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I’m grateful that i was able to spend the past (almost) 4 years with my girl... being there to see every one of her first’s, being each other’s rock, and also pressing each other’s many buttons 😂. staying at home with her for this long was never “the plan,” but i’m thankful for this gift and that our time to transition has come at a really good time. •
what’s been a little hard for me is watching maddie process our upcoming transition in her play and through “bad dreams.” i started introducing the idea of “going to work” as soon as i found out... and maddie’s been exploring what my 8 hours of absence a day would mean for her. she recently had a nightmare about being stuck in a spider web, and both mommy and daddy were at work and couldn’t help her out of it. (i was in the corner crying when jeff was consoling her 😂😭.) thank god that she’s at an age where she has the words to express her worries so that we know exactly how to be there for her... we’re hoping to spend the next month helping her process her feelings about “mommy going back to work,” preparing her for some of the anticipated changes, and affirming her of all the things that will remain constant. •
i know this transition will be a time of good growth for the both of us... and just like maddie has transitioned from being away from me from 0 to 3 hours, and 3 to now 6 hours... i know that transitioning to 8 hours won’t be as difficult as it feels in my heart right now. we both got this, baby girl.
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Месендж дня.
И топчик фильмов про любовь без ванили:
• Молодая Виктория
• Из Африки
•Глубокое синее море
• Фонтан
• Простые сложности
• Бойфренд из будущего
• Вчера, сегодня, завтра
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If you ever 🎧 nao ft 6lack // first off, thank you guys so much for sharing my last post & for beginning to send in donations towards the campaign! we’ve already reached 5% of the goal in a weekend! // chicago’s been a blast as always & between running into friends at coffee spots, exploring new parts of the city, & knocking out a wedding weekend here, it’s been such a solid trip! the very last shot in this set is my favorite shot of the trip because i was able to apply 1) leading lines & 2) sub-framing, two techniques i’ve been talking about as a theme for a while. the colors during sunset here are just something else against chicago’s emerald waters. // also, it was enas’s birthday weekend so happy freaking birthday you gem of a human! thanks for being a training partner whenever i’m in chicago! for those of you that don’t know, enas has a solid background in muay thai & can probably knock most dudes’ heads off & keep pushing the pace on you until you’re gasping while she laughs on lol // heading back to dc tomorrow & i couldn’t be more excited to bear hug the c**p outta my mom, see yuna in my hometown (who by the way dropped a new album this weekend & it’s so good), & just kick it in the capital with good friends ’til the next travel sprint. stay hydrated, my friends! -
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Really love all the works from: @kingvuddha⠀
one of a kind style, colours, storytelling everything 😍 .
. .
model: @marooshk⠀

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Я заметила, что когда я пишу истории под постами, или просто делаю не пустой пост, а пост с информацией, то он вам больше нравится.
Кто вообще читает мои мысли?💗 Или всё таки подписывать фотки примерно так: "today is a good day" или "🌱🙂🌱" - это я конечно утрирую😂😂 Но всё же)
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🏆photographer⁣⁣⁣⁣ @ridgefernandes
🏆model @srishtivyakaranam
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Masterpiece by : @duy.trn
dream team || @kaila.lorraine
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💞 found by: @lisa.gdr_
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