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Таланты моего мужа поистине безграничны 🤗😁 он пишет музыку, и знает о её направлениях практически все! Я вижу музыку через Танец, и сразу представляю, какое движение можно сделать в этом моменте, а какое - лучше в этом 💃🏿 А он сразу раскладывает её на миллионы разных звуков и их оттенки, и может часами объяснять мне разницу между trap, chill step, speed garage и breaks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ И каждый раз я забываю про эти различия, и никогда сходу не смогу назвать, какие особенности именно у этого музыкального направления 😅😅🤦🏻‍♀️Вот так и живём 💗
Теперь это хорошее воспоминание о нашем отдыхе в Лигурии 🌊🌅 а ещё я участвую в итальянском квесте #banster_квест с крутыми подарками 😉
the masterpiece of my lovely husband 😍🌟
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Quit allowing fear and procrastination stop you from living your truth!!🙅🏻‍♀️
when you step away from doing what everyone else is doing, it’s not unusual for self-doubt to surface. it can literally make you freeze and i’ve definitely in that place of second guessing my choices!
giving up a steady pay check to start again is a scary proposition! there are days when you will question whether it would just be easier to go get a job and fit in with what society calls ‘normal’. after all, 40 hours a week ain’t that bad right?
well, um no. i’m mean sure, if you love what you’re doing, then gosh don’t stop! a good litmus test is whether you’d do it even if you weren’t getting paid. otherwise, please consider that your life is precious and that’s a hell of a lot of time to spend doing something unless you’re passionate af about it!
at the end of the day, it’s not easier! not by a long shot! because you’ll always have that nagging feeling that there’s something more out there. a different way to live that offers more freedom to express who you really are, more contribution, more fulfilment and feels aligned with your soul’s purpose on this earth.
they say there’s no greater pain than the regret of getting to the end of this life and wondering what could have been. knowing you let fear of the unknown get in the way of giving your dreams a red hot crack! and fear is really just a limiting belief which has you making up all the reasons (ahem, excuses 🙄) why you can’t, rather than why you can! it’s a sign that you’re on the edge of your comfort zone. if you’ll only trust and step through it, just on the other side, you’ll find an expanded reality. a bigger version of your blessed life waiting for you!
some people will love you for it, others will judge you for it and still more will downright hate you for it. what other people think of you is none of your business. just keep swimming in your own lane, surround yourself with people who tell you, yes you can (btw i’m so grateful for you guys, you know who you are!!💛) and relentlessly fight the temptation to follow the crowd 🐑
ask yourself today. what’s your truth?
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Good morning world! 🌤✨
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Dear ocean, you are amazing
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“strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway “ #fogdays #caribbeangirlr #inlovewithlife
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As part of a regular series, we ask pantarei practitioners from around the world, to share with us some insights into their life, their work and what flow means to them. this week, berlin based personal development and birth mentor and pantarei approach practitioner elise cederlund shares with us her experiences of being a practitioner and how it has become an integral part of her career. link in bio. thanks elise! ⠀
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I love this post. it made me laugh out loud and filled me with joy. #inlovewithlife #lml #livingingratitude
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Welcome to the amazing adventure that life is, sweet camilla. may you find all your heart desires.
🇮🇹benvenuta in questa meravigliosa avventura chiamata vita, camilla. che il tuo cuore possa sempre trovare ciò che desidera.
i fiocchi nascita sono sempre disponibili per la prenotazione: scrivimi per crearlo insieme!
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