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No spring nor summers beauty hath such grace as i have seen in one autumnal face πŸ‚@vermont_vibes πŸ‚
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@jkputnamphoto katahdin woods and waters

this monument preserves more than 87,500 acres along the east branch of the penobscot river in maine, a traditional transportation corridor of the native wabanaki people of the region, as well as a critical part of the area’s logging history, once used to float logs downstream to cities and towns. vast forests surround the river with a diverse mix of tree species, including maple, oak, ash, beech, birch, aspen, spruce, fir and hemlock. the topography of the monument includes deep river valleys, dramatic flood plains and curious geologic features, including lava flows and “rock conglomerates” — formations made up of different types of appalachian rock fragments dating back millions of years.
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A day spent checking canoes to ensure they’ll last through a maine winter.πŸ‘πŸπŸ›©
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Sometimes it feels like nature poses for us. πŸπŸ‚
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Color & texture. πŸ™Œ
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Crisp leaves, a cool breeze and an apple croissant from @tattebakery - all the essentials for a perfect fall day in boston 🍁
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Gorgeous day for a walk late morning today, heard temps gonna drop into the 30°’s tonight, stay warm everyone!
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One of my favorite buildings in boston. beautiful from every angle.
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