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Super simple f*t loss plan

i don’t usually post twice in one day, but after answering a number of dms from folks struggling to stay consistent, i felt the urge to make this for you…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or at all stressed with what to do about your diet, i know this simple f*t loss plan will help 😊

plus, winter’s a-coming ❄️, and for many folks, it’s getting more and more difficult to muster up the discipline to stay consistent with their weight loss plan.

it’s freaking cold outside…
holiday parties are around the corner…

maybe you’re thinking it’ll just be best to start january 1st, right?

i’m not going to tell you it’s wrong to wait.

truth is, if you don’t feel it’s the right time for you, then it’s not the right time.

but what if you did start now? 🤔

imagine waking up january 1st weighing 10-20 pounds lighter with an arsenal of healthy habits built up? feeling energized and excited to make 2019 the year you build the body & health you’ve always wanted?

if that tickles your fancy, then this plan is a great place to start!

here’s how to follow it:

each week, i want you to introduce one of these new habits. if you already do one, move on to another.

you can either follow the order i have here or pick & choose. there’s no right way to do it. all six habits are going to help you stay mindful and consume fewer calories 💯

so what do you say… you in?
if so, let me know down below!

oh, and tag a friend (or two) who would wanna do it with you!

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I try to focus more on creating healthy habits instead of always focusing on restriction. changing the way i think about food is so hard, but y’all!! this deer summer sausage is 🔥 and makes this choice for a post workout snack easy!
thanks to my hunter @thomas_landon
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Make your health journey a fun one! find out how to get started at wolfpackninjas.com
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Today’s meal consisted of vegetable pakoras, mixed greens, tomatoes & avocado 🥑
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They key to change is determining what is more important then what’s on your plate or in your glass. ⁣🤔

it’s not scarcity, it’s choosing better. for example, if i offered you $100 to eat chicken on a salad vs hamburger in a bun with 🍟 would you do it? ⁣👇👇

of course! and instead of feeling sorry for yourself for skipping those fries, you would be munching on salad (not e coli romain🤮) and mentally spending that $100. ⁣

it’s no different deciding on healthy options and mentally wearing that two piece st the lake or not wearing a huge t-shirt to hide your stomach at the gym.⁣

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Baths by candlelight with a glass of wine and a book are an important part of my self care and i recommend them highly.
however, i have self care actions that are far more important than baths especially during the winter when i become deeply depressed and anxious and have a hard time doing anything. .
. -going to the gym even when i feel like i’m going to collapse. simply functioning on a low level with depression tends to exhaust me-but exercise is crucial. .
-eating as healthy as possible and drinking gross smoothies and freshly juiced vegetables and not living on scones, coffee and candy cane kisses. .
. -keeping dr appts and scheduling annual well checks .
-taking my antidepressant .
. -making a point to stay in touch with friends often because it’s too easy to isolate myself
. -getting together with friends. same reason. .
-getting out of bed .
. -hiking even though it’s cold and terrible because eventually i will get enamored with the beauty of it all and it’s a happy thing. .
. -not wearing the same outfit every day for a week because i lack the motivation to get properly dressed. forcing myself into a favorite outfit and heels is sometimes really hard but i make myself do it anyway because i just feel better than when i wear oversized awful dingy clothes. imagine that? .
. -creating a photo project where i have to do my makeup and get dressed (the gil elvgren project last year which will continue this year)
. -staying on a schedule. since i own a business it’s easy to slack but instead i’m recreating it and redoing my entire studio and it will be amazing 😄
. -reading books that are beneficial to my process, business and growth. .
how about you? 💗
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All about these in-season root vegetables (sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, parsnips, and some brussels sprouts for good measure) 😋🍠 —
we tossed these in avocado oil, sea salt, and black pepper and roasted in the oven for 25 minutes. served alongside pan seared mahi mahi (with paprika, sea salt, black pepper, garlic, & lemon). simple + delicious 🙌🏼

💚 vegetables
💗 lean proteins
💙 healthy fats
💜 extra
🧡 boost

what’s your favorite way to cook veggies: roast, steam, grill, or sautée? comment below // www.morehn.com
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Encuentra el equilibrio entre la espiritualidad, belleza y bienestar físico en se spa. #grandvelas #velasresorts #zen #detox #fresh #healthy #healthyhabits #raw #veggie #glutenfree #yoggie #juicelover #relaxation #butterflies #wonderful
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Get the whole family involved in your workouts! you can make them as easy or hard as you need! just get movin! way to work austin!
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During the times in my life when i struggled with obesity i failed to realize that it was and internal and organic problem that i had to solve by looking within myself.
yes, i too tried the pills, shakes, magic formulas, and strict diets. all of that stuff worked for a short while. but eventually i would gain even more weight than i had lost which was frustrating and left me feeling like a failure.
what was the solution?
first, i learned to love myself. that took a while especially after a lifetime of being called fat. i believed that was my identity. but it wasn't and i realized that i could create my own identity.
second, i began to feed my body natural and organic foods. once i started feeding my body these unprocessed foods i began to open my mind and my eyes to other areas of my life that needed a positive change.
third, getting regular physical activity was a great healer. when i started my journey i weighed 275lbs and was really out of shape so i just started walking. just 30 minutes a day, and that was like therapy for me. i would just walk and listen to nature. it was a perfect time to think through the challenges in my life and often i was able to find solutions during those walks
that is how it all began for me. that's why i believe in the power of building healthy eating and exercise habits. these habits changed my life and i know they can do the same for you!

coach césar
-mx360 fitness
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Why wait until after the holidays🌲 to start your health journey. it will cost 💴 you more cause you will have to get the weight off that gets put on between now and the new year. 🎉 why not get on with your health 💪🏻and get $25 off this amazing health program. bring a friend 👩‍💼and they can get $25 off too. learn healthy life long habits that will keep you at your healthy ideal weight🕴🏻from now until many years to come. get the energy you deserve .💃🏻
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Whether you are trying to stay on track over the holidays or just trying to incorporate healthy habits in general, give these tricks a try!
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Alright bootcampers, get y’all’s workouts in today! @pb_johnsen submitted this proof of his work. get it!
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#salad 🥗mix de remolacha, 🥕zanahoria y repollo, 🥒pepino, 🍅tomate, 🥑palta y 🍤camarones
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Someone’s way too happy today to have me all to himself 💙
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My sweet little turkey. the most sensitive, caring boy! love him to pieces!
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Ran 1.25 miles with my littlest tonight. my garmin died halfway through but i turned on strava for us and we averaged about a 12:15 mile. not bad for our first run together! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃 felt really good to get back out.
i’ve been struggling a lot with pain, but started physical therapy last week so hopefully things change soon. my pt and i talk about running a lot as he’s a runner and i just love talking about it. makes me want to get out there and push through all the pain. someday i’ll be there. 😁
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Announcing our free 12 days of christmas trial! 📣

yes you read that correctly- 12 days of free at-home workouts, no strings attached 🎁

we are so excited about our new service, and we want everyone to be a part of it! 🙌

there's no equipment required, all activity levels are welcome, and best of all...each workout will be christmas themed! 🎄

we want you to bless your health this holiday season, and have a blast while doing it! 🎉

the trial runs from monday, december 3rd through friday, december 14th. each workout will be just 31 minutes long! 👌

want in? head over to https://givingexercisemeaning.wordpress.com/contact/

to make things even more fun- the first 20 people to sign up will get a free 31.10 shirt! (and they're nice) 💁‍♀️

we can't wait to kick off the christmas season with you!

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