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@governorabbott has proclaimed may 21 to 25 as flood awareness week. he encourages all texans to be informed and prepared for floods and flash floods, and to always remember “turn around, don’t drown”. it is advised that texans should also now consider the benefits of flood insurance even if they don’t live in a part of the state that’s prone to flooding. for more information on how to get flood insurance, please visit www.floodsmart.gov.
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The atlantic hurricane season begins friday june 1.
to make a hurricane happen at all, ocean temperatures need to reach 26°c (approximately 79°f). when harvey gathered its strength and its moisture, the gulf waters had tipped 30°c.
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The opera in houston is relocated to the third floor of the convention center due to damage from #hurricaneharvey. today’s performance is a mariachi opera. and on the first floor is a gun show... #onlyinamerica
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Remember when i told you that i was working on a project with @rachel.gower from @theupperhand? well, here it is. rachel and her husband, brian lost their home during hurricane harvey, and as their friend, i was blown away by their strong exterior. the truth is, while they are incredibly faithful and positive people, they, too, had their horrible days. one night, brian came across this viral picture of ugandan orphans praying for texas. he shared it with rachel, and they made the photo their screensavers, promising god that if they could get through the aftermath and recovery of harvey that they would help these children. these orphans travel 2.5 miles for clean water and their well just flooded, yet they still pray for others, like us.
brian and rachel asked me to join their mission to help these children in early april, and we founded the charity, houganda. our goal is to raise $1 million by august 27th - the anniversary of hurricane harvey hitting houston. the funds will go towards clean water, education, health, farm, and human rights projects.
we're only asking for a $4 donation. that's it! to donate, text dreambig (all caps, one word) to 41444 or go to www.houganda.org.

please share with your friends and family! #houganda #hurricaneharvey #harvey #uganda #giveback
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In an odd twist of events and lots of moving families over the last few years, a friend from orlando life is now living about 45 minutes from us. yesterday the kids and i went to their house to celebrate a birthday with them, and her mama was also there (another great friend!) and it was just a wonderful visit. caroline, i missed you and mia more than i even knew and it was so good for my soul to be able to visit with you both. love you guys bunches โ™ก @reversetheruin #becomingunhomeless #hurricaneharvey
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Rip, heroes! we will never forget you!
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Happy sunday everybody!!!
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In response to the devastation caused by hurricane harvey, we announced earlier this week that myself and others would be doing a concert sept. 23rd in san antonio, tx where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to local charities on the ground helping people.
the venue in san antonio was chosen because as i said before we were told by people in texas that holding it in houston was going to be logistically impossible and potentially divert immediate resources. i appreciate the advice of the residents of texas and i really appreciate the venue korova for helping us find sponsors and giving the full door for the people.
as of now the lineup ( we are still waiting on one or two more names so the flyer may be updated but the date and venue are solid)

immortal technique, slug of atmosphere, brother ali, chinoxl, k-rino, poison pen, emilio rojas, swave sevah, bobby sessions, dj static dj gijoe and more tba

i want to extend my appreciation to everyone who came forward to help put this together. not just the artists but the local residents, promoters, sponsors, venue and all of the staff that will be killing themselves behind the scenes. we look forward to seeing you all down there in san antonio on sept.23rd.
there were some more artists from texas and abroad that wanted to come but their situation is tentative so we may announce more artists. also if the venue sells out early then we may add another date as well. eid mubarak to my supporters who celebrate it. we should remember to always remain humble and appreciate the things we take for granted that others are dying without. i am particularly humbled by the support across the board and the unity i have witnessed in the wake of this. i look forward to seeing you in texas. we will also be taking donations at the door for clothes and canned food. thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

here is the ticket link but i will put it in my bio... https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1555099?utm_medium=bks

peace & respect. #immortaltechnique #hurricaneharvey #houston #sanantonio see you at @korovasa sept.23rd !!! stay safe out there!

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In honor of those affected by #hurricaneharvey , these helmet decals will be worn saturday
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thank you so much !
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Day 265: last night, kyle took me on a surprise date night for our anniversary. felt pretty fitting that we experience a bit of the patience of woodworking while the carpenter is well underway with cabinets & trim in our house. it’s amazing to see what a carpenter is able to create from scratch in such a short time while we spent hours to accomplish this! .
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Very grateful for my pom @harvey8_ you never cease to amaze me from your simple gestures to flying from singapore to sydney just for the weekend to spend time with my family ♥๏ธ #appreciationpost #hurricaneharvey
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I have officially had my “moment” remembering the special moments in this house. i’ve left many places and people behind in my life but this is by far the hardest move i’ve made. this house was only love and growth. we simply have outgrown it. it treated us well and we did in turn. we poured our creativity into every corner of every room. we discovered our styles, taste and selves together here. we tried many things and failed many times. some how though... we always got up and tried again. these walls protected us and inspired us. watched as our family grew. held up and made it through #hurricaneharvey so well that the national guard guys called our street “clover street” because we were lucky. “everyone else was flooded”. somehow... we didn’t. we lost an angel baby in this house and our family had to heal from that here. we had our last baby here who was an amazing gift to us. though it’s sad, i’ve known many goodbye’s and this one is a great one. i’ve been blessed to live such a life here. i will never forget it. and all the great times will forever be in my heart. i only pray that god allows our creative and loving energy to transfer to the people that choose to move in. i pray that they too love it until they too outgrow it. and when they take their families away, they too pass it along to another loving growing family. i hope they tell about the house that was so random but cool. lol. i love my house. she will be missed. #bateshouse
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