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Proud of myself!! i wore my smaller jeans today i’m still a long ways from my final goal but i’m getting there!! #weightloss #zumba #immamakemeproud
0 22 December 2017


It’s never too late 4 a do-over #immamakemeproud
0 9 November 2017


2 128 May 2017


I keep a lot of my ideas to myself and jus watch them unfold.
sometime when u share your idea wit simple minded people they won't quite get it until they see it.
every accomplishment i make i always give it up for myself #immybiggestfan #immamakemeproud #keepgrinding looking fwd to 2017 a lot can happen in a year still #tecember πŸ—£ make yo self proud in 2017
3 114 December 2016