Soccer Maxx
3 minutes ago
soccer_maxx Savage control. courtesy of #predator. available at soccer maxx december 1st. #soccermaxx #leavelimitsbehind
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adidas israel
4 minutes ago
adidasisrael האייקון ששינה את חוקי המשחק, חוזר לעשות זאת שוב. 1.12.17 #predator #heretocreate
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Reuben Bligh
6 minutes ago
reubenbligh Great to be part of the creation team for the #predator relaunch. remember playing in my first pair of predators when i was a kid and to have been part of the comeback is a proud moment. #heretocreate #football #adidasfootball repost @adidasfootball
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Sneakers & Streetwear
6 minutes ago
shoebertt Get your boost 2018 calendar! by @inmidoutsole @shoebertt
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Mark Spalding
6 minutes ago
markspalding_23 Week in munich finished with 2 days @globalpremiersoccer retreat. bringing together all our staff from across our club including ex @arsenal and @faireland hero john devine who shared plenty of stories, insight and ideas with all the staff. always a pleasure. #globalpremiersoccer #heretocreate #wearegps #gpsonevision
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Leigh Hine
9 minutes ago
leighhine The rebirth of an icon. the new skystalker #predator, available now at the link in our bio. #heretocreate --- #football #soccer #adidasfootball
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Soccer World
10 minutes ago
shopsoccerworld Available for pre-sale today at any soccerworld location! savage control is back with the first re-release of the predator as part of the #skystalker pack from adidas. 100% legal, 0% fair. 💯 ⚽️ 🌎 ⚽️ 🌎 ⚽️ 🌎 #adidas #adidassoccer #adidasfootball #heretocreate #predator #soccer #futbol #football #soccerworld #canton #brighton #rochester #rochesterhills #sr4u #footyheadlines #soccerbible #bootshead #kickvision #cleatstagram #soccerboots #footyboots #bootgallery #bootsblog
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Dusty 🇺🇸🏐
13 minutes ago
dustinwatten You and are changing every moment. a person whether it be you or i actually lives and dies but for a moment, or lives and dies moment by moment, as each moment leads to the next. a person is what he is in the context of the time in which he exists. ... it is an illusion to believe that the person you have seen just now is the same as the person you are just now seeing or the person whom you are seeing now will be the same as the person you will see after a few moments. ... impermanence and change are thus the undeniable truths of our existence. what is real is the existing moment, the present that is a product of the past, or a result of the previous causes and actions. because of ignorance, an ordinary mind conceives them all to be part of one continuous reality. but in truth they are not. ... the various stages in the life of a man, the childhood, the adulthood, the old age are not the same at any given time. the child is not the same when he grows up and becomes a young man, nor when the latter turns into an old man. the seed is not the tree, though it produces the tree, and the fruit is also not the tree, though it is produced by the tree. ... what does this mean for you and i? ... to see these performances <good or bad> with equanimity (non-judgement) okay maybe we can enjoy the wins for a little. ... knowing the outcomes are impermanent (no matter how good or how bad they are.) our focus can then be anchored on the present moment 👉🏻 the process and the mental fortitude/commitment needed to work hard day after day with the goal to reveal your best self. ... what do you think? the more i read about vipassna (buddhist meditation technique) the more empowered i feel to bring these teachings back into the court. what other teachings, techniques or methods have you learned that have helped you on the court? let me know below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 because we are in this together. #heretocreate #bettertogether #teamadidas
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Fussball-Corner Oechslin
15 minutes ago
fussballcorneroechslin Predator is back! ⚽ adidas präsentiert den neuen predator 18 🎉 was für ein drop 🙏 !!! bald erhältich 🙌 #adidas #adidasfootball #fussballcorneroechslin #zürich #heretocreate #predator #newboot #new @davidbeckham vorreservation online ab samstag, im laden oder über instagram/fb bereits jetzt möglich.
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alejo salamanca
16 minutes ago
#repost @adidasco (@get_repost) ・・・ tu juego es perfecto. tu precisión, absoluta. #predator está de vuelta. @paulpogba #heretocreate. disponible en el link de la bio.🔝 #tangoleague
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