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⚡💼✨ 15/11/2018
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this is so calming and beautiful 😊😍💗
sorry for not posting yesterday, been so tired and unmotivated towards school lately, ahhhhh 😬
had my calculus midterm yesterday, and it was going well at first, but then just ahdknzja 😵😳
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Since fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald came out this past weekend i thought it’d be the perfect time to post my hogwarts portrait i commissioned from @johnnythealchemist
when pottermore first started i was sorted into gryffindor. when it changed i was sorted into hufflepuff. i retook the test and was gryffindor again. 🤷🏽‍♀️ i guess i’m a gryffinpuff but i think i lean more towards gryffindor.
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Been here so many times that i finally noticed this in hogwarts while sipping on my butter beer lol #hogwartshouses #clock #harrypotter @unistudios #wizardingworldhollywood
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Love them! ❤️ so excited for the new fantastic beasts movie! i’m going to see it soon! annndddd i love the guy in the back!
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sorry hufflepuff 😅 but you're cut out!
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