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If you are a sensitive person you probably try to create healthy boundaries between yourself and everyone else around you. 🌿 when you surround yourself with plants, you can soften those boundaries and open to your full sensing capacity. 💚 plants neutralize negative energy, calm your nervous system, and can lift your spirit. 🌱 go ahead, be sensitive. 😇 . . . . . #highlysensitiveperson #goodpeople #simplethings #natureheals #houseplants #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #houseplantjournal #plants #plantlove #iloveplants #plantsinfocus #plantstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantparenthood #plantlover #plantlife #hangingplants #greenfingers #greenyourfeed #greenhome #healthyhome #wellbeing #meditation #healthylifestyle #meditation #weloveplants #botanical #earthinspiredhome
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I'm close to very few people. but those people means everything to me. does it have to be this hard for me. i don't know, and i always ask myself just that. i'm probably the nicest person you will meet. still i'm the loneliest person on midgård. but this time i dedicate this skald to @e.f.lokisson skald about me: i feel the pain of those around us, and, the depths of our own pain as well. not just in our thoughts, or, our feelings. but, in our souls. in our hearts. in each of our cells. energy. vibration. auras. i feel that too. i absorb it. me, sensitive soul. and, sometimes, it can all become too much. i can’t hide it any longer. some play small. try to disappear. i'm hiding with a happy face. hold back, stay quiet. be social proficient. avoid conflict. smile, wear a mask. be nice. be good. don’t rock the boat. we try to hold it all inside. but, inevitably we can’t. let’s try and numb the pain. drinking, eating, training, shopping. but, it’s still there. the pain always comes back. healing is the way out. feel your feelings, let them be transformed. let them be healed. let yourself heal. flood your heart with gentleness, compassion and inner peace. nourish yourself from within. fill your heart center with love. find some quiet moments just for you. to be still and breathe fully. paint loosely. dance freely. sing loudly. write poetry. and just let yourself be. let yourself be heard. talk to the divine ones. let the spirits and beings tell you how amazing you are. let them speak through you. speak up. stand tall. connect with your inner courage. give yourself permission, to be brave. to be an inspiration. to shine brightly. to find  your inner light. let your love radiate out. the world needs you björn. know that you are a beautiful blessing. an absolute delight. a special gift in this world. i thank me for being me! this is what i'll try to do. but it's almost impossible from time to time when i'm always being remembered to be the lowest of them all. but thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have a good heart and want to be my brother and sister! especially you now when you are suffering eiríkr! 💚 äring och frid /@bjorni_viking
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Angel guidance reading for march 19 it’s time to reevaluate your situation, because you’re currently missing an opportunity. the solution you’re seeking is right in front of your face. 🦋 fortunately, positive forces are working to assist you now. open your eyes to the possibilities, and accept the help that’s being offered to you. 🦋 however, you may be distracted or feel emotionally trapped. it’s possible that by focusing on what you don’t have, you’re taking for granted the good things that you do have.
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Day 40 & 41 of 365 days of recovery im proud of the way i have chosen to respond this week to some bad triggery stuff that happened last week. instead of withdrawing which is often what my brain tells me i should do (while beating myself up about how toxic or repellent i am. big lot of laughs you are, brain) i have tried to really embrace my friends and talk about how i feel while being as reflective as possible as well. i tried not to rant but talk through. and i feel much better about it. ive also connected with friends in meaningful and simple ways more than i would do on an average week. i travelled up and down london twice, i saw a show, i went to an art exhibition, i skyped, saw people in the office, ate cake and bao. ive also made a decision to try and leave people voice messages instead of text messages when i can and its been wonderful to hear peoples voices and about their day that feels like they’re just there besides me. its like curating my own little podcast of the people i love. and it prevents my brain from reading into words when i dont have the emotional tone to go with it. instead, i can feel the warmth from my friends it acts as a barrier between me and the negative parts of my brain which has less and less ammo to use against me. thank you to all the friends who have responded with their message or seen me or spoken to me for bringing me lots of hope and love this week. and the rest of you, i’m sure i’ll see/hear from you soon as well. i havent left you out!! #365daysofrecovery #mentalhealth #anxiety #1infour #365days #growth #freedom #beyou #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #healing #empath #emotions #highlysensitiveperson #awareness #wisdom #connect #connected #writersofinstagram #arise #recoveryisworthit #recoverishardwork
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💧 💧💧clear yourself💧💧💧 ask the angels to release any toxic energy you may be have absorbed. this message comes to you as your angels know you have been carrying lower energies lately especially around your immediate environment 🌊 highly sensitive people or empaths absorb negative energy almost instantly which will have a physical and psychological affect that can take quite some time to release if it's not cleansed from the energy field on a daily basis 🌊 toxic or dark attachments may come from being around negative people, toxic environments such as work places or homes, gossip, having negative or dark thought patterns, or just by simply having arguments or being around others who create a negative vibe 🌊 some ways to cleanse your aura 🚿 🔹drink lots of water 🔹shower meditation 🔹meditation with your guides 🔹spend time in nature 🔹crystal healing 🔹salt bath 🔹reiki/yoga 🔹sage/use aromatherapy or essential oils 🔹ask archangel michael to cut the cords from any toxicity #cleansing #clearyourenergy #water #energyfield #highlysensitiveperson #aura #toxicenergy #whitesage #smudging #empath #meditation #yoga #reiki #crystalhealing #aromatherapy #essentialoils #inscence #saltbath #angels #oraclecard #oraclecards #angelcard
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What feels like rainy day number 873 of 2018. the weather is really affecting me this year and i’m constantly deciding whether to fight or give in. my goals have nearly fallen by the wayside, but maybe they weren’t sustainable to begin with. what has helped you figure out the balance of work and mental/physical health?
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Are you a highly sensitive expat? 🤔 . i took away along the water in my neighborhood in amsterdam today and listened to the latest #therapistclubhouse podcast with @annieschuessler in which she interviewed april snow, a therapist who is taking the concept of highly sensitive person (hsp) and using it to help therapists who are highly sensitive. i already use this concept a lot in my work with clients and the great interview + a long walk in the sun got the wheels in my brain turning for a new blogpost....stay tuned! #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #expat #traveldeeper . . . . . . . . . . . #sheisnotlost #expatexplore #selfcare #psychology #onlinepsychologist #adventureawaits #selflove #emotionalintelligence #mindfultravel #selfcompassion #darlingescapes #expatlifestyle #expatwife #expatblog #mentalhealthmatters #expatpreneuer #girlgoneinternational #iamatriangle #personaldevelopment #springiscoming #mytinyatlas
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Carlyn Neek
Some days it’s harder to contain than others. what’s your superpower? #empath #hsp #superpowerempathy #hsp #mentalhealthot #highlysensitiveperson #positivedisintegration #overexcitabilities
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Amanda Foglesong
Parenting is hard, guys. & yes, we have infant twins which can be difficult at times - but our six year old daughter is exhausting. there has been this change in her that we started seeing almost two years ago & it's been an uphill battle since then. we have tried so many parenting techniques, different methods of discipline, praying with her & for her, & literally, so.many.ways to figure out what has been going on & why there are more tears with her the older she gets. we didn't have an answer until during my trip to seattle a friend (thanks @the_oily_tulip 😍) told me about this book. it just came in the mail today & i'm about to read it from front to back in 24 hours. i'm so freaking ready for a change. if anyone has experienced this, read this book, or is a highly sensitive person themselves - please feel free to share your wisdom. i'm basically a robot with zero emotions 🤷‍♀️ so the idea of being sensitive weirds me out & being highly sensitive just sounds exhausting. help 🙏🏼 also, send oils &/or oily suggestions for this situation. pleazzzzze.
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Kelly Cudrnak
Finishing up one of my poppy blankets with a tulip print backing. day 4 of my beginners juice cleanse. i debated on continuing or not. day 2’s horrible headache, that was so close to a migraine, scared me. i did not want to regret getting through that and ending this cleanse to soon. for me, migraines are the worst. i get them when i am stressed and i get them after having a baby. they come in a cluster and are daily for a month. i prefer labor and delivery to that pain. so why post about a cleanse when i sell weighted blankets? i am all about whole body well being. the blankets provide such comfort and relief. they reduce stress, anxiety, depression. they help the body get better rest for recovery after cancer treatments. they help people with ptsd, rls, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and so much more. what else is out there that can continue to help us? i can say that with the cleanse i haven’t had any of my usual late afternoon anxiety and i feel calmer. it has been really wonderful. i am hoping to learn how to sustain this feeling through healthy eating. #juicecleanse #juicing #juicevibescary #juicevibes #betterliving #calm #bodymindsoul #feelinggood #asd #sensoryprocessingdisorder #cancersucks #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #anxiety #depression #insomnia #highlysensitiveperson #weightedblanket #carolinaweightedblankets
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Liam Bowler
Wondrous quote, deeply funny and deeply true-feeling. and here’s also a chance for me to shout out to one of my fave podcasts @blissandgrit . . i’ve been binging on a few of their latest episodes lately and it’s been really good, deep fodder for my heart (which, i don’t know about about you, but mine gets tight and anxious and sometimes shows like this come along as a medicine, pitch-perfect). . . . #repost @blissandgrit with @get_repost ・・・ it’s new episode tuesday and today we’re talking about psychological agendas; patterns of engaging that we are frequently, unconsciously and in innocence, acting out in our lives. these agendas may have helped our younger selves to feel safe but they are not who we fundamentally are, and they can create exactly the opposite of what we are desiring in our lives. we discuss how to have tenderness when we greet our own shadow, and we call out some of the top agendas that we all take on- the tough one, the victim, the martyr, the good girl or boy. importantly, we ask the question, "why are we talking about this?" because we don't believe anyone is broken or needs to fix themselves actually. but on a relative level these agendas are creating repetitive painful patterns in our lives. and as we see through and release them, our lives can hurt less and be more satisfying on a soul level. tune in to hear the conversation at www.blissandgrit.com . . . . . . . . #podcast #podcasting #inspiration #embodiment #motivation #hsp #selflove #spirituality #psychology #instagood #blissandgrit #buddhism #meditation #meditate #mindfulness #highlysensitiveperson #nondualism #blissandgritpodcast #energy #boycottnra rg @thevoluptuouswitch
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Nicole Andrews ☮
"hold on, hold on, hold on", they said, "you're a dandelion in the breeze, look what the winds of change have done, to all these autumn leaves." "hold on, hold on, hold on, this big wide world is not for you. hold on for long enough for the last gust to dance on through." so, i held on, held on, held on, they said that's how you know you're strong. but not until i wilted did i notice something wrong. i thought holding on was bravery, but when winds of change do blow, sometimes it's even braver still to let go, let go, let go. -e.h. happy spring, my dears!!! 💜💐😘😘😘 . . . . . . . . . . #happyfirstdayofspring
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Dr. Melissa Parks
Are you a highly sensitive expat? 🤔 . i took away along the water in my neighborhood in amsterdam today and listened to the latest #therapistclubhouse podcast with @annieschuessler in which she interviewed april snow, a therapist who is taking the concept of highly sensitive person (hsp) and using it to help therapists who are highly sensitive. i already use this concept a lot in my work with clients and the great interview + a long walk in the sun got the wheels in my brain turning for a new blogpost....stay tuned! #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #expat #traveldeeper . . . . . . . . . . . #sheisnotlost #expatexplore #selfcare #psychology #onlinepsychologist #adventureawaits #selflove #emotionalintelligence #mindfultravel #selfcompassion #darlingescapes #expatlifestyle #expatwife #expatblog #mentalhealthmatters #expatpreneuer #girlgoneinternational #iamatriangle #personaldevelopment #springiscoming #mytinyatlas
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Onnamise Bonner
You are a unique imprint in the universe. you are here for a reason. it may not make sense now but i promise you, it will in time. be still and know that you are held within eternity already. so no rush. be you. live in the experience. to your success! #winnersareearriors #fierce #iamin #highlysensitiveperson #y.a.y.r #instagram #mood
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The Wallflower Box
#introverts know the #freedom of #solitude.
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Laundry day. i am looking for the rituals & rhythms of this life. washer takes 11 quarters = $2.75/load. dryer takes 25 cents for every 6 minutes. @ sparkles laundromat on 11th ave. on a good day i get to hear johnny cash or maybe billie holiday. sometimes i feel guilty spending my savings on polaroid film. it’s so often that the exposures turn out differently than i’m expecting. but this work that i’m doing - it is an exercise in compassion and in working with what is. working with what happens. with. “the point of art is not simply to express ourselves, but to create an external, concrete form in which the soul of our lives can be evoked and contained.” -from care of the soul by thomas moore. some wildflowers on jefferson st. polaroid from july 2017. making these journal pages *now*, remembering what was on my mind *then*. referring to and including bits of notes and collage created during that time. . . . . #mixedmedia #artjournal #arttherapy #intuitiveart #collage #infp #highlysensitiveperson #oregonartist #eugeneartist #quietnoticing #artwithwords #polaroidsx70 #ishootfilm #instantfilm #heyfsc #polaroidreturns #hylasmag #squaremag #polavoid #livecreatively #shabbychic #bohemian #upcycled #repurposed #vintagebook #alteredbook #tinybirdsketch #tellmeyourartstory
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Torilyn Webster
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Tue reading 🤓 with the beautiful sunshine shining on me☉⭐🌞📖📚 small moments of bliss and happiness with a hint of latin music in background 🎸🎷🎶🎵🔊 i am currently reading a book about highly sensitive people - i am one of them and the book (which is in german) is coaching me on how to value these gifts....it took me quite some time to be okay with being hsp...i am also very introvert and shy and nowadays we all need to be outgoing the society seem to tell us! only then can we be successful.... no we don't. we only need to be ourselves! ❤👌💪💃🎹😘🐚🤓🎶🎵⭐ hsp = highly sensitive person = a person who's senses allow way more sense information from the outside than a normal person.... if you are one - i highly can recommend to read about your gifts! it really is helping me a lot. be blessed⭐☉⭐☉⭐☉⭐☉⭐☉ #hochsensibel #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitive #hsp #hochsensibilität #mindbodysoul #introvert #shy #healer #intuition #intuitive #listentoyourheart #tapintoyourpotential #mindbodyspirit #spiritualhealer #indigo
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A꙰ЯT͙•Ð¨â…°T•á¹§âˆ†RⒸ🅰s̫㎡• Ĺ✺∇ḙ
I feel it all, good or bad. . it's taken me years to understand it all and how to use it all for the greater good. if you're given gifts by god/source, you will be called upon to use them...even if you don't allow yourself to appreciate those gifts yet. . exercise: sit alone for 10 minutes in busy place, in silence. maybe a park where people walk by. close your eyes. clear your head. what do you hear, what do you feel? how do you feel? do you feel people walk by without seeing them? get tuned in to your own energy and others. . its time to awaken your senses and stop being desensitized to our own natural abilities and those of others. we are missing out incredibly by not "seeing" those around us. . to intuitively live, is to truthfully live. . #truestory #highlysensitiveperson #empath #intuitive #5d #energy #loveandlight #source #tunein #frequency #raiseyourvibration #allthefeels #trustyourself #truth #liveyourtruth #spiritual #ifeelyou
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