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sarahkamoto Live from your heart space 🕊 * isn’t it interesting that we are in our heads so often when we should be in our hearts? * i’m such a logical person on so many levels yet i feel conflict between this and my emotions. * i would also describe myself as an emotional being, maybe too emotional at times. * i just feel too much. * because of this i have emotional blockages as i have numbed this side of myself as a self protection method. * this is only something i’ve recently discovered, that i have numbed my emotions in order to ‘deal’. * now i’m aware of this, i’m going to try and get inside of myself and hone in on those hidden/buried emotions. * #heartspace #heart #followyourheart #livinglife #peace #feelings #emotions
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Balanced Wellness W/ Lauren 💕
3 hours ago
moderndayom When's the last time you gave yourself permission to just do something you enjoy? i'll admit it's hard for me sometimes, but i've learned this time is so important for mental health - and productivity! ☀️reading and buying myself a coffee or hot chocolate are some of those things for me. 📚 ☕️ what's enjoyable to you, and when will you do it next?
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nina | mental health 💜
4 hours ago
mentalnina Credits: "reasons to stay alive" by matt haig i saw this page and immediately wanted to go to the first barnes and noble's i could find to get it. it was the last one (i had to get it while i was out of town and when my non immediate family asked what i planned to get at the store i just froze because i didn't want anyone else knowing my story). i ended up buying the last one in the store and when i get the motivation to read, i read this book. i've marked the pages i relate to the most (i'll probably start posting some on here) and it's honestly a good book for anyone who struggles with depression, knows someone who's struggling, or has struggled in the past. (therefore, it's a good read for everyone). i'm not a big reader but i desperately was needing anything that might help me find meanings and reasons to stay around, so, here i am i guess. please read it if you get the chance #ptsd #bipolar #bipolardisorder #bipolardisordertype2 #bipolar2 #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #add #adhd #anxiety #anxious #socialanxiety #socialphobia #gad #generalizedanxietydisorder #depressed #depression #bipolardepression #mental #mentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentallyill #disorder #endthestigma #empath #empathy #empathetic #hsp #highlysensitiveperson
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nina | mental health 💜
4 hours ago
mentalnina Alright. i'm posting this because (i like the picture and actually thinks it's cute) my hair is down. it's clean, it's freshly cut, its detangled, its straight. and it's such a rarity. (it only lasted two days) i hadn't gotten my hair cut since early april. typically i have my hair in a high ponytail after it immediately dries because it's too tiring for me to keep it down. it's annoying, i have to brush it regularly, and my high ponytail has become like a safety blanket (therefore i can't cut it). if we're being candid, i leave it up so long without brushing or washing it that i go as long as possible until it's unbearable. i have to have someone else brush it because it's too energy draining and near impossible for me. reaching my hands up to wash my hair is a chore itself. depression, chronic fatigue - they're a pain. they make what seems easy, an absolute energy sucker. whether it be not leaving your bed to even shower for who knows how long, to washing your hair, to cleaning/organizing the table by your bed, to taking your meds, to doing dishes - it makes the typically everyday tasks (for other people that is) 500x more difficult. it's an accomplishment when i wash my hair. when i get out of bed. when i simply prepare the most easy food possible in the microwave. making it through another day is an accomplishment in itself for some people. please know that we're trying. i'm trying. it's not easy. #ptsd #bipolar #bipolardisorder #bipolardisordertype2 #bipolar2 #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #add #adhd #anxiety #anxious #socialanxiety #socialphobia #gad #generalizedanxietydisorder #depressed #depression #bipolardepression #mental #mentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentallyill #disorder #endthestigma #empath #empathy #empathetic #hsp #highlysensitiveperson
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INFJ & Highly Sensitive Person
5 hours ago
jennberkelmans I loved this combination especially because it has all the colours ❤️🧡💛💚💜 .. last nights salad had: • kale • carrots • purple cabbage • red pepper • quinoa pasta • kale pesto .. it was the bomb dot com. .. i find it more challenging to eat salads during the winter as i crave more cooked food. .. so my way around this is to add cooked food. pasta, potatoes, quinoa, rice etc. i find that it makes the salad more of a meal and more comforting. .. what is your favourite salad combo right now?
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Diamond Pace
5 hours ago
agenuinediamond Ohhh yes! i did this a couple years ago and it was the best social media decision i’ve made. it’s also why i stopped checking twitter. i did it at a time when i realized i had lost touch with myself and my needs. i was unconsciously scrolling in my down time and it took me awhile to realize it was affecting me. so many people use social media to vent about their day to day struggles (especially relationship issues) without holding themselves accountable for how they attracted those issues in the first place...just a lot of bitterness. and energy is contagious, so it can be difficult to listen to and trust your own thoughts when you’re constantly reading these types of posts. my advice if you’re using these apps and struggling with the overload of it all, step away for a bit to gain clarity of who you are and what you need every day. don’t check social media until you’ve checked in with yourself first. and when you’re ready to engage, only follow pages that are speaking life into the people who come across their posts. follow pages that affirm to you, who you are and who you want to be. follow pages that leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and aware of yourself...not drained, jealous, or confused.
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6 hours ago
thisinfjlife 💗💗💗
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Autumn & Fig
7 hours ago
autumnandfig An energy clearing & creating healthy boundaries... it has been a powerful week on the blog. to learn more click the link in my bio. happy friday friends! #selfcare
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Janelle Ryan
7 hours ago
Block their number & learn to love yourself! the number one thing that has helped me get through the initial hurdle of dealing with the betrayal, is going what's called #nocontact. this is not a cry for attention or some ploy to "win" them back. this is about putting up boundaries. this is about putting yourself first. cut them off and put a stop to the never ending mind fuckery, so you can finally learn to love, think, and live for yourself. they are not your friend. they are not your family. they do not have your best interest in mind. every word that comes out of their mouth is some form of damage control, a manipulation tactic to keep you around for their own selfish gain, to continue draining you of everything you have left. you'll forever be hooked. go no contact and break the spell they have on you. i promise you it will restore some much needed clarity to the situation at hand, so you can begin to see this person for who they truly are and find a way eventually move on with your life. this is episode number fifteen in my spiked lemonade series. 💔🍋 "i've given so much in the past for a love i never had. i'm through with it. love. i'm through with it... i'm finally giving it up." - #beyonce / #destinyschild. ➡️ link to full video in my bio.
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Andye Murphy
7 hours ago
rocknrollshaman Design your destiny is back in 2018! a four-hour workshop designed to anchor you in walking your destiny in the coming year, we'll gather in ceremony to use shamanic healing, tarot readings, and galactic activations to chart your destiny in 2018. join us on january 14 from 11am—3pm at my practice in arvada. more deets available through the link in my profile, soul traveler! ☝️✨
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Expansive Heart Psychotherapy
8 hours ago
expansiveheart You may be feeling tired as we approach the end of the week. what do you need to be your best self today?
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Coach & Mentor 4 Bright Women
10 hours ago
patriciamauerhofer Looking up something in one of my #topten #alltimesfavourite non-fiction books #thebigleap by #gayhendricks in order to live a brilliant life here and now you must have dealt with some of the stuff of your past and leave behind limiting thoughts and beliefs. are you ready to leap? mybrilliantlifeacademy.com #dreambig #dowhatittakes #brilliantlife
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apenergywellness Distance guided healing https://www.paypal.me/apenergywellness/659 feeling sad, depress, anxiety in life without any explanation? open yourself up during this guided healing to heal within yourself. healing the root makes you feel more confident in life, loving yourself more & mostly more balance in life. how it works? i will be using remote viewing to see your energy blockage. when i detect any part of you need healing, i will send energy to you while i'm doing a guided meditation for you to accept the energy more effectively. **this session takes 40 minutes in healing #healing #depression #sadness #highlysensitiveperson #love #energy #happy #anxiety #psychic #medium #money #lowconfidence #loves #aura #energyhealing
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