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#alaska was such an unbelievable experience. i’m so grateful the stokers team chose me to document this journey for the winners and their team. over the span of five days, i got to know these guys and their stories, and it didn’t take long to figure out we had a ton in common. one winner told me, “it’s amazing how you can just meet people and feel like you’ve been friends for a long time.” i couldn’t agree more.

on the last night, we all sat atop a bluff that looked out over the same water we’d fished that day, just cutting up and listening to bobby tell stories. i snapped a few of these pictures, almost for myself, to have a snapshot to remind me of how the outdoors can bring people together, even if it’s by pulling you thousands of miles from everyone you know.

again, thank you to everyone at stoker’s for letting me be a part of this trip. i will forever be grateful for it. that’s it! this concludes my takeover of the stokers account! - @bradluttrell, co-founder of @gowildapp
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As we head into the weekend @lews_fishing asks a deep philosophical question:
do you yak? #bassfishing #goteamlews #lews #fishing #kayakfishing
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Love launching the kayak when the sun is just coming up to kiss the day! #nevadaoutdoors #berkleyfishing #largemouthbass #jacksonbigrig #kayakfishing #thetugisthedrug #lakemead
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I started off the year with a huge 43lb yellow and thought it was gonna be an epic year. but i found myself just losing fish left and right.. time to get out and go for gold again. #fbf here's to my first yellow ever caught on a kayak 🍻 #32lb
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4 fish from yesterday’s quick outing on my brand new @vibekayaks yellowfin 100. love this thing- super sturdy, and extremely comfortable! #fishing #fish #bass #bassfishing #pickerel #pickerelfishing #vibekayaks #kayak #kayakfishing #cedarwater
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