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Balancing hormones and helping with hormone related issues is one of the most helpful and awesome things that essential oils can do! these four oils are my top choices for helping to keep my hormone levels balanced and healthy! . grapefruit oil helps with progesterone levels, which makes it a top choice for those struggling with fertility issues. it is also cleansing and balancing to the metabolism, making it excellent for weight related hormone issues. it tastes great in water, so a couple drops in your drinking water throughout the day is a great way to use it! 😊 . fennel helps with estrogen levels, and has been used for centuries to help with women’s hormones. it too can be added to drinking water-it has a sweet taste-or you can take it in a capsule. 💧 . geranium is amazing for all things hormonal, particularly skin issues! i use it in my skin serum, as i struggle with hormone related breakouts! it’s an incredible addition to any hormonal blend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . clary sage is an all around hormone balancing, mood balancing, stress relieving oil. stress has a big impact on our hormones, so keeping our stress levels under control is important to our hormonal health! clary sage has been shown to relieve feelings of stress both when diffused and when taken internally! 😃 . one easy way to get the benefits of all of these oils is to combine them together in a roller bottle! do 10 drops of each except for geranium. do 5 drops geranium. 👍😊 top off with fractionated coconut oil. . you can also take all of these internally in a capsule. do one drop of each oil twice a day. . grapefruit and clary sage also smell wonderful diffused, and when combined with balance blend make an excellent stress relieving, mood balancing diffuser combo! 😊💜 . message me and ask about my starter kits if you are ready to get these oils in your home! i have specials and bundles that contain everything you need to help you get started! 😃 . #doterralove #aromatherapy #diffuserblend #healthyhormonesy
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Anyone else have the outcome of the day determined by those first few hours in the morning? whether or not we have uplifting moods and accomplish the tasks for the day seems to hang on those first hours in my house, a good breakfast, cuddles and a good diffuser blend goes a long way. #givemealltheoils . try out these three pairs for morning blends that will help everyone feel awake and happy. ✨ . ✨balance + grapefruit. four drops of each. ✨peppermint + wild orange. three drops of each, perfect for school mornings. ✨cheer + siberian fir. three drops of cheer and four drops of siberian fir. . check out my insta-story later tonight for my favorite getting started essential oil kits! some of these include many of the oils i mention and use on a day to day basis for my family. . . . . . #doterra #essentialoils #diffuserblends #toddlersofinstagram
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Everyone needs a magical unicorn blend in a pretty bottle right?! when i’m trying to meet goals, be productive and focus this is my magic blend. it helps me to continue to believe in myself, to know that i am enough and to make magic happen in my life. each of the oils in this blend have emotional meanings that help with strengthening your belief in yourself (especially when paired with some affirmations), let go of self sabotage, let the creative juices flow, and allow you to let abundance in your life 8 drops each sandalwood, wild orange, bergamot, clary sage, geranium, and siberian fir. top off with carrier oil of your choice . and definitely put it in a fun roller! this one comes in a pack from @oil.life (check out their ombré rollers) and because getting a deal makes said rollers even better get 5 off of 25 with code wolkm5 . only a few more days to score a full bottle of frankincense ($93 value) with select starter kits plus get $100 in free oils! message me or email me at kaylamonson@live.com for details on all my promotions!
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Sharing a bit more of my labor prep today with everyone! you can keep track of all of these posts at #ejbirthseries 🤰🏼 . the first stage of labor is considered to be the longest and includes early labor, active labor and transition. these were some of my favorite combos when i was #birthing my son a little over two years ago, and of course i didn’t have copaiba so i am excited to try that out too! . ✨for discomfort relief: aromatouch is amazing but gentle for labor, it is not so intense that momma could be uncomfortable from the cooling and aromatouch gives a little bit of energy. combine a drop of aromatouch and a drop of copaiba in your hands along with fco and rub that onto moms back and legs, or wherever she is holding tension. ✨progress: i am convinced clary sage was the reason my labor progressed so well, apply clary sage and/or jasmine to the uterine reflex points to encourage productive and progressing contractions, using these oils every hour or so is perfect. ✨the first stage of labor is usually pretty exciting but by the end of the second stage you might find you need some extra energy and focus. try diffusing two drops each of wild orange and balance or apply a drop to a washcloth to have near by to smell between contractions. . tag a pregnant friend who needs this info! . . pregnancy is such an exciting time and i am honored to get to share my essential oil supported pregnancy and labor with you! please reach out if you have been considering getting started with essential oils, i offer a special coaching session for all of the expecting mommas who join my oil community! . . . . . #doterra #thirdtrimester #birthdoula #doulalife
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These are my favorite (most used!) roller blends for those one year and younger! you guys message me all the time asking for my best baby blends so here you go, these have been life savers when we need it! . ✨immune • 2 drops of on guard • 2 drops of melaleuca • 2 drops of frankincense • top with fco in a 10ml roller and apply to the spine and feet ✨sleep • 2 drops of serenity • 1 drop of vetiver • 1 drop of cedarwood • top with fco in a 10ml roller and apply to the spine and feet ✨teeth • 1 drop of lavender • 1 drop of roman chamomile • 1 drop of siberian fir • 1 drop of copaiba • combine in a jar with two tablespoons of fco and mix well. apply to the gums where teeth are moving. . . essential oils make my mom life so much more manageable and i stress a lot less knowing i have natural options to use on my babies sensitive skin and bodies. if you are a mom looking for natural options i would love to support you in that journey! send me a message or email at anorville88@gmail.com for my special, including $100 in free oils of your choice! . . . . . #doterra #essentialoils #babiesofinstagram #naturalmomma #empoweredmom
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This is kevin and tim. they're dads, and life-long friends, and they're the kind of men we like to shout about, because they care, and they're working hard to make a difference in this crazy, beautiful, troubled world of ours.⠀ ⠀ #mindfulpartner #sponsoredlove @betterlifecleanhappens ⠀ ⠀ they wanted safer products for their households, so they created better life, as a kinder solution to cleaning for people, pets, and the planet. kevin, a top formulation chemist, knew he could make a safer plant-derived formula without all of those warning labels. tim made it his mission to get it into the hands of everyone who wanted an outstanding product that outperformed traditional cleaners so people could spend more time doing what they love and less time scrubbing.⠀ ⠀ greenwashing is a thing, and we're pretty wise to it. but these guys are the real deal. they've been going for eight years now, and despite growing to become an international brand, they are still 100% made in the usa, solar-powered, and friend and family-owned. what's not to love?⠀ ⠀ check them out and stock up, if so inspired: link in our bio ☝💚🌎🙏⠀ ⠀
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Dax woke up with a little congestion. i instantly pulled out my melaleuca, added a drop to the palm of my and added a few drops of coconut oil and massaged lightly on to his chest and upper back. i'll repeat this a few times today! (along with diffusing some onguard and breathe) this oil is gentle on the little ones and a great, safe way to support their immune system and also to help with that stuffiness. this oil is a serious powerhouse and this is just one simple way it can be used out of several. #melaleucaforthewin
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You have probably noticed by now i’m all about the calming oils 😂 i love oils that reduce stress, anxiety, and help myself and my kids fall asleep faster and get more rest. these three are amazing when it comes to promoting peace and calming whether they are needed before bed or during the day. i love to put two drops each in the diffuser, make a roller with two drops each to use on my little ones feet and spine or add a few drops each mixed with water in a spray bottle and spritz on her favorite stuffed toy (like this cutie from @organicfarmbuddies ) . it’s amazing how these oils can help calm the mind and body! who else loves this blend? share with someone who needs some peace and calming in their lives! . if you are looking to incorporate oils with your family now is a great time to get oils into your home! when you join my oil community this month and place a smaller order next month you then get $100 in free oils of your choice! message me or email me at kaylamonson@live.com for details on my promotions!
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Judging by that smile of hers i’m guessing she had fun
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The Little Green Sheep
Who's taking part in #veganuary? we love this kid-friendly vegan snack recipe from @yummymummykitchen ! 🍌
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Yo-ko Tokuda
この前妹と参観日のあとに久しぶりのグリーンママへ🌵やっぱり素敵な空間と食事🍴 #沖縄#4児ママ#参観日#妹#年子#アラフォー#ランチ#うるま市#天願#グリーンママ#greenmama#多肉#サボテン#植物
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Сравнение двух мицеллярных вод ✔ Номер 1: мицеллярная вода garnier бережный уход, объем 125 мл, цена 150-250 рублей в зависимости от магазина. Запаха не имеет, как и указано на упаковке (без отдушек). Раздражения не вызывает. Обычно я не придирчива к мицелляркам, все они выполняют свою функцию - смывать макияж. И эта вода не исключение - все меня устраивало в ней, пока не сравнила с другой, более доступной по цене и большей по объёму. На 3 и 4 фото представлены доказательства, что водичка не идеально справляется со своей задачей. И это после 10 секунд ожидания с приложенным ватным диском, а после - я 3 раза усиленно тёрла, и все равно карандаш и помада одержали победу. Номер 2: мицеллярная вода от green mama, объем 300 мл, цена около 80 рублей. Запах не ярко выражен, раздражения так же не вызвала. А теперь главное - смывание косметики. Ту же самую помаду, тушь и карандаш стирает со второго раза без усилий! Так же ждала 10 секунд, а затем провела два раза, не сильно прижимая диск к коже. Оценка мицеллярной воде номер 1: 6/10 за завышенную цену и некачественное смывание косметики даже с усилиями. Оценка мицеллярной воде номер 2: 10/10, тут вы всё увидели сами ✔ Конечно, вода garnier рассчитана на чувствительную кожу, и, возможно, поэтому она менее "мощная". Но основная задача, все-таки, стирать макияж, а сравнить эффект от неё есть с чем. #beautytest #beauty #beautyblog #beautyaccount #forgirls #aboutbeauty #skin #garnier #greenmama #мицеллярнаявода #бьютиблог #бьютиманьяк #прокрасоту #уходзасобой #уходзакожей #макияж #beautysecrets
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Organic Beauty Blogger
I have held onto this recipe and idea from a favorite @health.over.heels 🌿🌿💕. fresh and energizing with avocado, lemon and ginger... being with sugar for two weeks now, they recipes are making the difference. i definitely have more energy and am not craving food. without trying i am losing the extra pounds from the holiday and with drinks and extra like this it seems easy. 😍. . . #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblogger#cleanbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #naturalbeauty #ecobeauty #organicbeauty #ecoliving #ecolifestyle#organicliving #nontoxicskincare #crueltyfreebeauty #organicskincare #crueltyfree #greenjunkie #nontoxic #greenglam #organicbeautyblogger #greenbeautyblog #organicskin #greenmama #vegan #quotes #motivation #whole30 #cleanse no #diet
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Little Cheeks
Our storewide sale is still happening!! we’re clearing out some of our stock so supplies are limited!
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Audra | Chemical Free Blogger
I was having a tough time the other day because i went shopping for clothes (bad idea when you aren't feeling the prettiest). 😩 . you know those moments when you try on a pair of pants & they don't make it all the way up? welp, that was me & it felt awful. ☹️ . i look back at this picture taken almost 9 months ago knowing that i've come along way losing 15 pounds, lifting weights heavier than i ever imagined...making me stronger 💪 than i have ever been, feeling so much more alive filled with huge amounts of energy all because of the changes i have made in my life. . . i am in great shape but still let the way a pant fits control my thoughts. . . i posted yesterday about telling the negative committee that suddenly appears in my head to "sit down & shut-up" - which basically just means i have to remind myself of how far i've come & how much i've accomplished. . who else struggles with these toxic image-based emotions? how do you overcome them? . . . #toxicemotions #mentalhealthawareness #feelingfat #butknowiamnot #staystrong #stayfit #stayhealthy #naturalsolutions #naturalproducts #naturalmom #naturalmama #greenmama #greenliving #cleanliving #organicmama #organicproducts #youngliving #doterra #essentialoils #monat #toxfreeme #lifelesstoxic #ketogenicdiet #nosugar #nochemicals #nontoxic #toxinfree #chemicalfree
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J o c e l y n D a w n
Okay! i’ve had a few requests for the recipe for my home made wipes, so here it is! i seriously will not buy store bought wipes... these have changed all my wiping expectations. 😆 #serious . . what you’ll need: . 💧some sort of container. i used an old giant kraft peanut butter container. (luckily i scored this at a thrift shop and didn’t have to eat all that horrible peanut butter 😆) . 💧liquid coconut oil. about 1/4c, depending on the size of your container. . 💧dr.bronners unscented castile soap. about half a tsp is what i use. . 💧paper towel. i try to get the size that will slide easy-ish into my container. cut it in half with a non-serrated knife to avoid fuzzies. . 💧distilled water (or boiled then cooled) about 1c. these are estimations people, i truthfully eye-ball it. . most important ingredients: dōterra tea tree, about 4 drops (depending on size of container) and lavender, again about 4 drops. why does it have to be dōterra? because i know they are pure... it’s our babies bums we’re talking about here! no room for anything but the best to be used on these sensitive bits! . . 💧tea tree: great for making sure our wipes stay mould and mildew free ✅ . . 💧lavender: super soothing, restorative, calming. ✅ . . we’ve never had a diaper rash, and i’ve been using these wipes for over 2 years! #bestwipesever ———————————————- here’s what you do. cut your paper towel, put all ingredients into container. squeeze in paper towel. put lid on. turn upside down and leave for at least half hour. you’ll be surprised! at first after adding all the things, you might think it needs more liquid, but #trustme , leave it for the time and then check it out. if they are dry, add a bit more water! 👌 ——————————————— variations: 💧cloth wipes! . 💧sub in on guard cleaner concentrate and on guard oil (maybe even a couple drops of lemon?!) for some #superpowered cleaning (or hand sanitizing) wipes! . . ⭐️ enjoy! have you made these wipes before?! tell us about it, leave a comment! share with your mama friends... these are so easy and are hands down way better than any store bought wipes! . . . #greenmama #greencleaning #hippymom #easydiy #babywipes #upcycle #nontoxic #newbaby
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1月20日(日) . 昨日、久々に美容室に行ってヘッドスパとハイライトを入れなおして来たよ✨ヘッドスパ中、気持ち良すぎて何回豚鼻ぶっかましそうになった事やら😳んで、lunch。マジで美味いからー😭 . #lunch #greenmama #yummy #美容室 #laurea #ヘッドスパ #ハイライト #豚鼻 #リフレッシュ #okinawa #japan #ヘッドスパ毎日やりたいぐらい
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doTERRA Jenny M
Essential oils are naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.  essential oils embody the regenerating, protective, and immune strengthening properties of plants.  these oils are extracted from plants, and we use them for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. they can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on the user experience and desired benefit. . doterra’s plant aromatic compounds are distilled for purity & potency.  the more pure the essential oil, the more powerful the results. doterra oils are uniquely pure and free of contaminants and tested through a  quality protocol called cptg certified pure therapeutic grade. through this protocol each batch of oils is subjected to extensive and rigorous testing that ensures the purity, potency, and consistency. . if you’ve never tried doterra essential oils before and have been curious about what essential oils are shoot me a dm, and i will send you some free samples with info to try out.  i’ve tried many different brands of oils before but doterra is my favorite for how pure they are and because they actually work 🙂 . #doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils #eos #yleo #samples #freebies #nontoxic #nontoxicbeauty #holistichealth #healthylifestyle #gogreen #aromatherapy #holistic
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Emilee West
Practicing gratitude today as i apply this roller blend to my wrists and neck 🙏
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Mackenzie Watson
Our favorite way to wash our fruit. wild orange is a natural and powerful cleanser. and it gives our fruit a tanginess, which we love. 😋 put a drop or two of wild o in a bowl of water (we’re not exact, but 20-22oz of h2o) and add your fruit. let sit for 3-5 minutes and drain. let me know if you try it and like the taste!
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loz arthur + doTERRA
Repost : so as i said on the original post i have been asked about blends i use so with all great intention im going to post more blends for you .. this is a go to for me and love love love it so we have peppermint who calls you to attention to pep up and brings you focus he wants you to be alert and wake up (i freaking love him!) balance who i just couldn’t live without basically balance your mind and body i use this divine beauty all day everyday starting with indi and my feet in the morning.. and basil the oil of renewal - mamas this is a goodie brings rejuvenation of vital forces after long periods and strengths our adrenals ... ahhhh all the freshness and the boost you need to get s**t done ! happy diffusing . . #doterra #doterraau #essentialoils #naturalsalutions #naturalwellness #oilymama #naturalhealth #organicmama #consciousliving #cleanliving #naturalmama #greenmama #lowtoxliving #notoxhome #chemicalfree #oilychildren #theresaoilforthat #mamaearth #plantmagic #botanicalbeauties #earthmamaessence #empoweryourselfandgenertionstocome
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Wheatland Woodshop
Two more hours until our canadian maple rings are available for wholesale. 2” inside diameter + 1” inside diameter. handcrafted by us in calgary, ab. these come unfinished + completely raw of any chemicals.
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Korina Buehrer💎dōTERRA Diamond
Being a human woman means cellulite is just a fact of life, no matter who you are! i have it. your have it. your neighbor has it. but essential oils can help reduce the appearance of the "orange peel" ripples in your trouble areas. •••••••• add a few drops of each oil to your favorite carrier or lotion (using a 4% dilution rate) and apply two to three times a day, especially after bathing. •••••••• #doterra #doterressentialoils #doterrablends #essentialoils #essentialoilblends
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Cardinal and Canary
Big hazel village restock, we currently have 11 different doll styles in stock and ready to ship, and if you order by midnight you get 20% off! hazel village dolls are made with such beautiful craftsmanship, which doll is your favorite? . . . . . . #organic #organicbaby #pretendplay #play #playislearning #babystyle #modernbaby #babyessentials #newborn #newbornessentials #handmade #handmadetoys #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #thatsdarling #newbaby #shopsmall #woodland #nurserydecor #babyshop #greenmama #modernmama #modernchild #ethical #hazelvillage #doll #dolls
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🔥ᗰᗩᖇIᗩᑎᑎᗩ ᑭOᒪᒪᗩK 💧dōTERRA🧜‍♀️
Honoring those today that have showed up for themselves and their loved ones. 🙏there is so much healing happening in the essential oil community. across the board , people are finding nontoxic ways to manage their health. people are discovering that the plants on this planet are intended for them to use and to be that higher source of wisdom and sacred understanding. 💧 i am so grateful for this beautiful opportunity to be of service and to feel like i am a part of a movement much greater than myself. 💧 thank you for seeing the value in dōterra essential oils and for trusting the true nature of healing and plant science, as your daily medicine. 💧 #wisecoreconfessions #essentialoils #doterra #aromatherapy #naturalwellness #healthyfamily #organicliving #holisticlife #organiclifestyle #naturalhealing #holistichealing #crunchymama #greenliving #naturalremedies #nontoxic #greenmama #organicmom #naturalliving #holistichealth #chemicalfree #livebetter #healthcare#oils #cleanliving #emotionalsupport #selflove #mermaidlife #wisecoressentials #crystallove #selfcare
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Cardinal and Canary
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Organic Wellness Blogger
What's your tongue telling you about your health? 👅 did you know according to ancient ayurvedic practice the appearance of your tongue can be a huge indicator as to what's going on inside your body? click the link in my bio to read up on what your tongue may be telling you and why it's important to tongue scrap with copper! 😝
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•The Spirited Oiler•
With the flu running rampant, thieves has been our continual go to oil. i am determined to not get sick. 🙅🏼‍♀️ thieves is a powerful blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary that is designed to support the immune system. 🌿 favorite tip: we put ten drops of thieves in a roller and then fill the rest to the top with fco. i roll on my kiddos each morning and night. we never miss a day!
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