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Settling in day by day and stepping out of my comfort zone more and more!
i’ve made it a goal of mine to do at least one thing each week that’s out of my social comfort zone. for me, that could be something as small as going out to coffee with a friend, or talking to someone new!
y’all know i’m a huge introvert, and my social anxiety makes it really easy for me to just stay home every night and be by myself all the time. it’s not something i’m proud of at all, but it’s just my personality.
to all my fellow not-so-social butterflies, any tips for stepping out of your bubble and growing your social circle?
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Happy girl 💫
10h schlaf, 3 vernünftige mahlzeiten und ein wenig sonne später fühle ich mich wie neugeboren 💫 und plötzlich sind alle zweifel, schlechte laune, überforderung und all die negativen gefühle verschwunden - was so kleinigkeiten alles bewirken können 🙏🏼 ich genieße das wochenende zuhause in vollen zügen und verbringe endlich mal wieder zeit mit alten freundin und mir selber 💫
wie geht es dir gerade? wie läuft dein wochenende?
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How to deal with monday food guilt
tomorrow is monday. the day that women all around the world are waking up flooded with panic over what they ate over the weekend. running to the cardio machines to ‘burn it off’ and punish themselves with extreme diets.

here’s your reminder that there is a difference between guilt and shame when it comes to food.
✔️guilt = i did something out of alignment with my values and goals. i can learn from this, and move forward.
❌shame = i am a bad person because i overate. i have no worth. i have no value. i need to be punished.
most of us feel shame around food, especially since our society also places such a moralistic value on healthy eating and thinness.

your brain might think the shame / criticism / self hatred is helpful. it’s not.
shame (about your body or food) is a disconnecting emotion that makes you feel even crappier… and more likely to take action to dissassociate from your body again (overeating, skipping the gym, body anxiety, etc). instead of shaming yourself, move into a more neutral headspace.

you don’t have to love the fact that you overate and feel bloated, but you don’t have to hate it and beat yourself up either.

you are a human. you are imperfect. we all are.

this is an exciting time to show yourself the c - word…

compassion. (hehe get your mind out of the gutter). and get curious! why did it happen? what were your triggers for overeating or binge eating? how can you prevent it next time?

remember - “more willpower” is not the answer🙄

you are not a bad person for over eating for whatever reason, feeling bloated, or having a body. you are a human who gets to be understood and constantly improve to reach your goals🤗

focus on the behaviors and thoughts you want to shift, instead of attacking yourself as a human😘
give me a ❤️ if you can relate to this!!
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When you work up the courage to finally paddle out, slight onshore but the sun has come out and there’s some friendly faces out the back ... can’t see the bottom but you’re trying to work out the sandy patches ... it’s cold, murky water, 3 layers of some form of neoprene. quietly pushing the shutter, lots of smiling faces, the odd joke as to how cold it is 😂 you paddle further out ... and the surfers in front start yelling back at you 😳 ‘ mum mum ‘ yells my youngest will, they are now nervously staring at the water ... visible sighs of relief as will yells - ‘it’s ok - dolphins ‘ .... stomach in knots all you see is a swirl of dark water, the fin pops up, i’ve got the housing clutched to my tummy ( in my head i’m not a threat and i’m sorry if i’m scaring off the schools of fish 😳 ) perfectly still as the dolphin suddenly seems a lot bigger then what i’d imagined - a huge flurry of water beside me as he’s maybe spotted me trying to blend in and he’s flipped his tail with attitude and shot off .. stage right ... the jetski guy has come over as well and we do the ‘ 👍🏽👌 it’s ok ... heart racing, adrenaline pumping, a nervous giggle 🙄.. 🥰💜🙏🙌🐬... so grateful to be doing what i love 💕 .
pic @fenna.deking
with @kingwilliamde
#dolphinencounter .
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we live in a world where nutrition and balanced eating has been made out to be much harder than it should be! ⠀
it comes as no surprise that people are really confused about food! there is so much controversy over what diet is ‘best’ or what foods should be eliminated.

i created my instagram page little over 2 years ago to bust nutrition myths and help equip individuals with the ability to make informed choices around food. i wanted to share my privileged understanding of food and nutrition with the wider public in a way that was simple to understand and impactful.
⠀ ⠀
my posts might be a little unconventional with the big bad c word...you know the one....calories 🤭 but they are intended to be a resource for the general population to make informed food choices and to highlight our societies issues with portion distortion, food marketing and nutrition misinformation.
⠀ ⠀
as a society we forget that food guidelines are in place for a reason. they aren’t about promoting diet culture or food rules but rather are one way we can prevent or prolong our onset of certain diseases.
⠀ ⠀
i love sharing my love of food and intend to share even more with the launch of my website in the coming months! ⠀

thank you, thank you, thank you for following and supporting this page! i am truely humbled and look forward to continue educating and empowering you in all things food and nutrition!
⠀ ⠀
i’d love to know what you’d like to see more of on this page. let me know in the comments ⠀ ⠀
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🍫🍪choc covered double stuffed biscuits🍫🍪

if there are 2 biscuits, you need double the stuffing right? i made these biscuits a while ago, but i was emptying out the photos on my phone and i came across these again. now i’m wishing i had some right now 🥴

cookie ingredients:
➡️ 60g chickpea flour
➡️ 5g cocoa powder
➡️ 10g @brawprotein chocolate vegan protein
➡️ 5g ground chia seeds
➡️ 35g @natvialiving sweetener
➡️ 1/4 tsp baking soda
➡️ 1/4 tsp baking powder
➡️ 10ml almond milk
➡️ 30g butter
# filling ingredients:
➡️ 80g thick vanilla or coconut yogurt (i used @yopro coconut yogurt)
➡️ 15g coconut flour (may need more of yogurt is runnier)
➡️ 10g sweetener, blended into fine powder

chocolate coating
➡️ 80-100g dark chocolate
➡️ 5g coconut oil
# directions:
1️⃣ preheat oven to 180c
2️⃣ combine cookie ingredients together in a bowl until a dough forms
3️⃣ roll out dough into a 5-7mm sheet and cut desired cookie shapes
4️⃣ bake for 6-7min and allow to cool completely
5️⃣ combine icing ingredients in a bowl and sandwich between 2 cookies
6️⃣ melt chocolate and coconut in microwave in 30s intervals until melted
7️⃣ dip cookies into chocolate, freeze for 5min and then enjoy!

ps. i may be mia on insta for the the next few days as i am going away on a camp, supervising children with spina bifida for the next few days ✌🏻
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