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With support i saw that grief is not just about the death of someone. grief comes from the loss of anything ... it could be the loss of a special person , a relationship , a job , a situation that was horrendous , the loss of a dream . you’ll still go through the stages of grief and you will experience shock, denial /confusion , anger /bitterness , sadness /depression and then eventually acceptance . acceptance will allow you to move forward , you will see that you have this knowledge and an understanding to start building something new , something different. you will catch yourself smiling and will have the realisation that you have moved on and that life can continue #lossisreal #grief #griefjourney #lossofpain #griefchangesyou #griefchangeseverything #griefchangespeople #thingswillbedifferent #youcantgoback#griefchangesthings #youhavetoletpeoplego #distantmemory
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The holidays can be an especially hard time to be grieving over the loss of a loved one - our friends at delta hospice society would like to invite you to join them for an evening of sharing and reflection, where you can learn how to navigate holidays and celebrations while grieving.
friends and family are welcome, refreshments will be served, and live music will be played in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.
when: wednesday november 14th 7:00 - 9:00 pm
where: centre for supportive care, 4631 clarence taylor crescent, ladner.
pre-register if possible: 604 948 0660 or by email at debra@deltahospice.org
read more about programs and services offered at www.deltahospice.org
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"we need to take charge of our own discomfort with someone else’s discomfort and realize our desire to solve things or to make invisible the things we can’t solve is…. drumroll please… our own problem—not the other person’s."⠀⠀
while empathy comes natural for some, for most, it is a learned skill that we must constantly fine tune. i'm sharing an article today over on my facebook page, argenta counseling, that reminds us how to empathize and avoid trying to solve problems. ⠀⠀
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~• news for you! •~ als je aandacht hebt voor verdriet van je kind, kan het verder groeien en weer gelukkig zijn. maar uit ervaring met ouders weet ik dat het best moeilijk is om überhaupt te wéten dat je kind verdrietig is. misschien denk je nu "huh? dat is toch wel duidelijk?" nou nee, niet altijd. want heel vaak kunnen ze de woorden niet vinden voor wat ze voelen. en dan laten ze het verdriet zien op een manier die je niet gewend bent: boze en opstandige buien, extreem moe zijn, nachtmerries hebben, opnieuw bedplassen, huilerig en b**g zijn... dat kan zelfs ook jaren na een overlijden of echtscheiding zijn. bijzonder hè?
maar als je dit weet en herkent, dan kun je de aandacht geven die je kind zo nodig heeft. om je hierbij te helpen, geef ik een interactieve lezing "aandacht - groei - geluk". zo ga je onder andere de signalen herkennen van verdriet dat er (nog) is, hoe je hiermee omgaat en hoe je je kind daarbij kunt helpen. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
wil jij dat je kind goed door een verdrietige tijd heenkomt? zich staande houdt tijdens jullie scheiding of geluk terugvindt na het overlijden van lievelingsopa? kom dan ook bij deze interactieve lezing op woensdag 15 november > link in bio. ga ik je zien? liefs marieke 💕#vlinderjemee #mariekedeboer #ikmisje #stilverdriet #rouw #verlies #tranen #gemis #grief #loss #love #liefde #aandacht #overlijden #echtscheiding #ouderenkind #kinderen #kindertherapie #enschede #tekentherapie #samensterk #kinderboek #herinneringsdoeboek #weergenieten #aandacht #groei #geluk
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It's been 5 years since my mother passed away from 4 stage lung cancer and 1st stage brain cancer. i didn't want to come home because my mother wasn't around and no one thinks independently like she did. she kept the little glue we had together as a family until she passed away.
i remember going to college to create my odyssey, it means a long journey to being who you want to be. i left so i can taste independence, peace, and freedom. somehow, it was lost and when she left and no one wanted to piece it together. she deserved the world and she should've no and left lots of people behind.
i miss her and one her favorite qoutes were " do it while i'm here not when i'm gone". i went to college to break the back of poverty and stagnation. however, she's been speaking to me lately encouraging me to keep going. i need her and miss her. she doesn't want me to struggle.
i writing a book called, " my mom always says". my counselor noticed i used lots her advice in our sessions and would like to share it the world.
you can help me by donating to my go fund me link is the bio.
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A new chapter in my life... ...begins right now, right today. today, for the very first time in a very long time, i could only think and make plans about myself. not for work, not for colleagues or anyone else. today i was able to concentrate on myself consciously for the very first time - for an eternity. and even without forcing it - as is usually the case. i was heard, i was listened to. the way with grief and loss to life continues, into the next chapter.
ein neues kapitel in meinem leben...
...beginnt genau jetzt, genau heute. heute konnte ich zum aller ersten mal seit sehr langer zeit, mir einmal nur gedanken und pläne um mich machen. nicht für die arbeit, nicht für kollegen oder jemand anderes. heute konnte ich mich zum aller ersten mal -seit wirklich einer ewigkeit- ganz bewusst auf mich konzentrieren. und das sogar ganz ohne es zu erzwingen -wie sonst der fall-. ich wurde gehört, mir wurde zugehört. der weg mit der trauer und dem verlust zu leben geht weiter, ins nächste kapitel. .
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I heard that recently. is it an urban legend? that’s not the point. laughing enlivens us, heals us, changes us + is contagious. it’s not lost on me the company i keep. 👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️👧🏼
this photo was from my #rainbowtwins 4th birthday. typing that still seems surreal. we prayed for a baby to hold for four years. and in gods perfect timing they were born on #october15th which is #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness day. i feel this great desire to share that on my little platform of social media as hopefully a sign of hope + remembrance to anyone feeling like they are alone. those candles on my mantle burned bright for our angels in heaven + all the other babies gone too soon.
i am in a dance of being grateful for the moment that is now ... those 3 beautifully giggly girls + longing for heaven’s gain so my soul exercise today will be to up my laughing quota which just may trigger someone else. anyone want to join? #laughterismedicine #waveoflight #alwaysthinkingofyou #throughlaughterandtears #onedaycloser #angelbabies
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I know it's unfair to hate a month, but october had taken so much from me. first, my family. then, my father six years ago. now, my mother. all i have now are memories that will eventually fade in the passing of time. the saddest part, my future kids (if i'll have any) won't have the opportunity to meet their grandparents. #goodbyemom 😢
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Love with no place to go. #grief #suicideawareness #lovequotes
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in honour of “pregnancy and infant loss awareness month” ✨
@leatamae shares: i think a woman who is pregnant after loss has a different experience entirely than a woman who has fortunately not been through that. .
when you have experienced loss you are anxious all. the. time. you wonder if today is the last day you'll be pregnant, every time you p*e or feel a twinge, you wonder if this is it, if this is the end. now of course those who haven't suffered a loss have those anxious moments too and want nothing more than to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, but it's just not the same. the memory, the trauma.... it's a lot to work through.
the moment i found out i was pregnant again, i instantly battled over what i was actually feeling - which was scared & what i thought i should be feeling, which was positive. then my dear best friend reminded me that it's okay to be both. i don't have to be just one emotion. i can be both excited and anxious, fearful and joyful. i should acknowledge my feelings and do what i can to make me feel comfortable, safe and happy. protect my energy and the energy of this life inside me and be gentle with myself as my journey continues.

#ihadamiscarriage #pregnancy #keswick #newtecumseth #georginamoms #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #motherhood #grief #postpartum #prenatal #thebumpmethodwithbb #thebumpmethod .
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You had me at “hi”
you lost me at “i don’t believe in aliens”. 🌚
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Moving on is so hard. i don’t know how to not be pregnant. resting my hands on my tummy and feeling you there has become a habit that brought me so much joy. now i’m just flat and empty. #miscarriage #latemiscarriage #miscarriageawareness #pregnacyandinfantlossawareness #grievingparents #loss #grief
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Poldowski, aka régine/irene wieniawski aka lady dean paul, is a hidden gem of a composer from the turn of the 20th century. born in belgium to a polish father and english mother, régine showed musical talent from an early age, even performing her own works in public at age 14. the death of her first child devastated her, eventually leading her to divorce her husband. under the name poldowski, régine composed three pieces for her lost son, including "berceuse d'armorique" (lullaby of armorica). armorica is an antiquated name for the breton/brittany region of france, where the sea often claimed the lives of unfortunate sailors. as the poet writes, "the swelling of the fjords sings its lullaby while rocking the dead." this haunting piece follows a mother confronted with the death of her beloved child, from her initial denial to shock to gradual acceptance of her loss.
in times of grief, i've always found myself turning to music, as i'm sure many do, and certainly régine wieniawski did.

join us on october 27th as we honor all aspects of women's lives, dreams, and creativity. link in bio for tickets.

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“thank u” by alanis morissette (circa 1998) on repeat all day. give it a listen- about sitting in gratitude for all of life, including the hard. this song is holding my heart today as i sit with joy and grief, with pain and gratitude. -
#alanismorissette #gratitude #rememberingmattie #grief #thanku #thankyou
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Two weeks ago david and i were going for a stroll through the old cemetery on a beautiful fall day. we were basking in the sun and talking about our hopes and dreams for the little being that was growing inside of me. the next day i had a miscarriage and our dreams were shattered. today, for a work event, i’m back at the place where i was so happy just two weeks ago. i was dreading this day but being here now i’m finding a certain peace in it. throughout the last two weeks we have heard so many stories from so many couples going through the same thing we are going through and it’s been such a comfort. i really feel like we need to speak more about this, to let others know that they are not alone, so the healing can begin and make way for something new.
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As refine's miscarriage and infant loss awareness week comes to an end, here is an important reminder: there is life after loss. i know this because i live it, and i know it because i have seen others live it too.
it is a fact, that time will keep passing, that the days will keep coming, no matter how much you need time to slow down.
it is a choice you make, to figuratively “get up”, and determine what is next. to look to the future and see a life to live, people to love and be loved by.

it is a peace, knowing that healing will come in time. that the trauma of loss, the heartbreak of death, the searing grief of letting go of your child, slowly, so slowly, turns into a scar instead of a gaping wound.
it is a realization, when the minutes become minutes again, and the days no longer seem like years, and you realize your heart is still beating.
it is faith in what comes next, hope for tomorrow, joy for what you have not lost, and for the time that you were given.
we are different after, more beat up and bruised, members of a sisterhood and brotherhood of mothers and fathers who know this unique pain, too.
and that is just it...we still are. still breathing, still praying, still remembering, still honoring, still moving, still living.
#miscarriage #infantloss #miscarriagesupport #1in4 #stillbornstillloved #grief #lifeafterloss #posttraumaticgrowth #trauma
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