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First i'd like to give a special shoutout to my man william or @ lil_bean_march who is brand new to instagram so give him some love and give him a kind welcome to the ig as well being able to see his 1992-1997 nissan march a# (a-sharp, e-hk11), one of my jdm favorites. the nissan march made it's original japan debut in october 1982 as a replacement to the cherry (1970-86, it was sold in europe too until 86) and was sold in the supermini class, in asia this car was the march but in europe it was the micra and america never got this car. in january 1992, the march went gen 2 and saw improvements such as 3 new fuel injected and 1 diesel engine (the 1989 march super turbo had fi but that was a limited production car), a stronger & safer body/chassis and finally everything was optional and i mean everything including abs & airbags. this car was the first japanese car to win the european car of the year award which was one of the many awards it won. this car is known as the a sharp which if i remember correctly was one of the lower trims and all i remember about it is these are the worst seats i've ever sat in for comfort. power was the 77ci (1.3l) cg13de dohc i4 making 77hp (79ps,58kw) @ 6,000rpm & 75lbft (105nm,10.8kg-m) @ 4,000rpm mated a cvt automatic that has a sport mode on it, now that's cool. william fell in love with the march from playing the game gran turismo 2 (best intro song ever, it's my favorite game by the cardigans, youtube "gt2 intro song" , also me and my cousin loved playing that game together) as you start in that car and i can relate, in gran turismo 5 i have a 2007 k12 march 12sr that makes 240hp from a turbocharged 1.2l (cr12de) and i love that car (you don't start off in the 12sr though, you start in a toyota gt86. this is one of the coolest jdm car's i've seen on u.s. soil because it's so regular for that it's cool. wait till you see what his friend jt got, that's coming soon. #nissan #nissanmarch #nissanmicra #march #micra #k11micra #k11march #cg13de #1point3 #atljdm #caffeineandoctane #granturismo2 #granturismo #k10march #k10micra #k12march #k12micra #straightouttajapan #jdm #jdmlegends #jdmnation #drivingmatters #jdmasfuck #jdmaf
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Whos doing the dishes?
fitted these #sswwheels to a #k11micra over the weekend. looks amazing in real life...
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Pioneeri pois ja kenwood tilalle.
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Mental day. moved ere ting about again so that i can make a start on my r32. decided to do the mot remedials on my winter daily. it can go mot next week now. also cut out the last couple of panels for the rear tub. cannot believe i have enough room to work on my 4wd micra and my r32, in my tiny workshop. i can still use the lathe, pillar drill and walk around the cars 😎😎😎 #micralife #k10micra #k11micra #sheetmetal #fabrication #sickfitment #weakfitment #nissan #trudat #inspiration #nangkangns2r
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Ааааааах! Как хочется весны!
Знаете, раньше у меня была Микра к12. Это была моя первая машина. Я ее безумно любила и люблю, даже немного скучаю. По первости очень жалела, что продала, как будто предала. Но она стояла без дела, поэтому приняли решение отдать ее туда, где она ещё послужит.
Прошло время и снова встал вопрос о необходимости городского маленького Авто. В идеале, конечно, я бы прикупила что-нибудь новенькое с аукциона, красивые Марчики стали❤️
Но, денег столько не нашлось😩
Кстати, о других моделях даже не думалось. Микра или Марч и точка. Да и Муж давно пристрастил и меня к ПРАВильнОМУ рулю, поэтому марч тоже рассматривался.
Стали копаться среди б/у к12 и вариантов не оказалось достойных. Дрова((( и тут попался он! Честно, это была любовь с первого взгляда😍
Вот так и дружим уже полтора года❤️❤️❤️
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Thanks to @magic.savage for the great car wash. getting the little rocket cleaned for a day out at the beach on my day off.
nothing says summer vibes then a bikini carwash and a good dose of vitamin d on a gorgeous melbourne day. thanks once again was a bit shy to ask you for a selfie with us. will definitely get another wash.
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