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Bom dia povooo! vamos começar o dia agradecendo a deus por nos permitir fazer parte da geração que vai virar o mundo de cabeça para baixo!!! fomos chamados para levar o evangelho para toda e qualquer criatura. poder entregar as pessoas o que cristo entregou quando veio a terra, é extraordinário. #itsallaboutjesus #fireguards
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melbourne east
check your view, a small filter pulls us away from the big faith god has destined us for. think big, don’t hold back!

“arise, jerusalem! let your light shine for all to see. for the glory of the lord rises to shine on you.”
‭‭isaiah‬ ‭60:1‬ ‭nlt‬‬

it’s go time!

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This is the conclusion of the matter. the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom; keeping his commands - his word, instructions-is wisdom itself.
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Its time to turn the page and start writting a defferent story.
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It's on tomorrow, are you ready?? #endlesspraise #worshipnight #itsallaboutjesus
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Just added to our line up for the festival. @janetmanyowa
she recently launched her amazing grateful album. join her on the 3rd of november at the zimpraise international gospel & music festival.

save the date 3 november
save your money: it’s free!
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Put your "fins" together for isla...our student of the week! she wants to be ariel for trunk -n- treat! 🧜🏽‍♂️🧜‍♀️💦🏝🌊does your student of the week have a favorite disney princess? comment some emojis and see if we can guess which one it is 🤔😆
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i love thirsday nights!!!!!!! i get to gather with my community group from church. we have a meal together. we talk about what's going on in our lives and we pray for each other.
having this group of people in my life has been the greatest blessing.
this is just a few of the ladies, we were missing several tonight. and we didn't take pics with the boys.
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We are on night 4 our our "jesus is" series at milo. even as i teach, i am renewed in my awe of who jesus is, and what he has done. it's been a ton of work, but a huge blessing. ⠀

thank you jesus for who you are and who you say we are! ⠀
~pastor chad reisig⠀

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Amazing article that inspires us to rethink halloween and live on mission for jesus in our everyday mom lives. tell us your plans or how your halloween will be different this year in light of the gospel.
#repost @saturatetheworld ・・・
there are many ways to creatively and intentionally engage in mission this halloween. as you make the finishing touches on your costume, why not consider doing more than just handing out candy.
read ideas from @jeffvanderstelt here (clickable link in bio) https://saturatetheworld.com/2018/10/16/on-mission-this-halloween/
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▪️don’t ever think god is just sitting watching you struggle. he’s always on the move. ▪️ nunca pienses que dios solo está sentado mirándote luchar. él siempre está en movimiento. #strengthplusdignity #godisonthemove #hesworking #christianlifestyle #god #jesus #jesusfollower #itsallaboutjesus #motivation #inspiration
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Why should i complain while am breathing
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😂🍂☺️ nothing matters in eternity other than what jesus has done for us. #itsallaboutjesus
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Renewd love for one
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Come be the church with us. join us for mid-week gathering at
lightbulb coffee in la mesa.
thursdays @ 6:30 pm.
#growinlove .
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