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I struggle with sharing how awesome this too is, with fear it may sell out before i can snag one. however, i’m feeling generous πŸ˜‰ *must pre-order*
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Happy tuesday! we've had a lot of requests for dates this december for holiday parties so please let us know soon if you want to schedule. our calendar will be full soon!
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Trying to appreciate the #tulsaskyline while waiting for the jack white concert to begin. #sunset #okwx #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #igtulsa #igoklahoma #streetphotography #citylights #nightphotography #tulsasky
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Blur doesn’t affect this man.
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A lil’ sampling of items from our flash sale happening tomorrow evening! sale will include lots of shop products, some displays, various craft supplies including a yudu screen printing machine, and lots of other random goodies we’ve acquired! everything will be super cheap and you can join in the fun by rsvping on our facebook event page where everything will be posted tomorrow at 6pm. open to locals, or we are happy to ship! event link in profile!
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Yes, this forest is in oklahoma. yes we’re lucky enough to claim this magical little spot as our own. 🌿 photo : @kelbertmcfarland
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The color story happening in @ahdaly's bedroom warms the cockles of my heart. real quick, what are cockles, exactly? you know what, it doesn't matter. i know i have them, and it's thanks to this. β €
β €
tired of scrolling? let’s do something irl. i‘m hosting an indigo shibori workshop this sunday. ashley went offline and got hands-on, and look at the beautiful pillows she made out of the fabric she created in class. stunning, if i had to choose just one word. β €
β €
details and registration are at the link in my profile, or send me a dm—i'm here to help! β €
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So thankful for this dude and all he’s doing to help build the creative community in oklahoma. michael mentored me a couple of weekends ago on a shoot and it really showed me just how much he puts into not only his work but also in helping those around him (like me) who are struggling to get their work where they want it or just lack confidence in their abilities. it sucks doing it alone, so don’t. let’s help each other out so we can all improve!
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Day 17 of @lionharts #thenakedheartchallenge what deep feelings should i tend to?
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Spotted just off the beaten path πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .
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