walking away from a pending marriage is more important than getting married and being miserable.πŸ™ the fairy tale of what we see on the silver screen can be real but marriage is hard work βš’. it is a great union of 2 people coming together who 😍 each other...but marriage is absolutely an investment of time, love and sacrifice.

love conquers all, until it doesn't.  it will take more than just love, to make a marriage work.  come find out why if you haven't figured it out already.
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I call this simple rule the abc's of marriage. how easy is it to be caring towards your spouse? but isn't it one of the first niceties to go out the door when the mundanity kicks in? the responses become terse. the pleasantries fade away. you still care, sure. but, it isn't anyways obvious anymore... let's change that! let's be caring all the time. and make it obvious! #themarriagementality #tbt
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If your husband is seeking to be a better spouse, father or man- let him know. celebrate his progress, mention his accomplishments. show him love.
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It can be very hard at times to hold your tongue in the heat of the moment. remember that words, once said, are impossible to take back.
how do you sp yourself from saying damaging words in anger?
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So here’s my husband... doin his thang... and me falling more in love with jesus, and in turn, more in love with my husband.

this marriage, my friends, is more than i could have ever imagined! more than i could have ever dreamed up! all the glory goes to god as he has transformed our hearts in a new way. we never knew love before, because we never knew god.. and when you give your life to him, he will change you from the inside out. he will give you new body, heart, and mind.

blessed beyond belief. and so the countdown begins for our one year anniversary...πŸ˜‡
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If i’m mia these next few days it’s because this guy is home for a very very short weekend and i’m soaking up every second i can with him. can’t wait for the day i can come home from work and snuggle him like today. marriage is the best πŸ’›•

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When each person in the marriage understands and fulfills their position in the relationship, there is harmony in the marriage, as both are ultimately submitted to the lord.
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Be intentional to ask your spouse what’s on their mind, then #listen. this is how we #connect. and sincere connection is the secret ingredient in great marriages. β €
- β €
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