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@prettysmarteens is out to teach our daughters about media. and has this to say: "how cool if every billboard had messages like this!" that's a pretty smart image from @refinery29, originally from @mariambeshay β €
#bodyblossom is looking forward to sending her daughter the pretty smart teen media training, when the time comes.
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Aloha 🌺 last views of my hawaiian adventure. will be home just long enough to fix my manicure and then off to toronto for some personal exploration! ❀️ jaci #fatgirlstraveling πŸ‘— $79 sizes 0x-3x
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Kein filter, kein retuschieren und erst recht kein verstecken... zu lange zeit habe ich meinen körper abgelehnt,nicht nur als ich stark übergewichtig und vom #lipödem akut betroffen war. auch jetzt, all der hautüberschuss und die angst davor wieder zu erkranken, ließen mich meinen hass auf meinen körper kaum verlieren... zum glück hat sich das geändert. denn mein körper ist ein absolutes wunder. und er zeigt mein leben. ich bin #dankbar für jeden moment, den ich durch ihn erleben kann. er ist mein instrument dieses leben in vollen zügen zu genießen. also warum sollte ich ihn verstecken? außerdem ist mir aufgefallen, dass je selbstbewusster ich mit meinem körper und mir umgehe umso mehr verändert sich auch meine umgebung. früher hätte ich sorge vor den blicken der anderen. orientierte mich an ihren idealen! war unsicher und strahlte genau das aus. heute zeige ich mich gerne. und die blicke verändern sich. werden sogar weniger. oder ich achte nicht mehr so darauf. so oder so, fühle ich mich besser... hier in amerika sehe ich viele frauen, die dem absoluten ideal, der perfektion hinter her jagen und vergessen, dass die schon lange perfekt sind. solange sie bei sich sind und einfach achtsam mit dem umgehen, was sie haben. ich liege jetzt noch bisschen in der sonne r*m und sauge einfach dieses geile leben in mich auf. denn jeder moment ist kostbar. #lipödemmutmacher #lipedema #washingtonstate #awareness #grateful #prana #ihaveembraced #bodylovemovement #pnw #lakesammamish
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Weighing kids in schools wtf?? ive shared my ramblings on my blog, link over on facebook
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Last night i wept over my body.
not a cute small tear cry.
but a massive angry, shameful weep. .
this is something that used to be commonplace for me, but has grown a lot more infrequent in my body acceptance journey. so you can imagine my surprise when it hit me like a bus, out of nowhere, as my new husband and i sat looking over the photos of us on the beach that day while munching on a brownie sundae. i paused mid bite as my eyes darted to my thighs, my stomach, my arms, my skin, the list went on. then, like clockwork, the guilt for eating dessert, the quick impulse to count what i had eaten the rest of the day, and the shame for feeling this way. like it was proof i wasn’t as far healed as i thought, and who was i to even be doing what i do when i haven’t got it figured out myself? was i mistaken all this time? this entire process took maybe 5 seconds. but i went from carefree & joyous to withdrawn & heartbroken just like that.
the mistake, as it turns out, wasn’t feeling the shame or eating the brownie. the mistake was me thinking ‘aren’t i over this?’ in frustration, piling on even more shame in a time when what i needed was grace. the mistake was thinking recovery & healing happen once, never to be visited again.
the amazing thing about pursuing body freedom is you open yourself up to new life experiences, like brownie sundaes on the beach on your honeymoon. but with that comes new challenges. new triggers, new moments of unplanned body image lows, and new opportunities for growth. .
i know you’ve had these moments. moments that feel like regression, like you are nowhere near self acceptance despite working for months to get there. but i think we have it all wrong. freedom is not being without the challenges and triggers, it is facing them without letting them break you. that when you are on vacation mid bite of your brownie sundae, looking at pictures of yourself in a bikini, you do not put the spoon down, skip dinner, and spiral into a self loathing bender. but that you recognize your feelings, processs them in grace, and then (here’s the important part) let that s**t go. i am not my body. and neither are you. stay strong and brownie on.❀️
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My breathing has been shit, so naturally i’m pushing my boundaries and joined in on the 90 minute class with my friend today (thanks @katvat7 )

i’m so glad i went because not only will i be running on an endorphin high all day but i absolutely crushed it πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼 proving to myself that i’m stronger than all of it! did i cough my whole way through? sure i did! was it hard? of course it was... but i feel so much better now that i did it!

in this diet culture crazed world i had a little low point yesterday but seeing what my body can do for me renews my drive to push past it and give that culture the biggest middle fingerπŸ–•πŸΌi may not look like the girls in magazines (shocker. 95% of us don’t) but i can run fast and far, i can do full burpees, full pushups and damnit, i can do a 90 minute hiit class at otf! 🍊
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Sorry y’all. one more of these gorgeous ladies. i look forward to painting them. the suit on the woman on the right is this terrific coca cola red. #bathingbeauty #figure #figuredrawing #ihaveembraced #sva #artistmafia #artspace
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I share because i find strength in it. i share because i like to feel less alone. i share because i want people to understand it's okay to not be okay. i share because i don't want people to think i'm perfect. i want people to understand i am complex and it's okay to be complex. there is so much shame in mental health. i don't share for pity. i know what it's like to suffer alone. i don't want that for others. it's important for me to be open and honest. being vulnerable takes great strength.
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#saturday #salad 🌿πŸ₯—#greek πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·β˜€οΈβ£οΈπŸ•Ά
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E u r o p e
our whirlwind trip to europe has come to an end. i have extremely mixed emotions about this. i had an amazing time and loved the summer sun so much, but at the same time i had crippling anxiety that got me so down on some days. i will chat about this later as it is important for me to not glamourise my life through social media. but for now i just want to soak up the positive vibes from our time away. i met some pretty incredible people and got to spend some much needed time with my beautiful friend noortje from holland. i learnt some important lessons about compassion and humility and i fell in love with myself and my body even more.
i want to thank tommy for organising a perfect trip that was so suited to us. this photo was taken last night in the very place we met six years ago, a rooftop pool in athens. it was very special for us to come back here as this is where it all began. my life changed forever after my first trip to europe and i built unbelievable strength and courage within myself. not only did i fall in love (because that’s not the main message) but i learnt a wealth of knowledge about friendship. i let go of those who no longer served me, and i got even closer to my s***y and new best friend marissa (who i met on the trip also). i learnt how to become independent and to stand up for myself and what i believe in. so yeah, this may seem like a really cool pool, but to me it means the start of a beautiful chapter that is my life now. β€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡·
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I want to talk about pride: today is national pride day, which is being hosted on the isle of wight (my home ground) those who know the island will appreciate what a huge deal this is for the entire community, but in particular lgbti 🏳️‍🌈 pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to promote self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase visibility as a social group, build the community, and celebrate s****l diversity and gender variance. to the lgbti community, you don’t stand alone. we stand with you, supporting you and embracing all of our beings together. diversity is in everything we do; the way we look, our physically abilities, our ages, skin tones, academic capabilities - diversity is all around us, if only we choose to open our eyes πŸ–€

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#celebrate #bodypositive #ihaveembraced #kroppspositivism #kroppsaktivism #kärlek #acceptans #allakropparärvackra tack @savitanorgren för ditt engagemang ⭐❀️
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#wakeupbeauty 936: good friends, good books and a drowsy conscience - this is the perfect life. - mark twain #ihaveembraced #essnatur #authenticselfie #ilovemyself #selfcompassion #embraceyourself
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Success is loving your life ❀️ #healyclan #family ❀️ ___________________________________
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I only dress well so i can stare at myself in reflective surfaces ... πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️ ___________________________________
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#bathingbeauties the gorgeous women make many of the other people of six flags look exceptionally awful. not done yet but trying to be productive #swt #sva #nycart #ctartist #peopleofsixflags #figurative #drawing
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Your kids get it. they get your body is amazing. they may have literally come out of you. but no matter, even if your own body didn't give birth to them, or feed them from your nipples, it certainly hugged them, loved them, wiped their tears, eased their pain and was the first, safest, surest thing they knew. it's confusing to them when they hear you dis it. it's unsettling to them when they hear you talk about your body being wrong or too big, or too ugly. they just know love. they just know goodness. if you struggle with your body i get it. i've given so much of my life to that hideous mind poke. β €
β €
so i've got a suggestion. lean in to your child's view. pretend they know better than you. learn to see yourself through their eyes and honour their perspective. don't ruin it for them. instead step into their world and be who they believe you are. perfect in all your rainbow of imperfections. you'll make they world an easier place to grow up loving their own body and you never know, you might just see the magnificence in your own, too. β €
β €
#bodyblossom doesn't always like what she sees in the mirror, but she sees the unconditional love in her kids eyes and does her best to live like they know their schnizz.
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