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Don’t u wanna b a deegee too?? ü #iykyk
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‪with visits to @angiemartinez, @breakfastclubam, @funkflex and @drinkchamps, @kingpush is pushing #daytona with #iykyk as its lead single by performing it on @jimmykimmellive and recently releasing its music video! #thewyomingsessions #soundcloud‬ link in bio!
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Rough day #iykyk
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Watermelon #iykyk 😂
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Water shoes>>>>>>white top #iykyk
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You’ve been patient with me the past 2 years while i’ve been away at school and i couldn’t be more grateful. thanks for always pushing me to focus, work hard and do well in school, for putting up with my jackazness and letting me cry/ vent to you about how white i’m getting. you’re the #travelpahtnah i’ve been waiting for!😘 “so let’s go o o o o”🎶🎵 #nerd☝🏽 #iykyk #reid&laura #unagi #pokebowlpokebowl
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You already know. but really, i want to let all you beautiful people know that the summer is officially here! @hunter_neck and i are excited for the changing seasons that come with new opportunities. today, i received some incredible news that makes me feel so blessed and optimistic. hunter started a wonderful job in the world of finance. our creator is so good, and what we create in this world should reflect his goodness. 💫✨🌎🍃
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My song #iykyk
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Teas were sipped, castles were explored, and accents were faked. #hightea #whentheclockstrikes4 #iykyk
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Another day in the backyard playing with silver jumpy things #snook#tarpon#bluegill#iykyk#riplilpump😔
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Went to wales, saw some mollusks, em felt right at home. #iykyk
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Honestly it's hard to tell which one of us is the palest🤷‍♀️ #hbic #iykyk
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Happy birthday to my jersey girl. love you lots ❤️ hope today is sausage #iykyk
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Hey. i think you’re really cool. i like you a lot. maybe we could... hang out or somethinggg #iykyk
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