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When i first got my young living premium starter kit with 10 amazing oils, this oil was the very last oil i used. i didn’t have stomach problems or digestive issues, or at least i thought so. i love eating 🤪and honestly saying i was just used to have a kind of -too full stomach- after every meal.☹️
we all experience an upset stomach from time to time. one drop under the tongue, in glass of water or rubbed on the belly and you can have fast relief from indigestion. digize oil blend may not be the best smelling oil, but it works fast! this is the oil for those who love to eat! .
digize is for:
- upset stomach - ingestion - belching
- bloating - heartburn - stomach cramps
there are eight different essential oils in the digize essential oil blend:
💥 • peppermint essential oil (mentha peperita) supports normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function.
• juniper essential oil (juniperus osteosperma) works as a detoxifier and cleanser, it’s supportive to the urinary system. it is beneficial to the skin.
• patchouli essential oil (pogostemon cablin) is a digestive aid that combats nausea.
• lemongrass essential oil (cymbopogon flexuosus) is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, and can help improve digestion.
• fennel essential oil (foeniculum vulgare) is an antiseptic that stimulates the circulatory, respiratory, glandular, and digestive systems.
• ginger essential oil (zingiber officinale) supports the digestive system, nausea, and prevents fermentation.
• anise (pimpinella anisum) supports a healthy digestive system.
• tarragon essential oil (artemisia dracunculus) is antiseptic, used to combat intestinal parasites and urinary track infections. it supports the overall health of the digestive system.
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Flashback to last weeks thursday morning girls hitting it hard!! full body workout💪 summer bodz yes please👌 #summerbody goals #gettingready #lifestyle #fit #pt #class #fullbody #angesbeautbodz #healthmatters #gym #girlswholift #wonderwoman #gains #justdoit #sweat #workhard #thebodychallenge
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Not sure if it was the yummy tea, or the zen music, or maybe just hearing someone say they have a plan to help me get healthy again, but i found a holistic medicine practitioner that made me feel hopeful 🧡
yes, chronic illness is challenging and frustrating, but giving up is never an option. you have to continue to be your own advocate & fight fight fight 💪🏻
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You know what they say – laughter is really the best medicine. 😂
and that seems to be a universal thing. regardless of what language is being spoken, laughter is something that is understood by all.
did you know :
😅we laugh up to 30 times more when we are in the company of others than when we are by ourselves. laughter is contagious!
🤣frequent and whole-hearted laughter actually helps your body to fight off harmful diseases. by altering the levels of cortisol in your body, laughing lowers our levels of stress and fights off things that might be harmful to us. 😃how can you bring more laughter into your life ? genuine, honest, heartfelt laughter ... not laughing at someone or something ... but laughing for the joy of laughing in itself ! ⠀⠀ find a group of friends and encourage each other with laughter 😅 share some of your ideas in the comments !! ⠀⠀ #laughter #laughteryoga #laughmore #laughingisgoodforthesoul #laughteristhebestmedicine #laughoften #didyoulaughtoday #positivevibes #positivemood #positivelife #positiveattitude #goodthoughts #mindbodyspirit #holisticlifestyle #healthmatters #nourishyourself #mindbodygram #healthyhappylife #liveinspired
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Lets take a poll!! which team are you on? curious to see who wins this one. lots of debate out there about which side of the fence to be on. not really sure to be honest. i usually am pretty plant based. but love to hear your thoughts. ready, and go!
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Happy monday everyone! in celebration of the holiday season i’ve partnered with path to health and healing for an awesome giveaway program. ⠀

join the path to health and healing free gift giveaway. check out all the amazing gifts from top holistic and functional healers worth over $1000! grab your gifts to help nurture your mind, body, and soul. these gifts are available for a very limited time. link in profile to sign up now! ⠀

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Now you can shop for popular vitamins, supplements, and beauty products without breaking the bank. we got you.⁣ 😉

👉🏼 www.vitatrendshop.com
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Your body is your temple, take care of it and it will take to of you. 🙏💚
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There comes a time in the parent-child relationship where the child gets the opportunity to become the parent’s biggest fan and support system. today was one of those moments i got to repay a parent... i could not be prouder of my dad for his show of courage through this adversity concerning his health by putting his faith and trust in god. glad to announce his colon cancer surgery went as planned.
proverbs 3:5-6 🙏🏾💙
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Ever have those days where you feel like you’re always running behind? that was me today. i had grand plans to come home from work, full of energy, and bake homemade snickerdoodles. i was super pumped all day, but by the time i got home from work, it was dark and i was just not feeling it. and you know what? that’s okay! (it helps to have @simplemills snickerdoodles as a fallback😉). ⁣

every day, i browse through instagram (which is pretty much the only social media platform i use), and i find myself a combination of inspired and jealous. i love seeing pictures of all the creative and amazing things people are doing and creating, but a lot of times it makes me feel like i should be doing better or more, especially on days like today. i’m constantly reminding myself that there is nothing i “should” be doing. my life is the perfect combination of what works best for me! and i love it. on that note, i hope everyone had a fantastic monday!
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The vein institute provides non-surgical treatments for problem varicose veins using laser technology in sydney, canberra, brisbane & melbourne🙌. visit our website (link in bio) for more information. .
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People work out at home and actually get results? yeah okay. that’s what i used to say when i didn’t know better. now i’m saying that same thing to those who don’t think it can be done. yeah okay. ✌🏽 why gain 5lbs around the holidays when you can get a head start on losing before the new year. forget a new years resolution. we got work to do now.
if you’ve ever wanted to get in on what i’m doing, fill out the link in my bio or dm me so we can chat.
let me help a sista out. ❤️
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This combo is designed to help you feel fuller, longer while encouraging metabolic burn, giving you enough time to turn your tree into a charming masterpiece!
****** slim hunger control, accelerator+, and block combo*****
kiss those feelings of hunger goodbye and focus on more important things—like decorating!

checkout website for more info.👇 http://shopmyplexus.com/plexusluv

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Get your in-home #reflexology and #acupressure treatment session before the holiday stress begins.😎 covering #newmarket, #aurora and the #gta. let us know how we can help.🎁
music: @duaneintheforrest - warrior 1
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Radiant women, @lovinglila @laney @jamierosennyc @vonverena @gossamer @rachel_lapidos @kerrileeross @bluebirdloves1975
@katebfoster @missnoraz @elsadeberker @thehermeshippie @stephsaltzman @sarahkinonen @janelarkworthy
@megagirl - thank you for the warm welcome 💖 and all your support. we love what you are doing to educate and inspire wellness on the #eastcoast !
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Sometimes i fast for +60 hours. sometimes i eat no fats at all, yet i’m still keto. i lead a strict carnivore diet, in my often “human” moments, i am fond of dark chocolate! now we can use whole foods and supplements! thanks @champagneandketo for this clear question! so which keto style are you??? ketones with ketogenic diet
ketones with carbs
ketones with carnivore
ketones with tracked macros
ketones with lchf
ketones with if
ketones with reboots
ketones with lean & green (no fats)
ketones with if and ketogenic diet
ketones with if and carbs
ketones with if and carnivore
ketones with if and tracked macros
ketones with if and lchf
ketones with if and reboots
ketones with if and lean & green
ketones with if and reboots and lean & green
ketones with ketogenic diet and a calorie deficit
ketones with carbs and a calorie deficit
ketones with carnivore and a calorie deficit
ketones with tracked macros and a calorie deficit
ketones with lchf and a calorie deficit
ketones with reboots and a calorie deficit
ketones with lean & green and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and ketogenic diet and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and carbs and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and carnivore and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and tracked macros and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and lchf and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and reboots and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and lean & green and a calorie deficit
ketones with if and reboots and lean & green and a calorie deficit... ketones feel great. at least once you make it past the “carb flu”! sound nutritional advice should always lead with whole food sources. then incorporate supplements as required, catered to targets but based around lifestyle and factoring underlying health challenges. more and more we are expanding understanding of the new applications, which means less keto discrimination and more lives improving.
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