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Fearlessness is not the absence of fear and is not found by eradicating fear. fearlessness is found when we begin to step off of the battlefield with fear and let go of the conclusions that we draw about ourselves as a person when fear arrives. when we begin to touch into our moment by moment experience of fear with our warmth and curiosity we are able to prove to our nervous system that we are bigger than our fear and that there is enough room in this vessel to hold the full spectrum of human experience. we begin to replace the old fight or flight circuitry with new wiring that doesn’t require self abandonment and instead enables us to stay with ourselves in the times we need ourselves the most.
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I never thought i’d find love again after i left my abuser.

he drilled it in my head that i was lucky he loved me. no one else ever would.

the first time i met other survivors, i loved hearing them talk about their healthy relationships and marriages. it gave me hope.

deep down, i could still hear my abuser’s voice telling me, “you’re not good enough.” but i was good enough.

and now? i have healthy friendships, healthy relationships with co-workers, and a really healthy relationship with my partner.

all of these bullet points are so true for the relationships i choose to nurture in my life, and it makes my heart swell with happiness.

seek out relationships that make you feel these things. trust me, the difference will be mind blowing.

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Stop right now. and give yourself some credit for the healing you’ve done.

healing is hard.

but every step you’ve taken to heal is something worth praising.

decided it was too hard to go out over the weekend? that’s ok. you’re setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

cried it out in the shower? i’m guilty of this all the time. feel those emotions.

i’m sharing this because when i saw this tweet, it resonated with me so much.

we don’t take enough credit for our own healing. you deserve credit for going to therapy, for learning to say no, for leaving your abuser, for sharing your story with your best friend, for rebuilding your life.

you are healing, but you’re strong.
you are empowering others by rebuilding you.

you are restoring your life through your resilience.

and we are so proud of you.

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~ i hope you heal.β™‘β™‘β™‘
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Make sure you are nice and grounded before as well as after any workings this weekend!!! the energy from this full moon is already making me jittery, foggy headed, and leaving my energy feeling very scattered!! i took a nice epsom salt soak and meditated, which helped quite a bit!! what do you have planned for your full moon festivities?!?! i plan to charge my crystals, maybe do a much needed tarot spread, and maybe have a little bonfire in the fire pit!πŸŒ™ blessings!! deja .
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Natural consequences don’t require us to implement anything. it is the natural experience that occurs that teaches the child what they need to know. (e.g they don’t eat- they might feel hungry. or they don’t want to wear a coat- they might feel cold) the learning occurs without intervention.β €
β €
when we let natural consequences do the work, the relationship doesn’t have to suffer. and the child doesn’t learn to hide parts of their authentic self.
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helping children grow and learn can only come from a trusted place. teaching them that we can help them through their struggles with collaboration and without judgment is what encourages them to seek us out. this is how they learn. and this is how they learn to seek support from others.
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there certainly won’t be a natural consequence for every situation and sometimes the natural consequence is not appropriate and therefore we have to step in (e.g. you play on the road, you might get hurt- obviously needs parent intervention). developmental age and skills are also important to consider (e.g my 18 month old needs to wear a coat in the middle of winter but a 15 year old can make his own decision and learn from that).
β €
natural consequences work as part of a bigger holistic picture to raising children. they are one piece of a bigger puzzle.
β €
what are your thoughts? do you let the work of natural consequences do its job?
β €
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