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I love this ultra romantic style! 😍😍 twists & curls 💕 and the highlights add awesome dimension to the style 👌🏾
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After an out side of work hours appointment? we have only a handful of remaining spots left until christmas! please make sure you have pre booked your christmas appointment🎄
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I literally make an income by taking selfies of my hair 🤣

i don’t host home parties or facebook pop up parties.
i don’t send messages to people i don’t know 😷unless they ask me for details first!! you will never find a photograph of obnoxious graphics on my feed. i do not get them 🤷🏻‍♀️ i literally use social media to share a product i love and share my personal hair journey!

i want you to stop watching and start believing in yourself. let’s lock arms & i’ll show you the way 💕
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#awesome #icebreaker and getting to know each other at the start of this week's #training: tell 3 things about yourself - 2 truths and 1 lie.
mine were:
1. i used to work as a #hairmodel in ireland when i still had long #hair until i cut it all off.
2. i met my boyfriend at a #halloween #party when i was dressed as #corpsebride and we're still together 6 years later.
3. i was a #mathlete in #highschool trying out for the german team for the international mathematical olympiad.

only 1 out of 10 correctly guessed #1 was the lie 😂
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Florida washed her out, not even 24 hours since she landed in ct and bammmmmmm she’s back! she willl see you tomorrow florida 💜🌴🌴 #iwishiwasflyingback #slaygirl #floridagirl #haironpoint #cttofl #holditdown #colorismything #watchmework #sunlightaction #sunshine
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Ireland! i want to go there. grandma was irish, she always wanted to go with me there. the time has past to take her but i want to go. some how i know she would be smiling over me on that trip. 😇 i want to sleep in a real castle. somehow, i feel like i was born to sleep in a castle. 🤷‍♀️ 👸 what are your dream travel locations?
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Unlike other castor oil products, ic fantasia's jamaican black castor oil + jamaican black castor oil ‣ extra dark is 100% pure ricinus communis (castor) seed oil! it's hydrating, nourishing and cleansing properties, make it essential for healthy hair, scalp & skin. 👌🏾 #fantasiahaircare
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