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My seven wonder, on the 7. 07 .17 aurora was born. she went through a very smooth and quick delivery. the process was filled with joy, laughter and happy tears. thank you ibu @lannykuswandi & @jamilatus.sadiyah for helping me go through the most relaxing birth and happiest moment in my life. it was such a blissful journey❤️ #gentlebirth #hypnobirth #hypnobirthingindonesia #birthpartner #doula
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I attended class two of my five week #hypnobirthing courses with @organicbirthing and i seriously loved every second. in this class we learned about how doing a daily relaxation practice helps train your mind and body for labor. it helps your body recognize when it needs to relax itself, and become familiar with the practice so that once the day arrives, it’s like second nature! • i didn’t really study natural birth the first time around, which i’m so ashamed of. everyone around me kept telling me not to “be a warrior” or “try to be a hero” so i went into it thinking “if i have the epidural, great, it not, even better.” my experience was so much more than that and much more complicated. i am super excited to have these tools, like hypnobirthing, in my labor toolbox ❤️ tara, the instructor also has amazing tips for newly pregnant moms about how to reduce tearing and other natural birthing videos you might enjoy, so check out her youtube channel too! • if you want to know more about how i’m preparing for a vbac, my post on “how to prepare for a successful vbac” is now live! you can find it at the link in my profile ❤️
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This morning, my hubby made the comment that hypnobirthing parents often feel like we are part of some 'secret society'. 😂 we know (from our own experience) the benefits of approaching and experiencing our birth in a calm and positive way... but it almost feels like we are privy to 'secret knowledge' that the majority of the world isn't aware of! melissa x #birthsecret #pregnancy #birth #motherhood #hypnobirthing #baby #pregnant #happy #love #childbirth #hypnobirth #hypnotherapy #bump #doula #maternity
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In our next #californiahomesteading workshop, we are learning all about smudging. i have never done this, but i can’t wait to learn. #smudgestick #cleanse #healthyhome #diy #crafting @crafted_buzz
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Here he is 😍😍 our perfect little leon. weighing in at 3.4 kgs and 49cm, he's already brought so much joy to our lives, i cant wait to watch him grow.. we had such an amazing birth outcome thanks to @birthsavvy and @hypnobirthingaustralia even with a few obstacle thrown in (which meant i almost gave birth on the highway 😅😅) but overall i had a drug free and damage free birth 👐 i will definitely be writing up about it! thanks to my amazing partner for giving me the best support 😍 @drazan_bagaric i'm so excited for our next chapter as parents #hypnobirth #happybaby #mumlife #healthybaby #encaul #encaulbirth #positivebirth
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Afirmasi positif merupakan salah satu persiapan mental bagi para ibu hamil selain meditasi dan menjaga ketenangan jiwa. hal ini memperngarusi kesuksesan #gentlebirth. . ini salah satu dari rangkaian afirmasi positif dari mbak @marettaanjani. ___________ takut? iyalah pasti.. tapi takutnya harus dirubah jadi semua pikiran positif dan insya allah semua afirmasi positif yang ditulis disini akan jadi kenyataan. amin #31weeks #positiveaffirmations #gentlebirth #hypnobirth #afirmasipositif
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Back at it tomorrow!! hypnobirthing session 1 starts at 9:30am in wall, nj. 🌸🌺🌹 #hypnobirthing #hypnobirth #hypnosis #healthypregnancy #doulalife #doula #doulasrock
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#grabacuppa in an hour its episode 14 wow!!!! 3 rebooking techniques for maintenance #pellenandpalmer facebook page: trish palmers free mentoring series
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Finally the first successful water birth in makati med goes into the history books! and vbac too for that matter! and nearly 9-pounder! quick (too quick!!!), easy and empowered! congratulations, mitch and your beautiful family with a healing birth and a brand new water baby! thank you so much doc martin manahan for pioneering the water birth facility in makati med, may it be a birthing sanctuary for countless families in the years to come! • • • #waterbirth #hypnobirth #empoweredbirth #healingbirth #sponetuousfetalejectjonreflex
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I loved this post by @momisdrawing about wanting to stay in the snapshot moments that make you feel the feels about parenthood. what are your favorite moments?
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Samantha Bird 🌙
Words have power❕💥 ° 🌞 they can either be used to empower or disempower 💣 ° 🍑 in pregnancy and birth we use a lot of words and phrases that we link negative feelings too ⛈️ our thoughts control our energy 💭💓 which then controls our physical body 💫 ° 🤷 if the words we use create negative thoughts and feelings 🗯️ our energy will be negative ⚡ and therefore will impact our body negatively 🌋 ° ☝️one example of this is the word, contraction 🌪️ this word sounds very medical 👷 and is associated with a lot of pain 🙅 if we change this word to surge or wave 🌊 it instantly seems less frightening 🌟 ° 🌵 by simply changing the words we use to more positively assosiated and sounding words 🌞 we can keep our energy high 🤸 leading to a more positive mind & body 🙌 ° ° ° #positivebirth #mindfulbirth #empoweredbirth #positivebirthmovement #pregnancy #maternity#birth #labour #childbirth #childbirtheducation #pregnancyyoga #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancyphoto #pregnancylife #momlife #momcommunity #motherhoodthroughinstagram #hypnobirthing #homebirth #homebirthuk #pregnancyuk #hypnobirth #hypnobabies #zeskopresets #motherandbaby #babyphotography #babynumber2 #babybump #birthmovement #birthphotography
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pure nurture® 🌸💜🌿
There is an innate wisdom within each of us. our bodies were made to do this! 🌸💜🌿 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #hypnobirth #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthingmonganmethod #hypnobirthingclass #hypnobirthingclass #hypnobirthingpractitioner #hypnobabies #hypnobirthingworkshop #hypnobirthingrocks #hypnosis #innatewisdom #pregnancy #birth #pregnant #motherhood
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Aideen O'Donovan
It’s official! the centre where i teach made me my own laminated sign!! i’ve made it 🙈🎉🎉🎉😂 #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthcork #hypnobirth #hypnobirthclass #classinprogress #antenatalclasscork #monganmethod #calmbirth #powerfulparents #borntobirthcork
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Mother Mind
I wish this was common knowledge! please tag, send or share with your expectant mumma friends. • i saw this exact image when i was pregnant. i took a screen shot and then completely forgot about it 🤷🏻‍♀️... • fast forward a few months to my son and i’s second night together. i was sitting up at 3am wondering why he was so unsettled and cluster feeding like crazy. • then i remembered seeing this, and flicked through my camera roll until i found the screen shot. i buzzed the midwife (at 3am) to show her and ask “is the ‘second night’ really a thing?”. she assured me it was and commended my little man for working so hard to bring my milk in (how freaking amazing is nature 🍼😍?!). • just knowing that what was happening was ok was so comforting. • i was so thankful to have seen this photo, and am sharing now in hopes an expectant mumma sees this and has a slightly more gentle ‘second night’. • goodnight everyone 🌙⭐️.
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New packs!!! they look soooooo good with my new logo on ❤ this is a bit of a mammoth job. i have paper and files everywhere in my office today 📄📃📑 my printer is like 😣😣😣 so its having a little rest now and i'm taking the bulk to the printers shop. each session my clients get a set of parent's notes and we build up with each session. ☄these notes are truly unique☄....bringing together all my knowledge and experience as a midwife, hypnobirthing teacher and hypnobirthing mum. i love it when my clients recognise that my course content and their parents notes contain complementary but different info to the book 😀😀😀 a truly unique birth preparation course! happy hypnobirthing xxx #hypnobirthing #hypnobirth #lionhearthypnobirthing #birthundisturbed #birthfear #birthwithoutfear #sthelens #merseyside
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Every office has a circus tent right?! 🎪🎪🎪 if you've been with me since the beginning you'll know that when we moved house my son was totally freaked out by this going in his room (i thought he'd ❤ it!) so in my office it went. and 5 months later it's still here. i used to make videos from it! 😂😂😂 🎪hypnobirthing hq is taking bookings now into june. it's never too early (or too late for that matter...but the sooner the bettet 😉) 🎪 full hypnobirthing course £270 intense course £210. ☄private☄ bespoke☄ flexible to your needs☄ birth patner(s) as central to the course as you are☄ book☄ audio☄ text and telephone support in between☄ postnatal follow up☄ happy hypnobirthing xxx #lionhearthypnobirthing #hypnobirthing #hypnobirth #birthfear #birthwithoutfear #sthelens #merseyside
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Hypnobirthing Teacher | Mumma
Got a rare day off today, just me and my boy ❤️ . we have a day of trampolining and lunch out planned. should be interesting at #sixmonthspregnant (hello pelvic floor exercises!). the cars broken so it will also be a bus adventure. . wishing a fun day ahead for everyone else. what are your plans?
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From Mum to Another
Today's #wcw bump edition is this beauty @chrissyteigen. i fell in love with chrissy when she proudly addressed her stretch marks in one of her posts. it was amazing!! she didn't crop them out or try and airbrush them away. these are the women and the mother's and the girlfriends we all need in our lives. just imagine how blissful childbirth could be being serenaded by #johnlegend. #realwomen #strongwomen #stronggirlsclub #pregnant #birth #hypnobirth #kghypnobirthing #legends #thismamacan #thismamadid #positivebirth #sevenoaks #mamaknowsbest #thisgirlcan #proudmama
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Baby due june onwards? availability for couples’ workshops from may (fully booked until then although there are spaces on essentials). get a wiggle on 😊
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