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Een beetje een sarcastische quote, maar oooh zo waar. alles wat we doen, denken of zeggen komt bij ons terug! een goede daad heeft van nature goede gevolgen, slechte daden hebben van nature slechte gevolgen. in sommige religies word ook gedacht dat dit ook in meerdere levens terugkomt. wat er in een vorig leven gebeurt is kan terugkomen in je huidige leven. karma houd je dus letterlijk een spiegel voor. #karma #karmaisntabitch #karmaisabitch #mirror #spiegel #wiegoeddoetgoedontmoet #spiritueel #hoogsensitief #sensitive #spiritualiteit #spiritualgrowth #heldervoelend #lightworker #highlysensitiveperson #reikihealing #innerpeace #transformation #intuïtie #transformatie #reiki #lichtwerk #raiseyourfrequency #innerself #balans #reikihealer #spirituality #innerwork #signs #spiritualgangsta #trusttheuniverse
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πŸ’œ did you know that anger is just fear? πŸ’œβ €
β €
yep, you heard me correctly. β €
β €
when your child (or your partner) is shouting and angry, they are right in that moment afraid.β €
β €
i know, it is so easy to forget this in the moment because we get afraid when somebody is angry. but the more we can realize that little kids are only angry because they are afraid and feel helpless, the more we can look at addressing the real root cause of why they feel angry. πŸ’›β €
β €
this is why i will be running another 1 hour live workshop on tuesday 2nd october! if you would like to get in on this workshop and learn some tools to resolve the root causes of behaviours like this and receive more details- just send us a message. β €
β €
we would love to have you over there with us ! 😊 β €
β €
p.s the first 7 people to book their place will receive a bonus toolkit of audios teaching important ways to talk with your child and help them relax! πŸ™
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There is something magical inside of you that the world needs. it's your unique soul magic: your gifts, talents and superpowers which light up the world and eradicate darkness. sensitive souls often unconsciously hide their soul gifts underneath layers and layers of social conditioning and programming, feeling unworthy of being so powerful and full of light, and not wanting to outshine others. or your gifts were never seen and validated by those you looked to for approval, causing you to burry them deep inside, yet never losing their spark. ✨

it's time to peel back the layers and uncover your inherent worth so you can rise up as the pillar of light that you really are. ultimately it's your light that heals the world. as you begin to awaken your spirit, heal the parts of you that have taken on the illusion that you are less than, and clear out suppressed emotions that were never really you to begin with, you create the space needed to rise up as a conscious co-creator of the world you wish to live in. ✨

the process of stepping into your power means unleashing your soul gifts and activating your divine blueprint so you can truly shine your most brilliant light and raise the vibration on earth. the reason you came here! ✨

if this speaks to you, drop me an emoji below. ✨
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New blog post! “disappointing others can be an act of self-love”

link in bio

highly sensitive people often feel the need to make others happy. they may even feel the need to pretend. and this gets exhausting, both physically and emotionally. here’s how hsps can stop people-pleasing and step into more self-love.

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When the palate disappears and the day becomes simplified to variations of grays and whites...it begins the season’s challenge to find my way, stoke my own fire. #souljourney
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{sisters} you probably think they look this sweet all the time... or maybe you have girls and know it’s not true...
giggling because big sis isn’t usually this much taller then little sis... she just happened to have 5 inches of snow stuck under her boots...
little sis adores her big sis, just in case you can’t tell πŸ˜‚ sometimes it comes out as kindness and wanting to help and do good things, sometimes it comes out as jealousy and frustration...
if there’s one thing i want them to know, it’s that they are gonna need each other as they grow up, and one thing i need them to let go of is the comparison game...
we’re making progress and here is why... they have a mom who lost her sister {my little sister} a sister who i got a long with but also didn’t... i want them to make more conscious choices and be kind to each other, be there for each other and support one another... one or both of them might be a previvor too {with brca1} and i would hate for them to do what i’ve had to go through alone...
how do we get through most of it?! with affirmations, eft tapping and essential oils... it’s science and it’s supportive on a cellular level... supporting the mind, body & spirit and also use lots and lots of love.
what’s your sister relationships like?
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✨ remember...we are creators learning to create...as we create, we learn. as we learn, we create more skillfully...we enter a feedback loop of creatorship, learning and increasing skill...✨
think about this: how many things happen in your life that are the result of energies you create? 🌟
πŸ“²follow @energybalancing for more inspiration!🌟
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You are the mother.
you are the mother and you don’t necessarily even have children of your own.
you are the responsible one.
the care taker.
you’ve been mothering since you were a child.
you’ve been charged with maintaining the emotional well being of others.
you are the answer.
you feel the suffering of others.
you hold others in their pain even when they don’t return the favor.
you are the empath tuned into the soul song of the ‘children’ around you.
you are the wisdom holder, the truth seeker.
you are the guiding light.

you are the mother and your calling is fulfilling, but exhausting.

your supports often don’t acknowledge your suffering.
your friends or co workers are happy to pour their story into you with no effort to reciprocate.
your family is numb to the way they s***p you raw bone.
they run you down and beg you for more even when your left lying face down on the ground.
but you do this selflessly, lovingly, and willingly because you don’t want anyone to have to feel alone. even if it means you relinquish all your needs at the end of the day.
you don’t want them to have to worry about your commitment.
you’re happy to transmit your devotion even when you have nothing left to give.
but inside you feel alone.
inside is a sorrow filled hurt that pulses when no one is looking.
inside is a woman with real needs, worthy of being met.
inside is a woman crying, begging for others awareness.
inside is a woman who wishes to feel held in her truth as she does for them.
i see you, mother.
and your story is real.
your truth is worthy.
you are a woman worth fighting for.

your selflessness is a treasure but you must be selfish sometimes.
your suffering is real and you must tend to your wounds.
your story is alive and you are dying to let it out.

i see you mother, and you are worthy of true love. you are worthy of a support system who longs to encourage, empower and inspire you to be a healthy mother, woman, daughter, friend and mom.
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What if... your sense of unworthiness and never-good-enoughness is actually less of a personal deficit that needs correcting and more of a symptom of our perfectionistic culture’s influence?⁣
what if there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this way and even though you’d love to go one day feeling like you’re worthy, the endless quest for self-improvement is only feeding the story of “not enough” and hurting you more.⁣
what if you don’t need to read one more self-help book or attend one more workshop to be okay.⁣
or worthy.⁣
or enough.⁣
what if trying to love yourself and “practice self-compassion” just makes you feel worse? like, geez... i can’t even get *that* right. i can’t even love myself... what’s wrong with me?⁣
you’re not alone.⁣
in those moments when loving yourself feels impossible and when you’re certain you’re unworthy and not good enough, instead of *trying* to love yourself, bring neutrality. neutrality might look like, “there’s nothing wrong with me for feeling this way. in fact, living in a culture that idealizes perfectionism, it’s no wonder i feel this way. most people feel this way. i’m not alone.” ⁣
will this make everything better? nope. but, that’s not the goal.⁣
the purpose is to, as much as possible, let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling, even if it’s painful. the purpose is to take a break from the exhausting “self-improvement” hamster wheel and, even if just for one second, recognize that your lack of feeling “enough” is somehow, paradoxically, enough. that even your feeling of unworthiness is, ironically, worthy of your attention (and maybe even worthy of your kindness). ⁣
nothing to change.⁣
nothing to fix.⁣
nothing to improve.⁣
whatever you’re feeling is what you’re feeling. there’s nothing wrong with you.⁣
also. this sticky-note quote by the always inspiring @alex_elle says it all. you matter. i matter. we matter.
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Have a magical monday and a wonderful week! ✨
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Listen to your voice. #introverts
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When i am going somewhere with heavy energy or that is highly populated, i imagine myself surrounded in white light (selenite) with a black border (tourmaline) for protection. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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When i say 'corporate', and i mean the full time high-paced office job 🏒. often including trips, working lunches and all kinds of multi-tasking expected (overwhelment alert! ⚠️). e-mails, the already obsolete desk phone, the uprising work whatsapp groups trend plus the walk-ins to your """office""" (a bit of the open space where you place your laptop and the belongings you are allowed to bring). *stimuli is everywhere*, on-going during the core/rush hours. .
i am part of a roughly 15-20% of the population that is easily overwhelmed by stimuli, due to very high & deep perception, preferring to process slowly, stressed by loud noises or strong smells or the sum of it all. i am a highly sensitive person, and also a passionate worker. .
by trial & error at first, and later on by owning my sps (sensory processing sensitivity) trait, i was able, to actually enjoy most of my business corporate work days ☺️. i could connect with the zest of the job, the intellectual challenge. as i grew up, so did the flexible work policies... i was mocked at for using the flex work benefits to their complete extent! πŸ™…γ€°οΈso, how did i survive the corporate life? managing much more than people and businesses! .
these are my 3 keys to survive: 1️⃣manage energy, 2️⃣manage environment & 3️⃣manage conversations. all of which can only be achieved by planning ahead! - go up πŸ‘† and check my blog (link in bio) to read the complete post where i expand... πŸ“£

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Monday morning intention party! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ— write down 3 things you are #grateful for! share them in the comments below!
awesome art & healing vibes by @journey_to_wellness_
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Sometimes, for me, it’s about waking up in the morning and feeling like i’m still in the middle of the night, watching the moon rise, through the haze of thin clouds, creating a moon bow.

what that feeling teaches me is this: “hey! listen.” what is it that’s not sitting right, which flow direction am i not focused on that i could be, or should be. should is a terrible word in the past tense, but it’s a useful word in the present.
what direction do i need to focus my attention on in this present moment to focus on my true path.

i know my life will be sweet if i am staying true to myself.
here’s to a change in flow for me, a highly sensitive person, happy sensitive monday ! βœŒπŸΌπŸ€ŸπŸΌπŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸΊ #love #inspiration #inspiring #education #knowledge #peace #lifecoach #lifecoaching #energy #selfdevelopment #iamspirituallylogical #lightwarrior #lightworker #dailycalm #peacefarmer #maletears #strongmenfeel #vulnerability #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #flow #self #selfdevelopment
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Eucalyptus from yesterday's farmer's market. reminding me today to stand tall, bold, and optimistic. will do. how about you? ❀ #eucalyptus
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Ouch. πŸ’” this one hurt, but it's one we have to accept. isn't it true that everything that has happened had to happen precisely as it did?
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