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Drew University Dance
A sneak peek to our poster image 👀 thanks so much to our photographers, christian bradley and christian alvarado! look out for our posters coming soon 🙌🏽😍✨ #drewdance #drewdance2018 #immigrant #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #resilience #choreographers #dancers #designers
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California Community Fndtn
Ccf is committed to empowering our #immigrant neighbors with the help of our partners like @carecen_la. this #featurefriday, check out this photo from #mayday when #carecenla staff joined community members to march in solidarity with workers and #immigrant communities. learn more about carecen's work at www.carecen-la.org. #ff #la4all
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Chris Watt
Oh gee, i love you too denver @cityofdenver #immigrant #usa
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Loved seeing so many amazing people at the grand opening of our new campus in #atx food trucks and tacos always welcome 😍even larry ellison came! #atx #austintx #longhorns #texas #oracle #tech #technology #ai #machinelearning #cloud #lake #campus #nerd #immigrant #utaustin
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《desliza pra ver o resultado!》expectativa vs. realidade: desejo de comer feijoada feat. dinamarca 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #lifeindenmark #immigrant #feijoada #saudadedacomidadobrasil
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#repost @crypticindonesian 🌹✨ ・・・ immigrant: the other culture. 🇺🇸 @hype.peace (40% commission goes to @helprefugeesuk ) 🇲🇨🔥🔊🖤🥀 having studied and nurtured my soul with the breadth of life of living in the united states, what i truly found amidst the traffic of cultures is actually my own. being an indonesian, an immigrant, holding an f1 visa, prostrating to my god, whatsapping my mom from time to time, and speaking my language and other languages that i protrude out of my mouth symbolizes the resistance of my own version of humanity. i am grateful for randos asking “what are you”, or “where tf is indonesia”, or being the only poc in class; insofar that it is an opportunity for me to transfer the breath of life that my country has given me and elaborate the life of being “the other”. i am thankful for the colloquial indonesian term “receh”, which means “cheap humor” but it also translates into the very crux of humanity of being an indonesian; the simplicity of using a sarong and sipping tubruk coffee, whilst having indomie goreng spread all over your mouth or listening to dangdut music while cooking tempe goreng with sambal matah with your grandmother shouting to clean up the dishes afterwards. receh means that i love where i am, but i love where my skin is pigmented and where my soul is languished in culture, spirit, and purpose. i am indonesia and i will always be until my very ashes becomes my homeland. #f1visalifestyle • • • #hypepeace #immigrant #otherculture #hoodie #embroidery #vinyl #artwork #design #bootleg #streetwear #charity #helprefugees #chooselove
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S/o @savannasmall for this jolly good picture!! 🇬🇧 #immigrant #otherculture • £10 per sold hoodie donated to @helprefugeesuk • 📸 @thursday15th • • #hypepeace #hoodie #embroidery #vinyl #charity #helprefugees #chooselove #bootleg #streetwear
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Museum of Danish America
Aprons that belonged to meta marie (petersen) mortensen – the "real" grandmother of bedstemor's house. meta lived in the historic home at 2105 college street in elk horn for nearly 40 years, starting in the spring of 1946. meta mortensen (1893-1986), born in hygum, jutland, denmark. #apron #immigrant #denmark #bedstemor #bedstemorshouse #elkhorniowa
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ViceyAnna👩🏽‍💻 P2 Pharm Student
This is what i’m looking forward to doing over break! _ i’m excited to put some hours in at my internship. i’m also excited to finally let my creative energy flow to do some writing that i’ve been thinking about, hopefully start editing my blog page, and just generally relaxing. there’s so many of your blog posts and podcasts that i’m also wanting to catch up on! 💕 _ kinda wanna try to read a book as well. if you have any recommendations let me know! not totally sure what i’m looking for, just something really good :) haha typically i enjoy lots of non fiction or fiction that could pass as nonfiction lol _ and of course, i have to hit the gym, y’all. it’s gonna feel so good to get my body moving again 🙌🏽 _ once again, so grateful for this community. you guys are awesome 🙌🏽✨
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