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A state of being
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I’ve gone back to the dark side πŸ–€
or darker side since i still have some highlights in there. but it’s been a good while since i’ve had brown hair. it was my main hair color through middle and high school.
also i have a small cowlick on both sides and hate a middle part on me. so i just embrace the weird swoops πŸ™ƒ #messyhairforever
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A couple of weeks ago i had the privilege of snapping some photos of my handsome brother after his last bodybuilding competition. these were taken about a week out from his overall win at the john sherman muscle beach classic in galveston, tx. of course ig won’t let me post portrait shots along with landscape without cutting them off πŸ˜’ so here are just a few from that day... i have to say i’ve never known anyone as focused and dedicated as jed. there is a ton of work and sacrifice that goes into preparing for these shows; and he did it all while working 7 days a week, juggling clients in several different cities and locations. he is an inspiration to so many. i’m incredibly proud that i get to call you my little brother! love you, bud πŸ’ͺ🏻♥️ @jedbodaciouslisten
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I hit 1000 followers! which, you know, feels like some sort of accomplishment, right?
to take it way back, i wouldn’t have really picked up, much less continued photography if it hadn’t been for supportive people like this community along the way. i am super thankful to know and get to connect with you all on instagram (& if you ever wanna catch a girl offline, holler). i’m excited to see what creative journeys and opportunities lie ahead - you’ll stick around, yeah? πŸ’›
enough gushing. to thank you (!) i want to giveaway an 8x10 print from my shop. want a chance to win? comment below one word you’d use to describe my photography. comment by 10pm cst tomorrow, november 15, and you’ll be entered in the drawing! πŸ’›πŸ’› love y’all.
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It was good getting to see everyone at the instameet the other day. always great to hang out with other creatives!
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Thanksgiving blooms can officially be ordered online and daily arrangements will be available next week as well! click the link in our bio to order yours.
meanwhile, i’ll just be here swooning over this image by @jenneferwilson πŸ’• #crookedrootsdesign #crookedroots
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"you know i'll take my heart clean apart, if it helps yours beat." (sleeping at last) πŸ–€ well guys i finally caught up with the trends and took the enneagram test. i'm a type 2 wing 1 through and through. i really love how reading through all the descriptions and listening to the type 2 sleeping at last song (which i'm 1000% obsessed with) is challenging me to love/understand people more deeply, examine my motives, and just be a better human in general. i can't stop thinking about it, so let's chat! what type are you? any other type 2's/mom friends out there??
pc: @jessymcghie
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Are you on the road you want to be on? πŸ“Έ @r.k.t
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Shooting the 2019 #porsche cayenne reveal at the @tulsahistorymuseum tonight.
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I didn’t win any senior superlatives in high school (though, believe me, i campaigned for best hair to at least 5 whole people) - but! i’m definitely most likely to be daydreaming about pumpkin pie, any time of the year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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That face you make when you see all the new arrivals coming to the ug truck!!😍😍😍
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