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Live your best life: a rare opportunity has arisen for a lucky buyer to acquire this spectacular tri-level two bedroom townhouse in brunswick west. designed by the award-winning zaas homes complete with designer finishes by outsideinside building elements, this premier residence comprises two generous bedrooms, two bathrooms, a city-view balcony, a study retreat and a plush powder room. leaving little to be desired, this boutique property goes to auction on july 14 – inspect now: http://bit.ly/2t6bl8c #brunswickwest #bentstreet #designerhomes #interiordesign #zaashomes #outsideinsideelements
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I call it the “contiki” effect. when you’re t****t into a confined space with a group of randoms that you may not have associated with, for whatever reason, in the real world and you end up becoming really tight - like a weird, inappropriate, family 😜 weekends spent with this crew have become like soul food. not sure how i’ll cope when we’re not climbing all over each other and laughing our heads off every weekend anymore. but for now - i’m glad we’re forced to spend our entire weekends together. i’m so grateful for my #fitfam 😍💖💪
big love crew!!! @humanperformancecentre
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Life gets busy. when you can’t make the *best* choice, you can choose to make the *better* choice. .
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Meh. still no jordan.
@officialtimduncan ,you da real m.v.p. !
#timothybuckets #thankyouduncman #goodbetterbest ❤✊👏👏👏😘🏆
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Old pawn turquoise and picture agate bracelet , this might be a keeper#pictureagate#sterling#navajo#goodbetterbest
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❤️love this quote! ❤️ i’m finding my passion in life outside of my roll as wife and mom. while wife and mom will always be number one...i’m loving this new journey i’m on! i’m finding passion and drive that’s been hiding a long while! ❤️
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The “why” is the most important part of the equation. it will single handedly make or break you. find it and you have found your “will”. #family #findyourwhy #provetoyourself #winningmindset #100-0 #payhim #fuelthefire #willtowin #maxout #provokechange #goodbetterbest #lovemykids
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Mood monday:
northern lights black spruce
meet northern lights black spruce. it’s intoxicating scent is fresh, clean, woodsy and masculine. the special qualities of this oil give it the ability to clear emotional “blockages,” allowing the user to better get in touch with their true feelings. it can be both grounding and stimulating, depending on your need.
helps release feelings of:
nervousness and hyperactivity
lethargy and melancholy
helps promote feelings of:
harmony and goodwill
relaxation and restoration

ways to use:
add a drop or two to a hot bath.
add a drop or two to your chosen carrier oil for massage.
diffuse during prayer time, yoga and meditation.

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how have you planned for fun this week? planning your meals, work and workouts is key however don’t forget about one of the best parts!! block time off in your schedule and think about some fun stuff you can do leading up to that time. it doesn’t have to be a full day or even half a day. if you’re very busy then start with 15mins. just make sure you’re scheduling time with yourself as a priority. here’s some fun items on my agenda this week to give you some inspiration:
- bike ride with my dad
- akashic reading (so excited for this!)
- reading my book at the beach
- birthday party for one of my wee homies
- an evening with my wifey
as you can see, fun is an integral part of my daily schedule. my motto is this, if i’m to work everyday the i must play everyday too. simple as that👌🏻 so, back to my original question. what have you planned for fun this week?
ps. i tagged a ton of my fave activities/places in this post for you😄
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Good, better, best. never let it rest. ‘til your good is better and your better is best. -st jerome
* * *
are you striving each day to be your best? could you use some accountability with the activities and habits that you know you need to focus on to get there? if so we can help! message me and we can chat! #salescoach #southwesternconsulting #goodbetterbest #daybyday
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1870 trunk , leather and iron#leather#iron#1870#goodbetterbest
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#perfectperfecttempi and i had a challenging but enjoyable clinic with @halpinsinead this weekend. tempi is easily the classiest thing i’ve ever sat on and she challenges me to ride with class to match hers. so many uncooperative muscle groups, but so much gratitude for such a wonderful horse. on to the next step!#listessotempo #hanoveriansofinstagram #bigblackhorse #jumpjump #lillicresteventing #goodbetterbest
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Antique empire sofa circa 1870#empire#sofa#goodbetterbest
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157/ #10000hours of total sketching time. just squint and it will look better.
worked on shading and worked really h*****n the nose. i did however mess up the proportions a tiny bit. i think i’ll erase the entire mouth and bring it down and try to correct the eye that is a little too high up. next time i’ll #dobetter. i 💜 #graphite #graphiteportraits #blackandwhite #greyscale #portraits #sketch #amateursketch #startsomewhere #goodbetterbest
and yes i am still working on minnie❣️
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My whittlesea: president of the all-new doreen rsl sub-branch, wes wridgway has been a doreen local for over 13 years. in this interview, he tells star weekly what he loves about the outer northern community he now calls home: http://bit.ly/2lmbw9u #whittlsea #doreen #northern #goodbetterbest
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