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“she is grateful for slow and steady growth.” 🎨 by @morganharpernichols
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Strength & courage - don’t grow on trees you know!

harness them & reserve them for the right time ... giving it away without considering, that you may need it for yourself either right now or along your journey!

keep building your supply and storing it away, within your core, within your soul, heart & mind!

draw upon it and allow it to provide for you the sustainability it offers! it’s there, really it is ... it may disguise itself in so many ways ... learn to connect with it ... small steps ... get to know it ... it’s an innate force ... it got you here!

yes, even if it was rough and tumble ... yes, even if it had you experience what you did .... it got you through ... and it allowed for those people, who were there for you, to connect with you and your inner strength & courage drew upon theirs ... those that willingly & with permission gave of themselves to you!

in my experience there have only been a select few, who stepped forward to embrace my journey ... to respect it and acknowledge it!

and it is those, who i will welcome to celebrate with me once i return to immerse myself and dancing in the light, that is the wonderment of my life!

ilario πŸ•ΊπŸ»vitalis

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Signs in your business that you’re out of alignmentπŸ‘‡πŸΌ
βœ”οΈ not closing sales. .
βœ”οΈ hiring the “wrong experts” or “signing up on the wrong mastermind”
βœ”οΈ not enough leads coming in. .
βœ”οΈ allergies, headaches, flu
what does being out of alignment mean?
how can you identify the early signs in your body in your body. .
and how you can shift it!!
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I made this poem for any one who is also a survivor of bullying. i wrote about my story in my blog a few months ago. i will try to make a summary here. i will already say that it may can trigger someone so please feel free to read it or not. i have been bullied during high school. they bullied me for a few years. they would laugh about me. they would push me in the halls. they would say i'm ugly and not worth it.

i have also been a victim of cyber bullying which is as worse as any other form of bullying. i remember times that i was in a chat of msn and people said that they would come to me and k**l me and my family. i was scared as hell. i didn't know what to do. fortunately, i had a friend who helped me and was there for me. i remember so many times that i didn't want to go to school because i was scared that something would happen to me or my family or any of my friends.

i also got bullied during gym. i hate gym because i wasn't good at it even though i tried and did my best. i remember a day that a boy told me that i wasn't a girl because i had little breasts. i remember a time that i liked a boy and thought he liked me too but it was all fake. i gave him a love letter and the next day he put it in the halls of high school where everybody could read it. i didn't know until a popular girl who also bullied me said it to me. i ran to it, got the letter and a few years ago i found it in my room. then i cut it into pieces and did it away.

i talked with my teachers in order to solve it but it didn't work out well. i strongly believe that schools have to have a policy in order to stop bullying. bullying cause serious problems such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem and even suicide. i couldn't survive to experience it all again 🚫

being bullied is a real trauma and i'm still recovering from it. i've learned that the best way i can be in this world is to be myself. i'm proud of who i'm. we should all stand together and raise awareness about bullying. remember, you are not alone. you are so beautiful. be strong. this needs to stop and i hope to raise much awareness with this post. i’m here for you all. we are all in this together and we can stop it πŸ’•β€πŸ™πŸ’ͺ
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Listen to your spirit, it’s the authentic you. expect good things. be open to guidance, get out of your head and dance your spirit!
click the link in the bio to learn more about my free mini-course!
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Shifting disabling words/language to more enabling ones allows an opportunity to empower oneself.. a little.. or a lot.. or not at all consciously, however it does make a big difference in a subconscious level!

self-talk and the words we use may cause either a much healthier mindset

awareness of the way we speak with ourselves and with others is another tool that we can adopt and adapt to our everyday life!

i’ve learnt after many challenges in my life (and of course in 51 yrs there would have to be lol) ....i became aware, that when i’m conscious of my self-talk or the language i’m using with others, this allows me to have an insight into what’s really going on within! it provides me with a glimpse into what i need to shift in myself and or around me in order to create a more balance inner environment!

suffered suffer suffering, i don’t for a minute suggest, that what we endure upon our journey of recovery isn’t significant, however (i feel) if i was to continue to build my path with disabling language how would i ensure that the road / path a walk upon is going to support me unconditionally?!?

to thrive i choose not compromise the possibility with using language like, “illness, i have a mental illness and it’s terminal.....” this is what ive been hearing about the social media platforms .... and it concerns me, that thousands of our community are gravitating to these platforms!

i believe, that “the power is in the choice” and if people, who are vulnerable and align with these particular mind sets, then so be it .. however it may inevitably not contribute towards breakthroughs!

we have all endured trauma & we are all here to come together in order to ensure we continue to provide ourselves with something g more than we have had in our past ... because we are worthy!

i guess, sometimes it come down to what we feel we are worthy of ... sometimes that comes with maturity (regardless of age) sometimes it comes down to simply being true to oneself!

nobody’s story is anymore tragic or toxic than any other’s! i for one will choose not to immerse myself in other’s disabling choices, their words or language or otherwise ... because i am worthy of more!
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Have you ever wondered to yourself, “is this it?! is this all that life is about?” πŸ™ˆ
i remember being in the heart of my autoimmune battle, and crying out to god, “you cannot bring me this far to leave me here. i was meant for something more! give me something!!” πŸ™πŸ»
two years later, i understood the painful path i had to travel when i became a coach. πŸ›€ everything i went through was intended to bring me to this. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
this career is not for everyone, 🀣 but i’m currently looking for the girl who gets it. πŸ‘―‍♀️ could you be her? the one who understands my vision? πŸ€”
the purpose of #teamdieselanddaisies 🌼 coaches is to empower women with health + confidence so that they can bring energy and enthusiasm to their higher purpose. 🌏 if you don’t have health, it’s hard to do anything more than survive. πŸ’” if you don’t have confidence, it’s hard to stand up for what you believe in. so our mission is to help b***s feel their best so that they can make their own unique impact on the world. 😻
on a more personal level, it is my gift 🎁 to mentor people as coaches because i get to provide other introverts and chronic illness warriors with an opportunity to earn income πŸ’° and make a difference from home, 🏑 and do so in a way that doesn’t take valuable time or energy away from their own self-care. πŸ˜‡ i also have a huge heart for helping fur moms and mama bears spend more time at home with those who matter most. πŸΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ»
lastly, on a person level, i want to achieve financial abundance so that i can retire my husband from his 9-5 grind 🚜 and we can pursue our deepest passion of starting a dog rescue. πŸ• after that, my goal is to rescue 1000+ dogs before i die. πŸ’€
are you her?! are you the girl who’s reading this and gets my weird?! 🀷🏻‍♀️ i know this isn’t for everyone. i know *i* am not for everyone. but if any of this πŸ‘†πŸ» is something you’d want to be a part of... something that might propel you towards your own fulfilling life... join us in our free become-a-coach workshop next week to learn more! πŸ’» link in bio @missvonfrankenstein πŸ‘†πŸ»
“happiness is the joy you feel moving toward your potential.” see ya there! πŸ’•
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As a highly sensitive, listening to your body + eating food that makes you feel good is a life saver.
ever notice how you feel after you eat certain foods? feel “yucky”? bloated? gassy? just not good?

take note of what you’re eating. what makes you feel good (physically, mentally, emotionally)? what makes you feel not so hot?

also - eat the chakras! think of the colours of the rainbow when you’re picking your food + what you eat. β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ #eatthechakras #tacosaladforthewin
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"your playing small does not serve the world. who are you not to be great?" nelson mandela

you have to get so uncomfortable in your current situation to want things to truly be different. momming, taking care of the house and husband all while drinking a couple of bottles of wine a night, nursing hangovers, eating c**p all the time, and not loving myself was not a good look for me...πŸ™ˆ you see, to make big changes, you have to want big things. there's a huge difference between wanting to do something and actually making the decision to and taking action to do it.
i spent way too many years making myself smaller in fear of judgement and rejection from people. i spent way too much time not following my dreams to please other people, and to keep their approval.
you deserve to be happy, to reach your full potential, to look and feel like your best self, to have money and a big house and the car that you want, the ability to do amazing things for your kids, to earn a living doing what you love...you just have to truly believe that. why don't you?? it took me a long time to realize this, and there's no looking back baby!! i'm so glad that i did!!! πŸ˜€

are you uncomfortable yet? ready for a change?
if you're in need of a boost, a safe place, the knowledge you need to make changes, and a cheerleader to help along the way, never be afraid to holla at ya girl... because you deserve to be big too!!! πŸ’œ
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-deep breaths-
~self care day~
β–ͺfeeling really overloaded, so i'm keeping to myself today and showing me some love. i did a homemade charcoal face mask and used the leftovers to make mascara! it's a little flaky though, i think i need to add more beeswax? anyone ever made their own mascara? i'd love to hear about your diy beauty routines and tips! now that i'm 30 i guess i should really consider getting serious about skin care? help?! lol.
β–ͺon a slightly different note; i'm really excited about this book my dear friend @deadlycreative gave me as a b-day present. i find that i'm becoming increasingly sensitive and it has been such a struggle to manage my energy levels and function in this world lately. i flipped to a random page last night and it was about spiritual bathing and i just smiled. i've been feeling a need to indulge in baths more, and had just taken one earlier that day with himalayan salt because i just knew i wouldn't be able to handle my day if i didn't take a cleansing bath. i almost didn't go set up at the market but after that bath i felt so recharged and ready to face people! β–ͺmaking an agreement with myself to give myself extra care and understanding. i'm experiencing a lot of changes and i promise to honor myself, be patient, and do my best to learn to better care for myself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. thank you!
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Es que no les puedo explicar la emoción de ver tus sueños hacerse realidad... ¡todo a su tiempo! 🌟#goodthingsarecoming -
do you ever feel that you’ve had a dream for-freaking-everrrr??? i’m here to tell you that it’s coming! πŸ“Έ@alearce
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If you are a sensitive woman you might sometimes feel like something is wrong with you—or even have been told so! 🌱but what if i told you that very sensitive that you and others have shunned us actually a huge part of what’s really wonderful about you— especially when it comes to relationships?!?
in this video i made i point out how 10 or more of these strengths of yours are all incredible assets to having a deeply connected, loving, lasting committed relationship — which emerge naturally when you are healthy and honoring your unique needs as a sensitive woman. check them out by clicking in the link in bio.
if you’re struggling with things in your relationship, i promise there is so much hope!πŸ’—
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Do you overthink, overdeliver, over-give and over-prepare—like me and all the sweet empaths i know? ❀️
i’m sharing a sweet and simple way to have to more kitty snuggles (and fewer meetings, emails and obligations) in my next love note for sensitive souls :)
(receive your very own through the link in my profile :)
xo liv
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A way to a woman's heart when she's hormonal and it's hot...dark chocolate and la croix? 🍫🍹 1. don't judge me for the dark chocolate in my hand - it's a superfood!! plus, it helps with cramps and makes me happy! 😝

2. go ahead, say something about my chin and the crazy look on my face!! 😜

3. i'm grateful for my flex eating plan with this program because if i want dark chocolate, i can have it... i struggle with pmdd (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) - i know it sounds all snazzy, but it's just basically p*s on crack.
anyone else have trouble when they're hormonal???
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