ViviannaNicole Hamilton
3 days ago
viviannanicole Celebrating my favorite’s birthday with a “night of worship” is was in and poppin’ in the house of the lord last night, believe that!!❤️#crowned #birthday #birthdaybash #fun #turnt #lit #glowday #glowedup #worship #praise #kingdomculture #celebratinglife #initnotofit #standout #different #daretobedifferent #celebrate #newthing #awesome @tavian.anthony_
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Ashlee Johnson
1 weeks ago
turn_your_eyes_upon_jesus A true follower of christ will live in the world but they won't be a part of it. their hearts will have righteous anger toward worldliness. they will feel the oppression of it. they can't ignore it. they can't accept it. #opression #evil #worldly #initnotofit
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2 weeks ago
_blessed07_ Persecution won’t touch you if your life replicates those in the world—for there are no obstacles to average. but you will be rendered ineffective, no longer capable of taking ground for the kingdom. we live in a world that is completely contrary and even hostile to the kingdom of god. the flow of this world’s system is directly opposite the flow of god’s spirit. therefore, if you are truly living for the lord, you will suffer tribulation, affliction, and persecution. it’s the soldiers who are free and fighting to take enemy territory who come under fire from the enemy.▫️🔝👉john bevere👈🔝 ▫️ in battle/military terms as the saying goes "when you're taking flak, you're right over the target." the same can go for our spiritual walk as we follow jesus... those who walk with the world (go with the flow) face little to no resistance, but when we walk with jesus, we walk against the flow (the world & it's ways) our enemy, our source of resistance from many angles. usually, the more intense the battle/resistance, the greater the reward & victory! keep fighting & pressing on my friends, the king of glory is with us! when we get knocked down, we must get back up, victory is closer than we think. everything we need during our journey/trials/battles is found in him! he is our source, our victory is found in him alone. 🙏🕊🙏blessings and prayers to all! #initnotofit #notofthisworld
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2 weeks ago
romans12two_boutique 🎶 on the fourth day of christmas romans12twoboutique gave to me ... $12 graphic tees! check out the 12 days of christmas tab on our website, https://romans12twoboutique.com/12daysofchristmas/. limited quantities are available and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. happy shirt shopping! 🛍 #initnotofit #romans12twoboutique #freeshipping
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