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We are cyclical beings. we like repetition, we like patterns - so it is only natural that our tendencies repeat themselves - even we when outgrow them, even when they no longer serve us. it takes awareness and presence to notice what our patterns are and make a shift.
i spent a long time repeating the same negative mantas in my head. i sat in some pretty s****y feelings until i got to the point where i no longer recognized myself. i had to come back to home base. i made an effort to be aware of my thoughts and determine which ones i needed to release in order to become more aligned and centered. what thought patterns need to go? can i shift the way i look at situations to make myself happier, less stressed, more at peace? can i speak to myself more kindly? can i let go of all this pressure to be perfect?
next time you’re feeling upset or angry or annoyed, try taking a step back. name each emotion you’re feeling without judgement. ask yourself if there is another way you can view the situation. take a walk. come back to it later. put your peace and happiness before all else. slowly start to shift your lens. create new patterns and let the other ones fall behind you. it will happen slowly sometimes, and all at once other times. take each step forward as a victory. you got this ✨
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Creative self-expression is the ultimate form of healing✨⠀
the more i learn about the connection between our emotional and physical bodies, the more i realize how deeply we all need to express ourselves, just a lil' bit more (or, ya know, maybe a lot more).⠀

how often do you hold back tears when you feel emotions swelling up inside?⠀

how frequently do you avoid stating your needs for fear of inconveniencing someone else?⠀

how long have you been keeping yourself from engaging in any kind of play or art because the story you tell yourself is something along the lines of "that's not something i do"?⠀

every time you express yourself, whether it's verbally, emotionally, physically, or artistically, you create a shift in energy. and every time you avoid that expression, you block the flow of energy.⠀

but what you resist persists, and eventually, that energy's going to manifest in the form of:⠀
🔹chronic pain⠀
🔹recurring illness ⠀
🔹unexplained feelings of sadness⠀
🔹losing your s**t on your partner for no apparent reason⠀

...annnd i could go on and on.⠀

the reason i say creative self-expression is the ultimate form of healing is because it's relatively safe. the social stakes are low, and we don't have to learn to verbalize our emotions (yet).⠀

draw. dance. sing. make messy art. paint a messy picture. allow your feelings, thoughts, and emotions to move through your chosen medium.⠀

and then watch as you start to find the healing you're seeking...💛[📸 @adyrdaphotography]⠀
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If you have any questions on living closer to zero waste, drop em below! i love to chat about it 🤓
even if you think bulk shopping sounds inconvenient you can’t deny the fact that it looks so clean and beautiful compared to cans and boxes of food 😬 i’m looking forward to a day when my shelves are full of these bad boys and all beautifully arranged. but for now….well, my kitchen has no shelves, just one we bought and we have no actual counters either haha. you’d think i lived smack dab in the middle of the city with the size kitchen i have but no we don’t 😂 manifesting an amazing kitchen in my dreams though 💭
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sunday mood 🤩🤩🤩!
joe and i saw ‘a star is born’ for the 2nd time this afternoon and are now watching lady gaga’s netflix documentary while cooking a delicious dinner. i think it’s safe to say i’m a converted gaga fan 😂.
side (somewhat cheesy) note: even the most rich and famous have fears of not being loved or belonging. another reason to be kind to everyone you come in contact with no matter what 💕- you never know the back story they could be carrying around with them.
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Thought provoking words today.
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Do more of what makes you happy—that's how i plan on living through this jam-packed week.

when you work for yourself you get to decide what's next. every day. every year. i'm already thinking about 2019. it's a huge (scary) responsibility, but it's also a thrill.

sometimes i'm so into what i'm working on that i let my down time/quiet time/self care slide because i can't stop (won't stop!) and just turn off for the night.

something i'm learning: balance your dreams with your needs right now. combine chasing your goals with rest.

on full weeks i know i need to give myself space to do more of what makes me happy (and clock out on time!). down time takes priority: hot yoga, reading, movies, friends, family. work hard, play hard—right?

what makes you happy? what are you going to do more of this week? 🙋♀☕
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Major 🔑 alert 🚨 : if you make your food visually appealing you will be more mindful, enjoy preparing and eating it more, it will contain more love and good vibrations, therefore it will be healthier, you will digest it easier, and be more likely to prepare food more often. facts. #truecooks #foodart #fooddiary #huffposttaste #thekitchn #buzzfeast #foodphotography #foodbloggers #foodforfoodies #appetitejournal #foodaddict #wellnessjourney #mindbodygreen #iamwellandgood #holisticwellness #holistichealthcoach #holisticliving #intuitiveliving #healthmatters #mindbodygram #greenlifestyle
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Either you run monday or monday runs you. did you know monday is said to be the highest day of the week for a heart attack?! it’s the beginning of a new week, a fresh start so start your week with momentum. the way your day will go is usually determined by the first hour after you wake up. take some time for you, journal, meditate if you can, set positive intentions for the week, go for a walk, stretch, breathe and raise that frequency! turn your light on and let it shine bright 🤩🙌 #mondaymotivation
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Panera has a new series called food interrupted to learn about food policy issues. i partnered with them to learn more! did you know plant-based eating can have a positive impact on people’s health and the environment? 🌿 in episode 1, kevin curry from @fitmencook teamed with @panerabread to bring #meatlessmondays into a firehouse to help prevent heart disease in firefighters. 🚒this week, i’m dedicating one day to eating plant-based. thanks to panera's plant-based section, i ordered the lentil broth bowl and a salad. 🥙 #foodinterrupted #meatlessmonday #ad
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▪développement spirituel 💓▪
extrait du livre : "un homme debout" de franck lopvet
《la souffrance est de "l'ignorance". c'est ce qui se passe à chaque fois. à chaque fois qu'on souffre, c'est parce qu'on ne sait pas ce qui est en train de nous arriver. après, il y a la douleur physique, qui est en fait l'énergie qui cherche un moyen de circuler par elle-même et qui force la guérison. l'expérience de la maladie permet en fait la guérison. on tombe malade parce qu'on est en train de guérir. la maladie est un symptôme de notre guérison.
ensuite, il y a les événements qui surviennent dans ta vie et qui peuvent générer de la souffrance. et là, en fait, c'est l'angle de vue avec lequel tu choisis de regarder qui crée de la souffrance. c'est l'ignorance de ce qui est réellement en train de se passer à une autre échelle qui créer de la souffrance.
et puis, il y a "l'expérience". l'expérience, ça c'est la vie de tous les jours. il y a des gens qui choisissent tous les jours de regarder leur vie comme étant des "victimes" et qui essaient de justifier leur point de vue en étant victime des autres.
et puis, il y a ceux qui essaient de comprendre ce qu'ils regardent, c'est-à-dire la forme de leur vie, est la simple expression de leurs mouvements intérieurs. quand la vie m'agresse, cela correspond à l'agression que j'ai de moi vers moi à l'intérieur de moi. quand je tombe sur des cons à tout bout de champ, c'est que je suis en déni par rapport à ma propre "connerie intérieure". quand je tombe sur des fachos, c'est parce que mon "fascisme intérieur" n'est pas reconnu. et ainsi de suite, c'est assez simple finalement.
s'éloigner de la souffrance, c'est complètement vain, personne n'a jamais réussi à s'éloigner de la souffrance, c'est justement une velléité de contrôle complètement fausse, on ne peut pas y arriver ! celui qui te dit : "je vais t'éloigner de la souffrance", est un menteur.》
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Hey wellness seekers...we spend more than half of the hours we are awake at work, which over the years translates to spending most of our lives at work or working to get an income. imagine if you don't like that job?
so...can you have a job you hate and still be happy? what do you think? let me know in the comments👇👇 have a great day, good to be back😘 .
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Join me tomorrow on facebook to hear all about this kit and it’s freaking awesome contents. ⠀⠀
this deeply discounted kit is packed with savings, and vibrant oils you can’t get anywhere else. from the essential oil beginner to the expert, there’s an oil to fit your needs. ⠀⠀
i’ll be going live tomorrow highlighting yarrow pom an incredible full body support essential oil that needs to be in everyone’s home. you don’t want to miss this!! .
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“in de tuin van je gedachten laat je geen onkruid groeien”
probeer je gedachten te zien als een droomtuin, je laat er liever mooie bloemen groeien dan onkruid. zo werkt het ook met je gedachten. een hoofd vol zorgen of negatieve gedachten, heeft geen ruimte meer voor dromen, liefde en een positief gevoel. #dekrachtvangedachten #kracht #gedachten #dromen #liefde #positiviteit #dreams #dreamscometrue #love #zelfliefde #selflove #positief #positive #positivevibes #positivity #spiritualiteit #souljourney #loveandlight #soulconnection #innerpeace #heartandsoul #intuitiveliving #hoogsensitief #zielsmissie #lichtwerk #lightworker #spiritueel #sensitive #heldervoelend #balans
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{day 21: intuition}
when you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense. // kahlil gibrán
i’m learning to rely on my intuition more + more. to know that it’s the deep, sacred, quiet place inside of me that is connected to truth, spirit, magic, ancestors, nature, the divine.
intuition is the place of knowing, but not explaining. her way of knowing is secret, and yet, discoverable. she’s not just a feeling, but an honest sensing.
only heard when we slow down, breathe, listen, and sense what our own soul is saying to us.
and the darker months of the year are the perfect environment to practice this sacred spiritual way of living intuitively. .
what might your intuition be whispering to you in the dark?
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🌀 how do you protect your vibrational space? 🌀
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The second part of this akashic records reading talks about the atlantis people. that was a surprise to me! i thought it was a disney movie. lol⁣

once upon a time, the atlantians have had access to all the sacred knowledge to create heaven on earth. in fact, what they created was very, very close to what you'd consider as heaven. they had special technologies long forgotten by humans, but now they are coming back, you see. they are coming back to humans as never before your access to the akashic records is one of the special powers, for they can interpret the past, present, and future through a special lense, a birds-eye view, as you huamns say. they understand how they connect to the greater universe.⁣
why did they fall, you ask? unofrutnately, the rise of their special tehnoclogy and power was faster than their level of consciousness. so, through greed and misuse of their power, they destroyed themselves along with the special technologies. ⁣
this human race was close to destroying itself, too. however, there was a cluster of souls coming to earth to save itself (you are on one of them) from this total destruction. along with many lightworkers, as you are seeing and meeting more and more of them. you together will tilt the balance of the earth to the other side. so, more and more, you will devote your time and energy to shift the consciousness of humanity, starting with these readings.
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Are you really lost about the direction your life is going? unsure about whether you should change careers or start that business you've been talking about for years? are you wondering , what if? maybe you are just after some reassurance. ⠀⠀
if you find yourself asking these questions all of the time, i can help you. i offer intuitive readings and can help you find answers to questions you continue to ask yourself. during an intuitive reading i will work with tarot, use my intuitive skills as well as working with spirit to help guide you in areas of your life where you seek answers and reassurance. ⠀⠀
i am taking bookings for private readings both online and in person. if you would like to book please inbox our page or alternatively head to our website. ⠀⠀
sarah ag xx .
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Today’s #value is #learning. it can be utterly seductive so you will stop everything else, or it can be something you are told to do or else. still. you have been learning all your life and you are pretty good at it. what you learned made your life deeper, broader, wider or it just made you howl with laughter and that also works. keep doing it. keep the curiosity, the search, the willingness to try something out looking s****d the first time you do it. allow that immersion where everything else fades away and you emerge a different person.
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I just made a shift in the super yoga palace schedule. i wish i could say that this change has something to do with this picture but it doesn’t. i just really like horses and i suppose i’m manifesting an equine branch of the palace through this post. anyhow, the shift has been coming for awhile and i welcomed it today with open arms. the syp community was asking to slow down, to be nourished differently, for more breath work + energy balancing, so we shifted. timing seems right on. with elections and holidays drawing near, we need grounding, peace, calm and clarity. coming back to our breath is a good thing, practicing next to our neighbor keeps us connected to each other and more compassionate with one another. to see our class updates check out the @superyogapalace ig story this evening 💗
photo @bigskybandits
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Sometimes the road ahead looks rocky, steep, treacherous and hard...
there may be storms brewing in the distance and although you can see them coming for you, you have to prepare and push on through them even though they will wet you, make you cold and miserable.
you must carry on... carry on until you see that rainbow again, and although sometimes that rainbow is not visible and you find yourself doubting if it even exists, you can only go one way in search of it...
that way is forward, one must keep moving forward, despite all odds, looking for that rainbow, the sun and the feeling of warmth and comfort.
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Signs from angels are all around. but you have to be in the present and look for them. while traveling today, all of a sudden it saw this circular rainbow. my pictures do not do it justice. it was absolutely amazing. this little rainbow danced through the clouds and then disappeared. i’m not sure if anyone else saw it but i just to capture it and send gratitude to wherever it came from. it was a small surprise during a stressful travel day. ✨

🙏🏼 what signs have you noticed? ⬇️please share below.
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I just love working with the angels for intuitive client readings to channel life guidance in a soft, yet profoundly powerful way.
some stuff about me:
•oracle guide with colette baron-reid
•certified angel and tarot card reader™ through iaap
•certified angel card reader™ by doreen virtue •blue seal mediumship certification by carmel joy baird
•certified law of attraction practitioner •certified crystal reader by doreen virtue
•certified cjb facilitator for carmel joy baird
•traditional usui reiki 1st degree practitioner
•biddy tarot courses
•oracle training with kristy kilik
•empowerment & psychic development with kristy kilik
•angelic mediumship & mentoring with iaap •fairyologist by doreen virtue
•realm reader with doreen virtue
please include your question during checkout. available in our etsy store!
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I used to think flowers were a waste of money

truth be told, i actually have come to really love getting flowers / roses 💐

i love to smell them & i love to admire them as i walk by

do you love fresh flowers / roses?!?
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Do you notice a difference in how your kids relate when nature is involved? 🌿
how siblings learn how to relate to each other can shape how they form relationships as they grow. 🌿
not all siblings are going to be similar in personality or have perfect relationships. but helping them find ways to connect with each other and to work through differences will pay off in dividends for them down the road. 🌿
bonding over our shared love of nature, our common curiosities, and our need to get out and explore, has helped shape these two in positive ways for sure. 🌿
my two are opposite in so many ways but sitting here sharing their finds, all is good with the world. when we can find a common ground the differences don’t seem to matter as much anymore. 🌿
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