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I've been watching joan of arcadia in my religion class and lemme tell y'all it contains many soft boistm

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“i put my armor on, show you how strong i am” sia - unstoppable /t: me pongo mi armadura, te mostraré qué tan fuerte soy /h: #illustration #sia #lyrics #joanofarcadia #inspiration #armor #drawing
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Só existe um de você no mundo, então seja você mesmo 🤗
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"joan of arcadia " 2005
wentworth miller /ryan hunter young and beautiful 💙💙💙
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So you live in columbus ohio. you have dreams to be an actor, model, social media star, anything but whatever one else is doing in columbus ohio :-). how do you break in to that space especially when you hear it so competitive and everyone’s doing it in all that horseshit the people feed you.
the truth is when i owned the identity talent agency i met a lot of people from out of town that had already established their personal and professional brand even though they had made much money, or become famous. i can remember there was a show on the air on abc call joan of arcadia and they were looking for a female friend to the lead that was a bit male and a bit female. my agency had found a girl in chicago that was performing at second city out there. she’s been doing local market place and doing well with that. she was well trained and very competent but she didn’t have the look that hollywood typically looks for. her name is becky wahlstrom and if you ever watch the show you knew her because she was the girl that was the best friend that everyone was wondering if she was a lesbian or she was straight.
she laid a foundation of work way before she came to los angeles which allowed her to compete in the marketplace and because of a really interesting look and unusual delivery she stood out from the crowd and book a series on a major network. listen to me tell you how to start the same thing that becky did wherever you live. also watch the full version on my youtube channel. -
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Well if you’re not going to stream it, i’ll just buy it used from ebay and not report that i received a bonus disk from s2 wedged inbetween dvd’s! #joanofarcadia
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God friended me is a great new show on cbs. an atheist podcaster, son of a preacher, is friended on facebook and contacted relentlessly by someone calling himself/herself god. god directs him to previously unknown people, projects, places. while he and friends investigate who is pulling this prank on him, amazing connections are made and lives are changed. skepticism and wonder ensue. following the inner, spiritual guidance of the mahanta, the living eck master of eckankar.org, for me, is often like some of the experiences the characters in this show have happen for them. if you enjoyed joan of arcadia, you may enjoy this, too. #godfriendedme #joanofarcadia #facebook #tvshows #tvshow #god #friended #cbs #atheists #atheist #spiritualguide #spiritual #guide #guidance #direction #spiritualdirection #helpingothers #servingothers #service #eckankar #eck #mahanta #livingeckmaster
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With the wonderful @jason_ritter ... #joanofarcadia #parenthood
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Holy moly! >>> regrann from @mageina - early #tbt ❤️ #joanofarcadia #nerds @cbstv @cbstv studios - #regrann
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Early #tbt ❤️ #joanofarcadia #nerds @cbstv @cbstv studios
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Joe's character 'will girardi' from joan of arcadia, was ranked # 40 in tv guide's list of the "50 greatest tv dads of all time" (20 june 2004 issue). #joemantegna #willgirardi #criminalminds #joanofarcadia #actor #acting #television #film #theater #celebrity #tvdads #tvguide #davidrossi
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"wreck of the day"
by anna nalick
i'm coming across really great songs that articulate feelings at the end of a relationship. this is not relevant to my current moment, but i want to post them. if it's helpful to someone, good. may it be a comfort to you possibly. unraveling the ball of emotion into words you can form and expel >> out!

poetry is like putting my ball of stuff like dough through a pasta machine. it becomes something i can form and move, add salt, season and consume and maybe my body will accept it this time around in the new form, same stuff, with sauce. not overwhelming and dense. with the option to reclaim it noodle by noodle, slowly in bite sized pieces. strengthening me. (there's nutrients in this here dough..) contextual spark: joan of arcadia season 2 episode 20.
link to song in bio.

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#tbt 2004 sister lily waters, a skateboarding former nun who got to fall in love with @jason_ritter !! i mean, look at those blonde extensions!! #joanofarcadia i love being an actress and getting to play all these kooky characters!!
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