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You so freaking precious when u smile ❤❤ #sekpsfamily #igraduated #malaysiaairlines #handsomeface #malaysian4life
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Let's the week end start 😴
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-all i need in this life of sin 💙
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A thousand heart emojis. #handsomeface
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Happy 38th birthday to my husband, baby daddy, man child, dictator, don juan, rico suave, casanova, self-dubbed korean usher, thermostat n**i and forever biggest pain in my ass!!! elia and i adore you to pieces, right down to your fred flintstone toe and hangry shenanigans!💋👨‍👩‍👧 #birthdayboy #handsomeface #thehubs #aginglikefinewine #lovehim #julybaby
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Fridays are for fangirling out on my main man and flashing back to this tender moment.
life is a whirlwind around these parts and i have been sitting on some amazing news regarding my handsome face.
did you think was a bay announcement?! haha sorry to disappoint you, but that isn’t it.
this guy has been working hard and developing his skills and received a promotion to the back line team at his company.
and if that weren’t enough to be grateful for, soon after we were told of this opportunity, his previous team was laid off. i have been crying tears of gratitude for weeks. our heavenly father always has our back. always.
thinking back to when this photo was taken in 2007, i can hardly believe the blessings that have poured down upon us.
starting a family as poor college students really didn’t make any sense, but i am sure glad we listened. life is beautiful and i am ever so grateful.
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I think we're done! absolutely loved painting this gorgeous lurcher, in fact i've had to tell myself to stop because i was enjoying it far too much and would have overworked it. the broken foot thing has actually been a blessing for this commission, as it's forced me to concentrate solely on painting, rather than being distracted by all the other physical things i'd normally have to do (the housework has suffered a bit though!) .
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