3 hours ago
cant_stop_run Коли людині залишається жити недовго, то саме тоді вириваються емоційні шедеври! Такою видалась ця платівка💣 Жаль, що так сталось, але хлопці поки радують новими творіннями! Переслуховую у flac форматі🎶🔥#metal #cantstop #itsnowornever #ukraine #nowmorethanever #halfmarathon #marathon #training #running #workout #failureisnotanoption #triathlon #nothingisimpossible #Лубни #Пирятин #Новооржицьке #novoorzhitske #yahawolf
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Michelina's FIT Connection
8 hours ago
What's your fitness? message me and we can find out what your fitness is!!! today i decided on some dancing!!!! no weights required just a whole lot of fun! #nevermissamonday #motivationmonday #killinitmonday
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Stories from Life on the Road
11 hours ago
itsnoworneverinsta In the beginning we were pretty tired. because, like most new bikepackers, we didn't have anything in common with velo-sportsmen. we didn't go to gym and didn't run in the mornings. that is why we started from slow 30-40km per day, considering that we were pedaling from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. the road was almost flat, and this was its problem. wind in the face and monotone fields just made it worth. ~ but, at least, being tired we could fall asleep at 8pm, after the most tasty dinners in my life, even though we ate just pasta with tuna or rice with vegetables, and vice versa. and after a month, nothing hurt anymore – we got used. ~ when, for the first time, i got scared of the dog, barking and running to me from the roadside house, i turned my bicycle towards the highway and heard rodrigo screaming behind: «the truck!» i managed to hide from a passing-by lorry, but rodrigo looked at me very seriously and very firmly said: «never do this again. it's better you get bitten by a dog, then hit by a truck» ~ like this i lost my fear of dogs, calmly slowing down every time they were chasing me on the road. ~ it took much more time to fight the fear of people.... ~ #itsnowornever #bikepacking #mountains #travelfree #argentina #tafidelvalle #road #backpackerlife #backpackerstory #nomads #travelnow #travelbook #travelife #travelvibes #travelsolo #travelstory #adventurers #adventuregirls #girltravel #wanderlustlife #wanderlusttribe #bloger #peoplechange #thetravellingfriends
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11 hours ago
meg.b.fitness Never miss a monday! 😉🍑 made a decision and a commitment this week to get up early and make time for my morning routine •aka• me time // holiday week and all // 💁🏼‍♀️ #noexcuses #itsnowornever i am ready to show myself how strong and resilient i truly am 🤘🏼i feel ohso good especially since i was cleared medically (after 2 weeks) to do more than low impact workouts 🙌🏼 and my b***y + legs are def on 🔥 🔥 🔥 i feel like i function best when i get going first thing in the morning and found it sets me up for a great day. i feel better so i perform better 💃🏻 remember the true power of making a decision and how you can use it as a tool to change your life at any moment! #juststart and #commit ✨✌🏼💋
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Sabrine Antunes
14 hours ago
antunessabrine é hoje! desafio 30 dias de comida de verdade , no foco , sem jacadas e sem dia do lixo! #boralá #whole30 #superaçao #itsnowornever #dieta+treino
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🍃 • ANDI • 🍃
19 hours ago
selfawarenesshustler • blog • so i have been writing for a while and creating a blog because my story must be told but i have been too chicken to make it live. every time i think it’s good to go my perfectionism slaps me and says that it looks like s**t and i tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak and it’s still not good enough so i decided that friday 25th november i am going to just take the leap and launch it no matter what and hope that somehow i can swallow the nerves that have kept me from sharing my story and my hustle through life. #nervous #itsnowornever #freakingthefuckout
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상서로울 서 | 진실로 윤
19 hours ago
sy_911207 지금의선택이내미래를좌우할걸아니까 | 후... 지속되어야하는 표정관리😑😶 타이밍 보는중🕗 #testingthewaters #공과사 #구분하기 #어렵다 #인생은타이밍 #현명하게 #itsnowornever
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Crystal Myers Springer
three_gingymuffins Christmas jammies and decorating. my favoritest night out of the entire year. #christmas2017 #wemightbemoving #sowedecoratedearly #itsnowornever
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