Penelope Janitschek Cadavid
18 minutes ago
penny_thecoonhoundpitt We took pictures for this year christmas 🎄 cards 💌this past weekend and is safe to say i did not like my elf hat😊🐶 but i think they came out great!!!
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Kaida 🐶💙
18 minutes ago
puppykaida I know there's a treat in this thing 🕵️‍♀️ #doggydetective
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18 minutes ago
hudsonthenjhound Getting spoiled this morning with a little special dog park time with mom. i love when she gets to go into work a little later. #spoiled #puppyplay #gettingcold #onlyoneinthepark #houndmix
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28 minutes ago
blackandtantuckerman Normally i sleep at the foot of mom’s bed, but last night i wanted to snuggle with her to keep warm. it’s her last day of work for the week and then i get her all to myself for a few days! 🤗 #pupstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesofig #houndmix #cutestpup
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3 hours ago
alabnamed_zoey They said i couldn’t be on the couch. i’ll test the waters #puppyeyes
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Doggie Academy
3 hours ago
doggieacademy Said see ya later to tucker as i return to my clients in nyc. he was too busy making sure the evil squirrels were not in his yard to smile for the camera. but his people have a fantastic foundation to continue his training now & i’m proud of how far they’ve all come in a short time. -sarah
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Newton Civeit
7 hours ago
newtonciveit I sleep; therefore i am. #dogs #dogsofig #뉴튼🐕 #houndmix #rescuedog #donutbed #dogstagram #love #newton #newton🐕💕 #newton🐕
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Winnie The Pup
7 hours ago
winniemaythepup Cropped my humans out because honestly look at me. you better werk honey if u wanna be in pics with me. look at me serve this look
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