Yellow Quakies
19 minutes ago
yellowquakies Beautiful words. 🖤 . this print is now listed, most of you already know cause it's almost sold out -- snag a few here while you still can 👉🏻www.yellowquakies.com/products
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Praneeta Bradley
8 minutes ago
A little bit of behind the scenes today 🖌🙌🏼 this is my first video, so be nice! it was very spur of the moment so i had to improvise by balancing my phone on the chair above me 🙊 also, i don't write this fast, speed x 2!
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Александра Зайцева
9 minutes ago
zaytseva_aleks Лого фотку не испортит!😍 Как? Разве нет такой поговорки? Значит нужно придумать)))) Это я с утра всё о том же...о красоте букв и о логотипах в стиле леттеринг))) Всем удачного дня, друзья)))😘 #calligraphy #каллиграфия #calligraphylettering #handlettered #moderncalligraphy #handlettering #type #rulettering #polygraphy #copperplatecalligraphy #calligraphyaddict #corporateidentity #brandidentity #accessories #typegang #флоришинг #logo #logodesign #flourish #brand #wedding #graphic #graphicdesign #art #handwriting #typegood #typegang
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Joy Chen
12 minutes ago
heartatlas Roomie took her gres and i took my ls
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kimi | calligraphy + design
18 minutes ago
thekimicollective To all my girl bosses, fellow females, my gal pals, and my besties - from my heart to yours: always remember you are lovely, you are strong, you are capable, you are enough. 💕😘
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19 minutes ago
letteritwrite Yesterday's prompt for the #creepyletteringchallenge with @jjjiefu2002 and myself. i'm really having fun trying to figure out different and fun ways to letter these words using the same background.
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Peggy Dean 🎨
19 minutes ago
thepigeonletters If my wrist isn’t burning out of overuse at the end of the day, i didn’t try hard enough. whatever you do, be deliberate. have intent. go hard. commit.
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