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The beautiful st bernard’s crescent in edinburgh πŸ’š#greekdoric #igersedinburgh
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Visiting famous landmarks can often feel a bit overwhelming for me and i always seek to find different angles and some strange perspectives to capture them - like hiding behind this haystack to photograph castle mezies.
we visited this impressive 16th century castle during a recent roadtrip of highland perthshire 🏰
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"this is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. a city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again." [alexander mccall smith]
wherever you are in edinburgh, just turn around to be gifted with a breathtaking view of the castle, here in a rare moment of beautiful sunlight (of course it started raining soon after it). πŸƒ
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Doesn't edinburgh just look magical?🌟 even with those clouds hanging above the scott monument, the stunning architecture and those rich colours stand out, don't they?❀️ thanks @arek_cichy_ for sharing this fantastic photo😍||#edinburghstory

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The best thing about instagram is this community of pocket friends. today i finally got to meet the wonderful @nikimphoto , all the way from south africa. nicki, it was brief, but what a joy to finally meet you. also, you should totally be following her, for beautiful squares of light, colour and emotion. she’s an elusive unicorn, so obviously i totally failed to get a picture of her, here’s a scene from our walk instead // #todayimet #communityfirst
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Don't just watch from beyond the fence
if you see something you want to be involved in. find a way - any way - that suits you. you have your place, and oftentimes it's not just luck. because that's just a combination of preparation, timing, and opportunity.
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β €turn like the leaves
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Autumn is definitely back! full rivers and dark skies over glen lee yesterday.
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It's been a fair blustery day today, hope you all kept safe. when i looked up earlier i could not help but spot the massive saltire above edinburgh four years after i woke up and found out the results of the referendum we held on scottish independence.
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Hello again, as my last post for edinburgh world heritage, here’s one of my favourite edinburgh hidden gems! chessels court is located in canongate and ewh has exciting plans for this court and other edinburgh closes. join them on the 20th september at 5.30pm in the mackenzie building at old assembly close for update on 12 closes plan! anyone is welcome 😊 - @exploringedinburgh
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Relax in our beautiful grounds or take a walk by the side of the loch to restore a sense of balance with nature, in a world where such simple pleasures are too often overlooked. repost @zeesza
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Getting ready to venture out in the crazy weather! πŸ’¨πŸŒ§πŸ’¦
the latest north face denali fleece is available in store now and is perfect for days like today πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
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Calm before the storm
the meadows has to be one of my favourite places in the city centre. there's always something going on. perfect people watching place.
this was taken at the end of august before the leaves began to fall. times are a-changing and so is my feed.
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Every wednesday we have a design review, an open discussion, all ideas welcome. it’s how we bring together the best ideas literally drawing on each of our strengths in a truly collaborative environment.
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The weather is absolutely wild today. i don’t think i’ve ever driven in winds this fast 🌬
there’s something about storms that make me feel cosy and warm, but only when i’m home inside, no exploring today i think
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