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I hope you guys enjoyed the videos i posted! hope you guys find something that’ll make you happy today or tomorrow! here’s a picture of donghyuk to scream over about lol
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I woke up really early since i really tried to sleep earlier than usual, but now every one still asleep 🥺 it’s 6:42am so if you wanna talk! please comment and tell me anything you wanna say!
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Y’all,,,, look at this baby 🥺🥺 hes so pure 🥺🥺♥️♥️
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Luckiest baby konic 😚
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Y’all, what’s the longest fruit in the world?
114 12,326 4 hours ago
Junhoe as a durian lmaoooooooo look at bobby trying to copy him, ill be posting ikon as fruits that they did in idol room lol
69 6,997 4 hours ago
Chanwoos always gonna be a baby in my eyes, like look at him
41 7,777 4 hours ago
Yunhyeongs so cute, he over exaggerates his and then jinhwan goes “thats my pose” and then yunhyeong gave an even more exaggerated calamansi pose ejneiwnsj
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Just being honest but hanbin hot as f**k and ain’t no one ever gonna change my mind periodt
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