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Benny and bubbles ๐Ÿ’“
i have had benny and bubbles since june of this year. bubbles is an abyssinian male guinea pig! benny is a two year old guinea pig that was an american short haired! they get along really well!
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We’re settling right in. after all, the only really important things are good space for hoppins and good snack for munchins. #snacktime #eatyourveggies #newhome #goodfood #warmbed #happycreatures #guineapiglove #bunnylove #guineapigsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram
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A little throwback photo of martin ๐Ÿ˜ i just love him.
yesterday both pigs went to the vet and came back looking good! (even though she said marty is a bit on the chunky side ๐Ÿ™„)
we still have ruby the foster pig! her babies are due any day now! she's gotten quite big. any baby name suggestions?
lastly, since i have no self control, we picked up another foster this morning. this brings us to a grand total of 5 (not including ruby's babies!!) only martin and finley are actually mine. we still have our sweet law enforcement girl who i'm unable to share any info on. plus #rubythefosterpig and our new little friend. i'll share more about him soon! he also needs a name!
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I'm just in awe of how far winnie has come in the few months that i have had her. she is like a completely different animal. the 2nd picture was her first day with me and you can justsee how uncomfortable she looks.

i rescued winnie, with her sister greta, from a kijiji ad in may. these 2 were in a bad situation and both were in very poor shape. winnie especially was super skinny and withdrawn.
to put it into perspective, they were adult ladies at a year old. winnie weighed only 650 grams the day i got her. yesterday she was 935 grams... in 5 months she has gained almost 300 grams (one third of her entire body weight!) and i'm hoping she continues to put on another 100 or so.
she was so bony, you could easily feel her ribs, spine, hips and shoulder bones. it's heartbreaking to think she got to that state simply from a lack of food.
she was so nervous too, i've seen and worked with many guinea pigs through the years but winnie was one of the most frightened ones i had ever seen. i have no idea what she went through, but she had these thick, long scabs near her neck.
winnie has improved so much now though! she will happily sit with me and eat veggies during lap time. she's comfortable eating out in the open in her cage. she comes up to the cage bars for a quick head scratch or to grab a treat. it has taken a lot of work to get her to this place, but she has come so far.
i'm so happy that i happened to look at kijiji the day she was listed and that i get to give her and greta their forever home. neither of them will go hungry or be mistreated ever again!

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Nail clipping time๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผwish me luck๐Ÿ˜‚
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If i stand really still, she won’t see me #guineapigsofinstagram #foster #babygirl #deercaughtinheadlightslook
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I can’t believe how much this animal has made both me and @ginnymaurine feel so happy and loved. she went from having nothing but dirty towels and a water bottle too small for a hamster to having baby and fleece blankets galore and a water bottle the size of my face. she also has a giant hay rack and quality pellets to nibble on. soon, she will have an environment that is 8 square feet which will only get larger when we find her a friend.

it’s been wild. i’m not used to schedules or being cautious on food intake for my animals since i’ve had hamsters so long it is kind of second nature. guinea pig diets are much more difficult to maintain but as of right now we have a decent meal plan until she is adjusted just to be cautious not to upset her stomach with too many new things since i’m almost positive she wasn’t getting fresh food.

she is fed three times a day.
9:30 am she is fed the more watery greens (romaine and butter lettuce) and cucumber since she isn’t fond of her water bottle for some reason and i want to make sure she is hydrated.

4 pm she is fed more greens like mustard, collard and kale. she also gets bell peppers which she usually doesn’t eat. i also toss in some dill and parsley which she goes nuts for.
10 pm-12 pm when i get home from work she usually wakes up and asks for a snack which is either a couple carrots and cilantro or if it has been a couple days either apple or kiwi.
she always has fresh hay, pellets and water.

i am doing as much research as i can but could really use some advice if anyone is willing to give it.
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I also haven’t introduced you guys to my two older guinea pigs either!! i got these two piggies as friends for my skinny pig, the orange/black/white one is, wilby, and the messy-haired, grey-nosed boy is floofer pig! they were about a year old when i had got them and i’ve had them for around 5 months now. they are very shy, but i love them nonetheless. my skinny pig, poogie, also started to get sassy with them so they’re housed in a cage that’s separated by a wall ๐Ÿ™„ all three of them have such different personalities. the older two definitely still have warming up to do, but i see progress all the time and that’s rewarding enough โค๏ธ meet floofer and wilby ๐Ÿ˜

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Meet #zorro. they're all cute... until they eat their own poop. #guineapigsofinstagram #guineapig
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Lumpy modeling @bambi.the.rabbit 's collar!
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Oreo has been a real she-demon lately. she just wanted her cage cleaned, but was being nippy with about everyone.

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