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Do you ever wonder if your baby is getting enough? is she hungry...or is she full? 🙈⁣ .⁣ i used to go crazy wondering these same questions...(seriously, i was so obsessed with his feedings and giving him enough)⁣ .⁣ use baby’s hands as a guide to determine how hungry they are! their hands are almost like a gas gauge. ⁣ .⁣ next time you feed your little one, notice how her hands are tighter at the beginning of a feed, and sloooowly start to loosen. by the end of the feed, baby’s hand should be nice and relaxed! 😎 ⁣ .
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L’ottavo mese di gravidanza, è quel mese in cui la maggior parte delle mamme hanno già tutto il necessario per il proprio b***o e iniziano a comprare il mondo. caso ha voluto che combaciasse proprio con dicembre. il mese dei regali e degli acquisti.🤦🏻‍♀️ ieri io ed il tuo papà ci siamo adoperati per comprarti il nostro primo gioco. è stato difficile scegliere qualcosa che potesse essere adatto a te. ho sempre amato i giochi in legno . e così ti abbiamo comprato una piccola maracas. 🥰 la ricorderò per sempre. le nonne dicono che, dato il rumore, non è stata una grande idea🧸🎄😂
(il trenino invece è composto di altri vagoni ed era di un denis piccolino)
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G i v e a w a y !
it’s finally here, our very festive, christmas giveaway! 🎄
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The journey to this little human is full of excitement and fear. there is so much i have learned from having clara but having two little girls... that’s going to be a whole new ball game. i look back on these two lines and am so grateful i can do it all again - i’m just so very tired and will be for the next... well... foreseeable future anyway 😂🙈
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Flashback to this 💗 @tolkointeriors dream room ✔️✨ bedhead obsessed
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Let’s talk birth 🌼 remember - how our babies enter this world doesn’t define them (or us for that matter) it’s not something that’s going to determine where or how far they’ll go in life. it’s not going to effect their relationships or be the reason they don’t get that job. ‘sorry john we aren’t able to give you the position because you didn’t come out of your mum’s vagina’ 🙄you are not a failure because you didn’t go ‘natural’ or nor are you weak because you asked for that epidural. wether you laboured for 3 hours 8 hours or 2 days or maybe you didn’t even go into labour and had a scheduled c section you are still a boss a$$ bitch! 🙌🏽it is so unfortunate how many mumma’s beat themselves up over their birthing experiences. i see so many woman worry about ‘choosing the easy way out’ if they book in for a csection or stress if it doesn’t go how they had planned.. with both my babies i had a caesarean. emergency with zyla & elective with huxley. when it comes to a caesarean, in my opinion... it’s not the easy way out at all😐. my birthing journey with zyla was so different with huxley. with zyla i was scared! i was uneducated & my experience traumatised and brought about so much anxiety.!when i was pregnant with huxley of course i had days i felt like i should just give it another try, ‘ what if this time was different’ of course i wanted to feel what it was like to experience the one thing us woman are ‘made’ to do 🌞 but never once did i feel like i was a failure. i still grew my babies, i nourished them with my body, i carried them for 10 long months & my children are happy and healthy, they are thriving and they are loved & that has nothing to do with how they were birthed 👶🏽.. having control over the decision on how i wanted to bring huxley into the world was the best decision i could of made for myself, my mental health & for my baby & that’s all that matters 🙋🏼‍♀️. always listen to your gut mumma’s & always do what’s best for you & your baby no matter what anyone says. wether your baby comes out of your hoohaa or tummy! take pride in your journey, don’t compare & always believe in yourself 😘 you got this 👊🏼 #csection #pregnancy #pregnancydiary
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Santa baby ❤️
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Zapraszam na sesje ciążowe @insta_mamyandzi 📷 #pregnant#ciąża#momtobe#inspirepregnancy#mojewszystko#pregnancy#fotografslubny#jestembojestes#mamawdwupaku#motherhood#brzuchatka#brzuszek#pregnantstyle#rodzew2019#polishgirl#warszawa#polskadziewczyna#polishmum#instamama#instamatki#selfie#mirrorselfie#instadziecko#babybump#pregnantbelly#momlife#matkapolka#momtobe#pregnancydiary#pregnancyfashion
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@mightymultiples - 32 weeks in, 32 weeks out! this is a big milestone for multiples mamas. i truly can’t believe the triplets all fit in my belly just 8 months ago ... the picture on the left was my last ultrasound before my c-section. i swore i was going to throw that tank top away... it was basically the only thing that still fit and i was so sick of it 😂. my belly was huge, but looking at these babies now it is totally surreal. 😍 i don’t think i will ever fully wrap my head around the triplet pregnancy experience! ❤️👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼. during this postpartum period, i have focused on self-love and giving myself some grace. i have learned that i have to be honest about my feelings, and to acknowledge when i’m struggling. i have learned to ask for help, and that accepting help is not weakness. i have learned that even though brad and i are both giving our all, there will still be things undone. i try to tell him “thank you” for all he does (which is a lot!) at least 5 times a day. i have learned, above all, to differentiate between what is in my control and what isn’t. my postpartum advice would be to embrace new experiences, give yourself grace, eat healthy, and practice gratitude. what postpartum advice can you share?
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Dzień dobry! przyznam się wam szczerze, że powoli zaczynam odczuwać stres..., chyba dociera do mnie, że już niebawem tyleeeee się w naszym życiu zmieni...oczywiście na plus, natomiast, jak wiadomo i udowodniono nie jeden raz, nawet pozytywne wydarzenia (pojawienie się dziecka, przeprowadzka do lepszego domu, awans w pracy, ślub itp.) powodują, że możemy odczuwać stres...taki stres nazywa się eustres - i dokładnie taki właśnie ja obecnie odczuwam 🌝
miłego dnia życzę i zmykam na aromatyczną, świąteczną kawę😘👍☕🎁🎄
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Thank you all for your lovely messages, this little community of mamas and women is one thing i absolutely love about instagram.
a little update: i came into hospital at 11pm last night after an hour of contracting every 2 and a half minutes for 50 seconds. they gave painkillers and waited an hour. i was still contracting every two minutes at this stage. i had a dose of steroids to mature baby’s lungs and u****s relaxants to ease contractions. they have slowed and are still irregular at this point so another dose of steroids tonight. i won’t be released until they have stopped or until she is born. it’s such a scary thought having a baby so early but i know we are in the best place if it does happen. but she flipped last night, she has dropped and engaged which means if labour persists no need for a c section! trying to stay positive and writing out my thoughts helps, but i can’t help but to feel emotional right now.
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Another fantastic review for our raffi travel system! you can find out more on the raffi using the link in our bio.
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Before and after. first pic was taken 2 days before my labour started and the second is at 2 weeks postpartum. it’s incredible how the body recovers so amazingly. mind you ive had no chance to even think about doing exercises or anything for myself with a needy, very restless newborn so this is literally just the body doing its own thing. 🙌 hers to the female body, it’s bloody amazing! 😜
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✨h e l l o b a b y ✨
yesterday evening we welcomed our littlest (not so little 🙊)love, dexter jay smith into the world. he is absolutely perfect! this mumma is floating on cloud 9, soaking up all of his squishy snuggles ❤️
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