7 minutes ago
kodietalley_ Tanner was so excited (as it was new information to him) that you can grocery shop online & do curbside pick up. and i'm not lying when i say we have an amazon prime package at are doorstep every day, so dear lord don't tell him about prime pantry... (we really need to get to know our ups man & he deserves a christmas bonus...). i love physically going to the grocery store. tanner hates shopping with me because although i have a list, i'm an every isle shopper, a look at each nutrition label freak, and a "what else do i need" take my time, kinda gal 😆 but here's a gift for you -- the only thing i end up buying, straight from my grocery list add hummus, whole wheat ritz crackers and salmon to the list 🙌🏻
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Aishah 💗☕️💗
21 minutes ago
coffeelovehealth Perfect homemade mocha after a long day of work and cooking. exactly what mommy needs to make it until bedtime lol ❤️☕️❤️ made with some cocoa powder and a dash of maple syrup- perfect 👌🏽
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1 hour ago
bluejen99 Finally made myself cook real food in university; pasta with a tomato, mushroom and bell pepper sauce 🍅🍄 #food #dinner #homecookedmeal #studentfood #universityfood #selfcatered #yummy #italian #pasta #italianfood #tomato #mushroom #bellpepper #pepper
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Courtney Sullivan
1 hour ago
farmercourtney Freshly topped gluten free pizzas heading into the oven. testing out a lot of recipes before the release of the pizza chapter of our website!! next week you'll be able to download all my pizza recipes and tips. making these is also a great time to notice how clean your oven is lol. when creating at 350 degree you can squeak by with some slackness, but 450 degrees and above is going to bring your awareness to how often your clean up the scene real quick!!
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Optimistic Kitchen
1 hour ago
optimistic_kitchen I 💜 #leftovering! fried rice made from the very last of my leftovers from earlier this week. 3 nights of dinners and a couple of lunches out of 2 small chickens (with bones left for stock) makes my budget very happy! making fried rice can become addictive when you see how yummy it is and how it helps #reducefoodwaste. recipe on www.optimistic-kitchen.com (link in bio). #optimistickitchen #makeyourkitchenyourhappyplace #nofilter #nationalchickenmonth
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1 hour ago
foodlogitalia Pausa pranzo è: playboy plate - tagliolini...tortellini...garganelli, con mini hamburger di fassona piemontese, salsa di cavolo romano, sovrano di bufala e orecchie da coniglietto 🐰
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Aditi Misra
1 hour ago
the_wicked_witch_of_the_kitch #chickpeas and #kale stir fried with #indianspices . the dish was relatively simple with the main flavour in it being #cumin . based on the #texture you wouldn't have believed that this has been frozen and re-heated (cooked at home). toasted up some fresh bread with a bit of minced garlic for a hearty comforting meal. to have a home cooked meal on a weeknight with no kitchen mess is such a pleasure. #homecookedmeal #freezermeals #mealprep #instagood #foodgasm #healthyfood #comfortfooddinner #comfortfood #toast #garlicbread #healthyrecipes #vegetarianrecipes #indianfoodie #spices #vegetarian #veganfriendly #vegan #indianvegetarian #lowcalorie #highfiber #highprotein #vegetarianprotein #beanprotein #fitfoodie
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Aishah 💗☕️💗
2 hours ago
coffeelovehealth So i attempted to make a pizza skillet and clearly that went wrong 😂 was i supposed to use a nonstick pan? lol nevertheless, who doesn't love crispy cheese? i threw in some veggies from last nights dinner and some red peppers i just prepped, with a side of homemade guacamole i also just made. yumyum😋
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Aishah 💗☕️💗
2 hours ago
coffeelovehealth In an attempt to make myself enjoy salads more, i'm starting by making them easier to assemble. so here we have red peppers and cucumbers- washed, cut and stored so all i have to do is grab a few and throw them on top of lettuce or greens. bam 👊🏽
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Laura Stephens
2 hours ago
lauraneato 4 pounds of mussels, white wine shallot sauce, and two satisfied tummies! 👍💪👏 #masterchef #moremusselsplz #favoritedish #yummy #homecookedmeal #santamonicaseafood
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Gemma Horlock💋
2 hours ago
mummyinthemadhouse Slow-cooked chilli con carne🌶 this is the first time i have ever made a chilli from scratch & if i'm perfectly honest, i was extremely disappointed! i mean don't get me wrong it was nice, but it wasn't a 'oh wow, this is amazing, get in my mouth now!' kind of nice. even the children were not 100% sure what to make of it. hey ho, always room for improvement!😊 the recipe will follow in my blog soon which can be found in my bio👆any advice to make it taste any better, please send them my way👍 #homecookedmeal . . . . . #homecookedfoodisthebest #healthyeating #slimmingworldrecipes #healthycooking #healthymama #glitterfollowloop #mamabearfollowloop #foodiegram #foodieforlife #recipeideas #dncbigfollowloop #m2mfollowloop7 #m2mfollowloop5 #fridaysfollowloop #homecooking #healthylifestyle #foodbloggeruk
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