Tabatha Edwards
2 minutes ago
#repost @dp4k.m ・・・ #repost @wildlifesos in yet another horrifying incident indicating intolerance towards wildlife, a female #slothbear and her 10 week old cub were electrocuted on the periphery of sanjay-dubri tiger reserve, located in sidhi district of madhya pradesh. the orphaned baby bear that surprisingly survived the shock was found clutching his dying mother tightly and nursing from her, unable to comprehend what had happened. the young cub has been transferred to the #agrabearrescuefacility which has a specialized medical and cub weaning facility, where our expert veterinarians will be able to help the cub overcome his trauma and grow into a healthy happy bear! please help us spread the word and donate for his lifetime care; link in bio. #instaanimal #wildlifesos #babybear #mamabear #wildliferescue #instabear #antipoaching #bearcub #babyanimals #cutenessalert #helphim #donatenow #
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Cute Pet Club
20 minutes ago
‪from @astagram.japan: "reminder is persistent😂! ・‬ ‪・‬ ‪ねえねえ、‬ ‪なんでもいいけど‬ ‪勝手に手を止めるの‬ ‪よしてくれる🙄? ・‬ ‪・‬ ‪minmi" #cutepetclub
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24 minutes ago
phopaws Deland annual dog parade tomorrow! join me for the fun! 🎉🤗🐾
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Working Dogs Of Instagram
31 minutes ago
workingdogsofig Social media has diluted a lot of what is important in working dog training. everybody is trying to be the coolest m**********r on instagram. lately i have seen people doing some absolutely ridiculous things with dogs that were not only lacking purpose, but things that completely bypassed the proper building and proofing of a dog and their work. do not train only to obtain content, do not spend time strictly with your dog to pose them for cool photos, and do not inject your dog prematurely into a situation that is not applicational to their purpose or appropriate for proofing of their training simply for likes. it's easy to lose sight of the fundamental importance that is held within the foundation of obedience, control, focus (on both the part of the dog and the handler), and above all- the gradual and ethical building of a dog in their work. dog training shouldn't be a "dog and pony show" (pun intended) that is done solely for showmanship. if you can't explain how or why what you're doing has application, then you shouldn't be doing it. there is nothing cool about breaking a dog or putting a dog in a position to bite that is fear based.
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amazingrajasthan गौ प्रभात... जय गौमाता राष्ट्रमाता #gaumata #rajasthan #mother #milk #calf #picoftheday #instagood #instaanimal #natgeo #instacow
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