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orchidsandpeonies I'm feeling a little sick, disappointed and shocked this morning when word broke out about a certain iger and what they had been doing behind closed doors. i love this skincare community and for it to potentially cause any mistrust genuinely upsets me. this community has helped me feel not so alone when i was very much alone in my travels overseas and also has introduced me to some amazing friends. it's helped me settle into new cities, helped me through some really tough times in my life and has made laugh when i needed it most 💕. i've connected with sometruly amazing ladies and gentlemen here (i've tagged you in this post guys..sorry 🙈). i was chatting to the lovely @hiddenharmonyworld world this morning (if you don't follow her by the way please do, she's amazing) and what we both agreed upon and that so many seem struggle with is that this community and blogging isn't about numbers, follows, likes and free things. its about connecting with like minded people and importantly friendship. in the midst of all that, my morning routine consists of @realuaustralia *, @africanbotanics *, @ocinium*, @rationale, @wabisabibotanicals* and @alliesofskin #skincarecommunity #skincare #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #skincarediary #skincareroutine #skincareritual #instaskincare #instabeauty #skincareblogger #greenbeauty #greenskincare #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #realu #africanbotanics #alliesofskin #ocinium #rationale #rationaleskincare #wabisabibotanicals #friendsforlife #freshflowers #gratitude #thankyou
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ChristyOrganics ®
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christyorganics Repost from @nihaonewyork - the problem with most fragrances is that they don't tell you everything that is in it, and the perfumes you love could be more toxic than intoxicating 🤚🏼 hop onto the blog to find out why and learn more about the luxurious world of natural perfumes i discovered through melbourne-based @christyorganics, and there is a very generous discount + free int'l shipping code at the end of the post! direct link http://www.nihaonewyork.net/2017/05/why-you-should-switch-to-natural-perfumes-featuring-christy-organics.html?m=1 href="/tags/more">#more #nihaogreenbeauty #greenbbloggers #christyorganic #organicperfume #naturalperfume #crueltyfree #vegan #veganscommunity #veganbeauty #beautybox #veganbox #perfumeoil #botanicalperfume #perfume #fragrance #greenbeauty #shopsmall #veganism #veganlife #veganlifestyle #veganlove #vegans #vegancommunity #veganshare #veganpower #vegangirl
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3 minutes ago
crueltyfreeveganbeauty ✨giveaway!✨for my fourth giveaway, i'm partnering with my favorite makeup brand @modernminerals to giveaway some of my favorite makeup staples to you! if you've been following me any length of time you know that @modernminerals makes my favorite loose powder foundation, lip glosses, and vegan cream highlight! their foundation is full coverage, soft, and almost has a cream like texture it when it applies. it's amazing. their glosses are my absolute favorite gloss formula. it's moisturizing, non sticky, and they smell incredible! and lastly the highlighter in moonstone is a cream to powder that's soft and beautiful. and one of you is going to win all three! you will receive a foundation in your color, and they will even help with color matching, two glosses of your choice, and the highlight! so excited for someone to receive these! to enter ✨follow myself and @modernminerals ✨tag a friend, as many as you'd like, and each separate tag will count as one entry ✨and lastly, what eyeshadow color do you think is missing from their line up? they have some stunning colors but i'd love to know what colors you'd want to see that they don't already offer. ends in 24 hours!! #modernminerals #veganmakeup #crueltyfree #crueltyfree #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblogger #itsmybirthdayandillgiveawayifiwantto
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8 minutes ago
ruhimaach I've been wanting to do a #sunscreen post for a while, and then i saw @beautyandthecat's #sunscreenweek posts! 💕 here's most of my sunscreens in current rotation (forgot to include a couple that i'm not currently using). i favor asian sunscreens over their western counterparts. the formula is much superior, and the pricing is very reasonable. ☀️ @apieu_cosmetics natural sun cream spf45+ pa+++: this is an empty. although i liked how quickly it absorbed, it pilled on my skin. will not repurchase. 😢 ☀️ @swanicoco.official bio cool mint gel spf50+ pa++++: my current face sunscreen. true to its name, love the light minty scent. absorbs quickly. does not dry out my skin. ☀️ @earthsrecipe water full sun gel: it leaves me looking dull in a weird way. no white cast. not my favorite. will finish it, but wnrp. ☀️ @andalounaturals un tinted bb spf30: leaves a white cast. 😢 i plan to use it on my décolletage and wnrp. takes longer to absorb compared to asian spf. meh. ☀️ @arconalosangeles mineral powder spf30 with a collapsible brush for to go touch ups: i love the shade range that arcona offers, and this shade works very well for me. however, dispensing the powder is a little tricky, and i'm never sure if i've applied a sufficient quantity. the bristles have started falling already... costs around $45. will probably not repurchase. ☀️ @aveenous wet skin pro sunscreen spf30: bought this just yesterday from #marshalls. no white cast. easy to spray on. can't wait to put it to test. ☀️ @makeprem spf50+ pa++++: i was so excited about purchasing this. i paid about $22 for a huge 200 ml bottle. it absorbs quickly, but sadly leaves a white cast on my face. 😭😰 will primarily use it on my arms and décolletage, which is ok by me. i can see myself going through this bottle very quickly. ☀️ it's my cushion custom made for touch ups after watching @gothamista's yt video: bought the container from ebay for $13. sadly, it has the #makeprem sunscreen right now. i need to find some other fluid sunscreen for my touch ups. i am optimistic about this "method" too. even though the sunscreen left a white cast, i am loving how easy it is to reapply, and get even coverage on the go. 👍
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Organic Bath
8 minutes ago
organicbath We wander. we travel. and we bring our favorite organic skincare products with us: peaceful body butter to ensure we sleep well in new places. enhance face oil for a natural glow and nontoxic, aluminum deodorant to keep us fresh. what are your travel must haves? #organicbathco
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Hand-crafted Herbalism
7 minutes ago
waikebotanicals Summer favorites are back in stock! fresh batches of sun worshiper protection stick, bzzz protection spray and heal thyself are up on both sites! and, i made a double batch of heal thyself for those of you who have been waiting weeeeeeeeks for it to be restocked! sun worshiper is an awesome blend of super nourishing oils, shea butter and skin loving herbs with non-nano zinc oxide to help protect your sweet skin. oh, and it's pink! which goes away after it's rubbed in, promise! bzzz protection spray is one of my favorites, i've been so anticipating making this formulation this spring! it smells so good (to us!) and makes us smell super icky to gnats, flies, skeeters and other biting, flying critters! next week i'll be adding a tick oil (a must if you live in tick country like we do), undereye cream, lib balm, some spring hydrosols and a new batch of flowering dragon face serum (one of our best sellers!!). #liveyourdream #plantmagic #plantmedicine #summerlove #flowerpower #allnatural #greenbeauty #healthylifestyle #naturalhealing #healthandwellness #smallbatch #smallbusiness #madeiniowa #decorah #adventureawaits
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Mirai Clinical
11 minutes ago
miraiclinical You're looking at some #natural cotton fiber imported from japan and infused with, our favorite, japanese persimmon extract! 🌟 try using this daily and see the difference 💙
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M+A naturals ®
9 minutes ago
manaturalsco ✨benefits of brown sugar in lip scrub ✨ - more abrasive and able to remove only dead skin cells - remove free radicals that can clog pores - leaves skin nourished and smooth click on link in bio to learn more about our rose lip scrub. . . . . #roselipscrub #lipscrub #sugarlipscrub#brownsugarlipscrub #organiclipscrub #smooth #inspireholisticliving #healthylips #facialcare #exfoliate #selfcare #hydrate#brownsugar #clearpores #exfoliateyourface #healthyliving #healthyskin #greenbeauty
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13 minutes ago
lara_greenbeautegal -- my look for sunday 5/28/17 1. @rootprettty berry matte mineral eyeshadow as blush 2. @honeybeegardens blue jeans eyeliner and pacific pressed eyeshadow as liner mojave pressed eyeshadow on crease coco loco pressed eyeshadow on lid porcelain pressed eyeshadow orbital bone area vintage merlot & dream lipsticks _________________________________________________🔹photo  taken with samsung galaxy s7🔹 6/30 #softlook #blueeyeliner  #photos #greeneyes  #photogram #color 24/30 #beautyproducts  #mua #greenbeauty #crueltyfree #nontoxicmakeup #makeup #mineralmakeup #makeupenthusiast #makeupbyme  #organic  #naturalskincare #skincare  #beauty #naturalbeauty #organicbeauty #natural  #cleanbeauty  #ecobeauty #nontoxic #instabeauty #beautiful #allnatural #beautifulskin #indiebeauty
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yk_cantabile * 自我の力を抜きなさい って言われた気がします🍃 #greenlove#greenbeauty#greenery#naturelove#nature#green#trees#beautifulview#niceplace#sky#風景#豊かな自然#景色#新緑#季節の移ろい#初夏#流れる雲の動き#涼しい風
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Ali Loughton | Victoria, BC
17 minutes ago
anomaly_makeup So stunning 💕 makeup by me using all toxin free products from @elatecosmetics ✨
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18 minutes ago
sunnythenomad If you thought farms were flat, you haven't been to guatemala. 😉 #greenbeauty #visitguatemala #digitalnomad
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Ali Loughton | Victoria, BC
18 minutes ago
anomaly_makeup That hair tho 😍 @huntandgatherhairco_mandy is seriously the best you can get! ✨makeup by me using @elatecosmetics 💕
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Lacey Asiasi
19 minutes ago
mamaslaced Relax. read a book. listen to music. remain peaceful.
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Ali Loughton | Victoria, BC
20 minutes ago
anomaly_makeup One of my favourite shoots so far this year! 💕 thank you to everyone involved, makeup by me using all @elatecosmetics ✨
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Jamie Perkins
24 minutes ago
fiveproductface Another shot from my summer haul #ontheblog. picked up the @ctilburymakeup look in a palette and the @lanolips tinted balm in nude. perfect for summer travel! see my thoughts in my latest blog post.
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