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📍alincate, spain. by [@isabella.stahl] #25bluehours
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Submitted by [@lumino] #25bluehours
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I’m coming for you san francisco, but first, new york city. (major points for anyone who can name the the towers to the left of the image)
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By [@dgesicka] via [@artclassified] #25bluehours
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Monday blues ocean beach, san diego
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Couldn't resist this one. by [@coughh_syrup] #25bluehours
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Leaving this again for the cold soon - new york city and san francisco! stoked
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Ian Healy
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Jesse | Artist
View of peace
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Scott Duncan
River ice and tracks
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As much as i would like to always share every picture i take or every moment i capture. i wont be doing so anymore. i see too much of the same things and it doesnt bother me, it just makes me want to move in a different direction. i’ve been taking pictures my whole life, but only in my mind. i never forget a face or a name. its a trait i have come to hate about myself. no matter how minuscule the moment. if it has any impact to me, much to my dismay, i’ll remember. to be completely honest, the only things i’ve ever truly been good at is listening to people, attention to detail, giving advice i cant even follow myself and writing poems. some people are really taking some beautiful and creative photos out there. its very inspiring. im not sure where im headed and thats okay. im doing my best. i love my family. i love my brothers. i love my cousins(whos lives are so inspiring and important to me) i love my best friends(who i wouldnt trade for all the money in the world) i love all the mistakes i’ve made, because without them, i would be nothing•
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Snow day ❄️
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Looks like a book cover
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Don’t be jelly
Later that day, he looked up, saw a bird and quickly saw the ground.
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エコ ᴇᴄʜᴏ ʟɪ ☁︎
. 只剩下白色的城市 . #雪#冬#日本#北海道#東京カメラ部
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