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Sunny days in málaga
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Cool dad
i wanted to post this for a long time but i didn’t have the deets of this guy and i didn’t want to post a pic of his kid without permission but well neil... this pic was just too good 🤙
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#tbt - easter camping, home developed with caffenol, ilford hp5+ 400, canon a1

more at: dehsigner.com.br and caffenol.com.br

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Capitoline museum
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Skater owned – cal's pharmacy

a landmark in the local skate history in both its roots and philosophy.

the shop’s name comes from the original pharmacy opened in the 1930's from local man, calvin. it was eventually bought by another pharmacist named, marvin lee - who moved the store to its current location. marvin allowed his three sons to turn a corner of the pharmacy into a "skate shop" in 1986. it was then that cal's pharmacy became an advocate in transforming the local skate culture away from the status quo.

in the early 90's, skateboarding was on the uprise across the nation. the culture was gravitating toward street skating - encouraging in the technical development and personal expression, fewer focused on the rhetoric of transition skating. cals pharmacy was one of the original hotbeds of street skating in portland, a lifeblood for the progressive style at the time. the portland skate scene could not have flourished if not for shops like cal's pharmacy. #pdxskatehistory #goskateboardingday
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Skater owned – shrunken head

justin hindery moved here in 1997 for the renowned burnside skatepark. back then, the pearl district was purely a raw industrial space. burnside and the undeveloped pearl district were his original skate spots when he arrived to pdx. however, his story began at another local establishment - cal skate.

hindery worked alongside shop owner howard w****r and new co-owner paul fujita for six years. hindery says " i would daydream of bigger plans for myself".
these plans would eventually culminate into his own brand, shrunken head.

shrunk opened in 2006 and established a heavy focus on core skateboarding. with the intentions of creating a welcoming atmosphere, shrunk has grown into one of the most well-known shops in the northwest - a hub for prolific skate advocates and talent who foster the growth of the portland skate scene.

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Love is love 🖤
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Den hague, leica m6, march 2018
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Skater owned – cal skate

cal skate – a strong legacy in pdx skateboarding. serving the community since '76, this crew has been at the forefront of skatepark development for years.

as the pdx skate scene began to coalesce, a rather unique arrangement for urban development came to be in portland. the portland parks and recreation (ppr) took on a comprehensive city wide government initiative to build a 19 skatepark system throughout the metropolitan area. of course, none of this happened overnight.

in the early '90s, cal skate's skatepark formerly known as city skate helped raise awareness for skatepark building initiatives. many neighborhoods did not want skateparks and some local skaters failed to see the value in partnering with government organization to build parks as opposed to doing it themselves.

to sum up the ppr department lost much of the funding that city skate and cal skate had helped secure. however the advent of so many diy parks and the enthusiasm that cal skate and the community demonstrated did push the city to build the many skateparks the pdx now has. #pdxskatehistory #goskateboardingday
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