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I used to take for granted that i would always 'look fit'. and that anyone else who didn't, just needed to eat healthier and workout more. as a competitive swimmer and gymnast with a naturally slim build, i never had to worry about gaining weight. yet, during my junior and senior years of college, it happened. i gained ~25 lbs (which is a significant amount when you are 5'0"). for the first time in my life, my bmi put me at 'overweight'.

my cholesterol was also sky high, and so my p*p told me to "eat healthier and lose weight." i learned that is easier said than done the hard way. i downloaded an app to track my calorie intake and joined a gym to try to get back into shape. but it wasn't working for me - calorie tracking made me obsessive to the point that i was counting out carrot sticks. at the gym, i'd be on the stairmaster counting down the minutes and glaring at my body for "betraying me." the science says calories in, calories out; but there is so much more to weight loss than just that. there was a multitude of lifestyle changes that eventually helped me get back to my previous weight (and maintain it). and it was hard. but, i had the physical ability, time, and support to do it, which may not be the case for everyone. for those of you that can do it, do it. having been on both sides now - the difference is remarkable, both physically and mentally.
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Some lobster at home! fun times! good eating! ab xoxo lol #goodeatinghabits #food #lobster #seafood #blessed🙏 #livinglife #hollywood #california #clevelandnews #clevelandgram #entertainer
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😄 🛒 🍉 💦 #goodeatinghabits 💯
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Today i had a 1/2 cup of rice, organic turkey burger & a salad for dinner✨

changing your eating habits isn’t as hard as it sounds.

get creative with your meals, try new food, enjoy making new meals & starting good eating habits🌿 #goodeatinghabits #healthygains #itsalifestlye
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Damn. i’m slowly becoming a chef 😂. •
well, this is my homemade chicken tikka masala. it’s come to my realization that cooking makes my mind relax. so you can bet you a*s that this meal is negativity free and full of dreams and great thoughts. plus i surprised myself, it is sweet, spicy and very indian 😂. i just love indian 🇮🇳 food! plus i tweaked the recipe to be healthy af!

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Empowering moments with elias shakomai and darlene harris.

healthy morning starts with you.
vegan style for breakfast or lunch and dinner.
the objective is to eat something healthy everyday.
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Laser now introduces lipo-laser *

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Good morning everyone!!! when you feels hungry, it requires high nutrient values with low calorie food where as, we do reverse for it, we select high calorie food with low nutrients🤦🤦🤦 that's why we feel very flabby, weak, drowsy, lazy, nervousness and fatigue😫😫😫, swap the food to stay healthy and active💪💪💪 for healthy nutrition program
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Enjoy your 60s...insistiendo en la salud, en la alimentación balanceada y en el cambio de hábitos. somos lo que comemos.. #goodeatinghabits #changeyoureatinghabits #healthyfood #greenjuices #quinoa #freshmarket #vegisbetter #eatgreen #buygreen #farmersmarket #healhtylife
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Lately i’ve been making a huge effort to eat better in my home cause i don’t want zoe to have bad eating habits . and not to mention she loves fruits and vegetables especially watermelon and cantaloupe. so even though i don’t like either i still make sure the house is stocked with the fruits and veggies she loves in order to make sure she knows how to choose healthy options. and something huge i’ve learned is to let her help with the grocery list, the shopping and making meals. letting her do those things makes her want to try different fruits and vegetables she may not really care for. so here’s to a successful trip to the farmers market. #ashleidandzoep
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We are all about the healthy treats in this house! this afternoon we made the best smoothies ever! 🍊🍓🍌🥥🐝 frozen mangoes, bananas, strawberries, orange. we added young living’s vanilla pure protein complete, coconut cream, nor cal honey and bee pollen. we topped them off with homemade whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. so delish! what’s your fave healthy treat? 🍯🍫🥤 #healthytreat #smoothierecipes #goodeatinghabits
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