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Day 10388 \ a food story
here’s what happened…
i was on my way to the studio to make some music...ya know, cuz that’s what i do. so i’m in this @uber to the studio & i say to myself “self, you’re getting hungry”. now this wasn’t normal head to #duanereade & snag a #questbar hungry. this was proper @duranduran status #hungry .
suddenly… my pants start vibrating. @blacktapnyc had slid into my dms to invite me to their new #heraldsquare location.
it was a sign. ...my opportunity to resolve all momentary conflict & t****t my body into a state of 100% pure utopian satisfaction. ….at least that was the plan. but would this burger joint live up to the hype?
time to find out…. “zahid!” i cried from the back of my #uberlux. “pull a u-ie!” zahid floored it through #crosstown traffic as i whipped out my phone to txt “πŸ”πŸŸπŸ†?” to my lady friend (quality meat deserves to be shared)
we arrived. @blacktapnyc
after being escorted to the back room, we were seated in a large booth below a wall of #cassettetapes encompassing #lofi versions of every song i’ve ever sang in the shower.
then there was #food .
first up: the ‘snacks”:’o-m-f-g... the ‘guac & chips’ were solid. but let me tell you... those ‘buttermilk fried chicken tenders’ are #whereitsat. these ain’t no #mcnuggets. no, they were #deepfried ecstasy
the main event? cheeseburger-ey deliciousness of epic proportions. the lady went for ‘the texan burger,’ πŸ‘Œ. but my favorite? #thecarolina possibly the best burger i’ve ever tasted. (there was literally #pork on my #beef.)
we finished with a bang. two leaning towers of insanity. the #crazyshakes. i didn’t know it was possible to fit this much candy into one milkshake!
but as if willy himself had gone to the moon, discovered it was made of candy (not cheese), and transmitted it into our glasses via #wonkavision...it indeed was so
like that... i was simon le bon no more. @blacktapnyc had lived up to...dare i say...exceeded the hype.
kids, the revolution will not be televised, it will be at herald square
what i’m trying to say here is, given the opportunity, i’d #blacktapthat any day. .
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Herald square, 1923.
the elevated irt 6th avenue train line was closed by 1938.
source: vintag.es
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Baby how you feelin’? feeling good as hell🍭 #lizzo #crazyshake #blacktapthat #icecream #dessert #labordayweekend #heraldsquare
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Life is very short. insecurity is a waste of time🌸-diane von furstenberg
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Shoes will always be my fav part of a fit <3
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Burning skies πŸŽ₯: @de_photoics
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The pennsy food hall.
os espaços gastronômicos estão em alta em nova york. um deles é o food hall the pennsy, anexo ao madison square garden e ao lado da loja de departamentos macy's.
com seis restaurantes de comidas variadas e preços justos, o destaque fica por conta do beergarden the pennsy bar, terraço externo com mesas e cadeiras para os visitantes.
leia post no blog: www.dicasnovayork.com.br/the-pennsy-food-hall
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If you zoom in, you can see the security guard standing up to yell @ me. you can also see my hair before i cut it myself.. new video is up on my channel of me chopping my own hair and regretting every moment of it πŸ₯΄
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