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kilotheshepherd Kilo was much better at the vet today. i am so glad as he was able to have a more thorough exam done
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Franc Sinatra
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franc.sinatra When my ears turn into horns! i look like this emoji: 😈
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Lady pp
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im_an_ant Officially 5 months full #20weekspregnant #5monthspregnant #familytime #pregnantlife #antlovepanda #ilovemydog #ilovebullterrier #bullterrier #pet #love #paw #bigsistertobe รถติดขนาดไหนถามใจเทอว์ดูแต่งรูปลงรูปยังเหลือเวลา
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Cairo → German Sheperd
1 minute ago
cairo_sable_gsd Rain can't keep these paws of mine from playing outside! 🤠
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Astro Kennels
8 minutes ago
Meet our trainee of the week, axel! when this 8-month-old great dane started visiting us for our day board & train program he didn't know much as far as obedience and he was slightly shy around new people, dogs, and environments. axel has come along way and even as a big puppy he's started so show increased focus and confidence. our trainers also recommended that he spend some time in doggy day care to foster socialization and improve communication skills with other dogs. axel absolutely loves other dogs which is why you see heidi sitting on the platform providing a tempting distraction for him. we always encourage social behavior in our training dogs but it's also important that they understand when it's time to play and when it's time to train. axel also has a "big sister" named abby, who is a four-year-old great dane. abby completed our beginner obedience class when she was a puppy and she continues to come to our day board & train program with her 'brother', axel.
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King Piston
1 minute ago
pistonthegsd He's always enjoying the scenery ☀️🍃 i'm so excited! i finally got to order piston a collar from @k9tacticalgear & also ordered him some cute bandannas off amazon. 😊 i'm so excited for them to come in the mail & cant wait for you guys to see! 🐶| #woof #petstagram #gsd_feature #gsdstagram #dogsofinsta #instadaily #instadog #ilovemydog #dogmom #gsdpup #gsdlife #instaphoto #instalike #topdogphoto
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