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Had this old bottle for a year now and finally decided to do something with it πŸ₯ƒ
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After a week off i am rusty!! trying to wake up and get back in the swing of thingsβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pandhchalk #handlettering #handlettered #calligritype #thedailytype #typespire #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #letteringco #brushtype #beinspired #thatsdarling #typegang #madetocreate #communityovercompetition
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Real-time lettering by @calli_penguin • “v for violet (*no time lapse) i can't tell you how many times i had to write this, or how many other words i tried. it just wouldn't work out for me today until this very last attempt πŸ˜₯for the #realtimeletteringchallenge by @realtimelettering”
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I’m sharing the steps in my ig stories today for how i take this script and digitize it in a few super easy steps using lettering rx by @fotorxco - see previous post to enter for a chance to win this wonderful tool! nib: nikko g ink: moon palace sumi paper: layout bond over @johnnealbookseller calligraphy practice pad #digitizingcalligraphy #calligraphytutorial #calligraphyvideo
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Who’s having some fun this weekend? πŸ₯‚πŸ» did you know? kassa chalk markers work great on paper surfaces as well! πŸ’₯✍🏼 by the talented @pohgress
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Filmed a little process video for you guys! i’m trying to get used to this new pen, so i’ll just be at my desk all day writing all the lyrics to all the songs πŸ˜‚βœπŸ» any requests?
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T. Hapsari Zhafirah
Look for the good in each day ✨ (2/50) . . semangat @vlszra ✨ . . #handlettered #handlettering #letter #lettering #letterings
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I am as nowhere as i can be. can you add some somewhere to me? - the avette brothers, salina
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I’m a little off this week! final full spread using this adorable valentines day kit from @sensiblycuteplanning ! • • • final collab questions with @sensiblycuteplanning and @copelandplans! 1. favorite candy: lindt chocolate! 2. best date: every year we go to a pottery painting place and chris makes me a mug that i drink my coffee out of. it also looks like a mug a child has painted but i love them!
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He’s got skills y’all! pawpaw bourdier would be so proud. #calligraphy #handlettered #handlettering #handwriting #handwritten #gothic #gothiccalligraphy #ilovemyhubby
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Calligraphy by Leah
My nails don’t match the pink lettering but yolo! 50 shades of pink! #nofilter
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Calligraphy by Leah
#nofilter monday! πŸ’—
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Calligraphy by Leah
#nofilter so you can see those brush strokes!!!
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Welcome to desert bluffs.
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lorelei martell
This week’s #homwork assignment. also hello! i’ve taken a rather long hiatus from social media to catch up on binge watching the office tbh . . . . #typegang #goodtype #lettering #letterlove #handlettered #handdrawn #handtype #handdrawntype #handlettering #typespire #50words #typematters #thedailytype #typoholic #dndletterart #letteringleague #strengthinletters
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Stay Happy Collective
@vksigns is a seattle born lettering and mural artist who has lived and worked across the west coast of north, central and south america. he specializes in traditional hand lettering, drawing inspiration from classic and contemporary styles. when the sun comes out in the spring, vk puts down the brush and grabs a paddle while leading whitewater rafting expeditions from the depths of the grand canyon to the mountains of the sierra nevada. whether on the river or on the side of a building, vk is always striving for a clean line. - vk will be curating and selling his work this month at the under $30 art show at stay happy central. thursday, march 1st.
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When your besties at work have babies at the same time and let you throw the sip & see...#handlettered #chalkboard #momosabar #cheers
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Tiffany 🌻
50/365: it’s presidents’ day! reminder that this country wouldn’t survive without immigrants πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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annie doherty / anxiety piglet
Well, i’ve seriously been lacking on my own challenge with @sibby.letters. thankful she’s been holding down the fort while i’ve just been neglecting instagram. thanks for everyone who sent messages of concern & checked in on me- i’m doing well. the job is going well, i’m enjoying the changes that life is presenting. but with changes, come adjustments in schedules and different things begin to take priority. i love lettering. i love using it to help open the dialogue for mental health. but sometimes... sometimes, it adds to my anxiety. sometimes it creates pressure and that joy & therapy i once found in it has disappeared. so, i turned off my instagram notifications (holy woah- what a life changer) and i let myself breathe. i avoided my studio and focused on resting, meal planning, trying new recipes, working out, and relaxing after being the new girl at work (you know, all smiles & energy & desperately trying to remember interesting facts about yourself so people will sit with you at lunch)... so, you could say, this self is changing and this self is living. . . . . #letteringmentalhealth #virginiawoolf #anxiety #mentalhealth
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Today was a blast! there are some big changes coming this year for #thecolumbuscalligrapher! just as a teaser, here’s a picture from the new website i’m building! and can you believe that i took this picture? whaaaat?! thank you @sweetwilliamsphotography for helping me with editing and all the troubleshooting! • • #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #handlettered #handlettering #leftylettering #leftylligraphy #weddingcalligraphy #weddinginspo #wedding #love #ido #isaidyes #theknot #weddingplanning #engaged #engagementring #marthaweddings #bridetobe #bride #bridetribe #columbusbride #ohio #614 #bridalgush #smallbusiness #engagedaf #stylemepretty #fiance #beingboss
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Alli Comoglio
I can hardly wait to see these babies in some engagement pictures! 😍
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Made this little cards for my new fellows that i met during my summer internship program. i made 30 cards in total and all hand made! 😊 i guess i’m addicted to make these little cards πŸ˜‚
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🍁 Su 🍁 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Day 19 of my watercolor+calligraphy • scabiosa
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Lou Alers
Good vibes only! always love the opportunity to bust out some #molotow #liquidchrome ♥️
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Real-time lettering by @lucyverb • “*real time* part of my real time lettered word friendship in #indigo tones using a round brush and watercolour 🎨 day 19 for #realtimeletteringchallenge (@realtimelettering ) and also day 19 for #happyletteringchallenge (@happyletteringchallenge ) πŸ’ž” • great reminder that you don’t have to fit the whole word in one minute - you can always just film in real time and post a portion of it πŸ€—
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