Samantha Joann|DōTERRA Oils🦄🌵
12 minutes ago
essentialenchantedoils Happy monday, friends!!! 💛when tensions rise or overwhelming feelings abound, diffusing doterra cheer can help promote an uplifting and positive environment. try diffusing doterra cheer in a classroom to promote positivity among students. put a few drops of doterra cheer in your diffuser at home to help your family enjoy the fresh, warm scent that will help create an inviting, happy environment. diffuse doterra cheer at your desk or in your home office when you need a little pick-me-up. wish you could carry the bright smell of doterra cheer around with you all day? experience the uplifting, happy scent of doterra cheer while driving by applying a few drops of the essential oil to a terra cotta plate or even to a cotton ball and placing it in your car. as you run errands, make your morning commute, or drive the kids around, you’ll have the lovely scent of doterra cheer as your companion, keeping your spirits bright all day long. feeling lonely? when you are alone, don’t let heavy feelings weigh you down and discourage you—diffuse doterra cheer in your favorite essential oil diffuser to promote happy, bright feelings that will invigorate your mood. when negative emotions creep into your day, consider applying one drop of doterra cheer to your hands, rub the palms together, and take a deep breath to inhale the comforting, warm scent of the oil. the scent will linger, so you can cup your hands over your nose or mouth throughout the day and inhale doterra cheer for an added dose of optimism. 💛 order your bottle of cheer directly off the link in my bio 💁🏻
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Emilie Moreck
20 minutes ago
foodie.fit.mama We've been trained to think that eating the cheapest food is somehow the best for us. and don't get me wrong, i love a great deal as much as any, but when it comes to food, i also don't think it should just fill our bellies- it should fuel our bodies. and all i know is, when i started fueling my body with this superfood shake over 4 years ago, my health completely changed---that's not a coincidence. i went from spending a ridiculous amount of money on "health care", doctors appointments, medicine & supplements for every time i got sick (and for preventative), to not spending a dime on going to the doctor in the last 4 years, cutting out all other supplements & medicine, spending less on junk food, and literally feeling the best i ever have. just do the math- this shake hasn't just changed my health, it has saved me money now, and in the future. . . so when people tell me that my shake is "too expensive", or that they don't need it, it makes me realize i've done a c****y job explaining why you in fact do need this. yes it has been medically proven to help you lose weight, but that is just a natural side effect of what happens with you give your body with the proper nutrition it needs to function optimally. i don't eat perfect all the time, i get too little sleep often, and i'm exposed to a million germs being the mom of littles in school, and yet they stay super healthy (yep, they drink this daily too), and so do i.....the truth is, i can't afford to not enjoy this shake daily. it's just an added bonus that it tastes like a freakin milkshake😍😍😍 . . p.s. anyone else obsessed with the combo of chocolate & mint??🍫🌱😋
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Our Spectrum of Love DWTD
1 hour ago
ourspectrumoflovedwtd These are absolutely amazing!!! #livesagely these have made my life that much easier! we now have a bar for everyone in the home so i can get the reminders when its medicine time! ty❤ one less thing i need to worry about! . . . #autismmama #autismmamabear #autismawarenessiseverydayinourhome #doterra #doterrallv #suppliments #greenmama #crunchymama #totallygotthis #ocdmama #ourbeautifullife #sagely
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Cardinal and Canary
1 hour ago
cardinalandcanary We had the pleasure of meeting this sweetheart at one of our local pop-up shops, its so wonderful to see him loving his seal push toy! thank you so much for sharing, @darling_veganmama xoxo 😘 click the link in bio to learn more about this toy! . . . . . . #play #playislearning #babystyle #modernbaby #babyessentials #newborn #newbornessentials #woodentoys #woodisgood #handmade #handmadetoys #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #thatsdarling #newbaby #shopsmall #nurserydecor #babyshop #greenmama #modernmama #modernchild #ethical #sustainable #responsible
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Green Mama
2 hours ago
greenmama_luisa *road trip* aaa amanti dei viaggi cercasi. questo è il pannnolino che fa per voi. é arrivato! lo trovate finalmente disponibile nel nostro eshop. 👉 link in bio . . @thirstiesinc #thirsties #thirstiesbaby #greenmamait #greenmama #viveregreen #instamamme #instamamme2 #pannolini #pannolinilavabili #lavabili #clothnappies #clothdiapers #ecologico #ecobioblogger #ecobiolovers #ecobio #mamma #family #famiglia #thewomoms #womoms
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Green Mama
2 hours ago
green_mama Какое средство для снятия макияжа вы предпочитаете другим?💁 В линейке средств для снятия макияжа от green mama есть средства на любой вкус🤹‍♀️ Особенно нежно и деликатно снять макияж помогут косметические сливки "Череда и Корень одуванчика"🍃 Они не только очищают, но и питают, смягчают и увлажняют уставшую от макияжа кожу💪 Подходят для чувствительной кожи👌 Сливки не ароматизированы⛔️ Вы можете уже сейчас приобрести это чудесное средство в свою косметическую коллекцию в нашем интернет-магазине shop.greenmama.ru за 158₽ 50мл😘 Для заказов от 1500₽ доставка по России бесплатная🎁 Ставьте ❤️и о косметике green mama узнает больше людей🍃 _________________________________ #гринмама #green_mama #greenmama #натуральнаякосметика #уходоваякосметика
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Sally Nance✨doTERRA💜
2 hours ago
healthyhappywoman My oldest recently found this in a drawer of our old secretary desk from years ago. obviously, this was pre-essential oils and natural health days. i about choked when i opened the bottle to smell it 😷it smelled like old baby wipes and synthetic fragrance. i can't believe i used to put this oil on one of those rings that fits around a light bulb and the heat of the bulb burns the incense. double whammy - fire hazard and toxic! synthetic fragrances can cause all sorts of health problems: •respiratory issues •headaches •endocrine disrupters i'm so thankful i discovered a much healthier option for infusing my home with beautiful, uplifting scents. i highly encourage you to make the switch too. upgrade your home and health by switching from toxic scented candles, plugins, air fresheners, and lamp rings to clean, health-boosting essential oils ✨
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Twin Time with April
3 hours ago
twintimewithapril Me... yesterday...in my defense, it was groceries!😂🍉🍊🍍🍅🥑 . . #targetlife🎯 #targetrun🛒
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Korina Buehrer💎dōTERRA Diamond
3 hours ago
team_celebrating_life How is it the last week of september already! do you know what that means though? this beautiful little set will be available to purchase next week! and i have to tell you, i love it! ☀️ arise enlightening blend - at moments when discouragement and opposition affect your ability to reach your goals, dōterra arise enlightening blend can provide a joyful, encouraging aroma to uplift and help you rise up. featuring grapefruit, lemon, osmanthus, and siberian fir essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil, arise’s fresh scent is both happy and inspiring and will help you continue to reach higher. ... ⚓️ anchor steadying blend - when uncertainty affects your world, dōterra anchor steadying blend can help to restore balance and stillness in your life. featuring lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, frankincense, black pepper, and patchouli essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil, anchor’s aroma is earthy, woody, and rich helping you feel rooted and grounded. ☮️ align centering blend - it’s easy to feel disconnected and out of control in the busyness of everyday life. combining the properties of the dōterra align centering blend with certain yoga poses can help align and create a sense of peace and purpose. align is made with a unique blend of oils such as peppermint, basil, geranium, and jasmine flower to create a fresh, green, and herbal scent. ••• #doterra #doterraessentialoils #doterraconvention #yoga
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April And Ashley
3 hours ago
healthymomas_5 Staying motivated is important! having help is nice. i love applying motivate touch essential oil on my wrists, temples, and neck before any adventure to give me an uplifting boost! the vanilla-citrus aroma is so amazing. yum!
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3 hours ago
oilblessedmama Does your trash can stink? add a few drops of purify to a spray bottle of water and purify it! works like a charm. . . . #fortcollins #greenmama #greenliving #greencleaning #nontoxic #stinky #easyfix #smellsgood #happymama
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4 hours ago
beautycountermolly Not much makeup on today, but guess what i do have..mascara! yes, i'm obsessed with this shirt. 😂and coffee dates with friends. ☕️and spreading our mission. 💪🏻#coffeedate #bossmom #bossbabe #onamission
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Shannon Palmer
4 hours ago
thrive.with.oils Autumn has the best smells! i baked a pumpkin pie cake yesterday - so yummy! i can’t eat pie everyday so i love using my diffuser to enjoy the delicious aroma again and again! pumpkin pie diffuser blend 3 drops cardamom 2 drops cinnamon bark or cassia 1 drop wild orange 1 drop clove #fall #pumpkinspice #pumpkinpie #autumn #smellsdelish #diffuser #diffuserblend #naturalmama #livenatural #momhack #plantbased #greenmama #greenliving #thrivewithoils
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4 hours ago
healthyoilmama The power of aromatherapy. my oldest woke up in the. worst. mood. this morning. she stomped out of bed, stomped downstairs after getting dressed & sat at the kitchen table with her arms crossed refusing to eat breakfast or do anything productive. i wasn't getting any answers out of her so i reached for the oils as she sat there just staring at me. i put 3 drops motivate (her favorite oil) & 2 drops peppermint in the diffuser. turned it on & walked upstairs to help my middle find a shirt. i came back downstairs a few minutes later & she was standing over the diffuser taking deep breathes. ✨within a few minutes i literally saw her demeanor change. the wall came down & she started talking. turns out she was just having a bad case of the mondays. she left the house much happier with a granola bar in hand. i'm such a believer in aromatherapy. i can literally change the mood of my house by diffusing. the morning could have gone so differently. she could have left the house still moody which she probably would have taken out on everyone else making them frustrated & in bad moods as well. but just the simple act of diffusing her favorite oil & breathing deeply changed the whole course of her day. 🌿
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Manda Aufochs Gillespie
6 hours ago
thegreenmama Don't be so scared of #germs! it turns out we are more #bacteria, #microbe, and #virus than we are #genetic material. we can help create #healthy and diverse #microbiomes in our guts, mouths, and on our skin. learn more about how to use this information for a healthier #pregnancy, #child, and #mama. learn more in the #greenmama-to-be. read a chapter or preorder it for someone you love at https://buff.ly/2xya11e #tipoftheday @thegreenmama
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•The Spirited Oiler•
6 hours ago
thespiritedoiler We've been running this anthropologie diffuser blend like it's going out of style. it smells dreamy and wonderful all in one minus the chemicals and toxins. 😍 4 drops grapefruit + 4 drops orange + 2 drops idaho blue spruce + 1 drop geranium 🌿🌿🌿
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7 hours ago
gaia_thegreenpantry *il carico mentale* oggi nel blog ho voluto affrontare un tema che ultimamente mi sta toccando parecchio in prima persona: il sovraccarico emotivo e mentale! ci sono giorni più lunghi di altri, giorni in cui arrivo a sera con la testa cosi piena di cose a cui devo pensare che mi sembra mi debba esplodere, giro per casa e vedo etichette con su scritto il mio nome e il to do ovunque, quando invece sarebbe cosa giusta che il carico venisse equamente suddiviso, esco di casa per andare in lab e nemmeno ho entrambi i piedi fuori dalla porta che mi sento chiedere se per le ore tot sarò di rientro. e' lunedì e mi sento già stanca, ma non fisicamente, ho la testa stanca, stanca di essere accesa ininterrottamente tutto il giorno. e voi amiche mamme come state a carico mentale?! a che livello siete?! link diretto in bio! • • • • #thegreenpantry #mammablogger #greenmama #mammagreen #livinggreen #babywearing #livingwithatoddler #mylifewithatoddler #diciannovemesi #vitadamamma #notonlymama #thewowmoms
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7 hours ago
ayoungwifestale It’s officially fall now!!!! i’m a sucker for white pumpkins and cinnamon in the diffuser. maybe i’ll throw in a little nutmeg and clove for the whole pumpkin spice family. it may be hot outside but i’m cranking up the ac and declaring fall up in here. #pumpkinspiceseason #whitepumpkins #chemicalfreeliving
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Kelly Whoriskey
7 hours ago
thewelloiledfamily I feel really strongly that every household needs this in their medicine cabinet and they're the type of thing you need on hand for unexpected moments. don't wait until you need them to buy them because then it's too late! this past week at school, so many students and teachers came down with a cold. i'm constantly diffusing citrus in my classroom to protect myself 😂but by friday i started to feel rundown and that little ache at the back of my throat. before bed i took 2 on guard softgels and rubbed my immunity blend (on guard + arborvitae on my throat). by morning i was feeling great. it was just enough to kick whatever little bug was starting. the softgels contain on guard, wild orange, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, oregano, and ✨melissa✨...basically they are packed with powerhouse oils for your health. sometimes i stop and honestly marvel at how grateful i am for these tools at my disposal.
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