Leilani Leger
6 hours ago
leilanileger808 "you can call me a loser , but it won't make you a winner😪 - #iykyk
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Shaniya akiona😻💖
7 hours ago
shaniiya.a "everytime i see you i'm more convinced we belong together." 😔💘 #iykyk
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8 hours ago
taytayk_ What, u tink u good enough fo one killa local girl like leihua?! 😂👊🏽 #iykyk
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Keli'i Isaiah Mawae
8 hours ago
mawae808 These majorcraft rods are 🔨, they make fighting ukus, uluas, and omilus such a rush! ___________________________ #iykyk #maui #hawaii
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8 hours ago
titah.cece To everyone out there, if you gonna talk to me n***a actually talk don't put me to the side cause i gotta lot of ppl putting me to the side. wise tf up here 🤦🏽‍♀️👑 #iykyk
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B U D A H K A I ✌ 😆
9 hours ago
Well wat do u kno 😏..... today makes exactly 1 year since dat day at edge🙈❤️❤️ ..... @kena.buu @nicoleeyoung_ @elijahgonsalvess @lahelasoto @isskyyz @ koa these are da people who experienced dis special moment wen i met dis beautiful young respectful lady michelle elaine underwood ..... so i caught da bus to da bypass and sprinted🏃🏽up to edge witch is about a mile or lil shorter and got there in 3 mins. and 15 sec. which is pretty fast #iykyk ..... den @elijahgonsalvess #profanity#fcknkook 😂😂found me at da bottom of edge and told me "kylen! hoi did u see michelle yet¿! come wit me she's looking for u¿" .....(pt1)
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university of georgia ✰ ΓΦΒ
11 hours ago
hannah.boykin This game went wayyy better than my last :') #iykyk
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